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asked in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (470k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
Thanks, All --for your nudges in the right/correct directions.
David and all, Yes, and thank you for all the listings that might carry information about usually ignored minorities. To clarify: The impetus behind my post was to cast some light on minorities because they are ignored and often contribute major efforts to the histories within the USA, or elsewhere in the world. I felt they'd be ignored or at least slighted here on Tree as in the larger world and its views seems likely de facto. I've not, in years here, seen any reference to them and their achievements.

I just purchase some very inexpensive information on Shop.Family.Tree.com about utilizing all the libraries online, which I have struggled with finding.  My knowledge has grown so much since I first started that I need to look at my early profiles.


Send me your email address and I will email it to you.  I just send the doc to Roberta.  I have just expanded what I was sending to my mother in law.

Taylor, hi, I haven't received your book yet, so will you please resend it?

I sure hope it is in MS WORD or that you can transfer it to that program. It must be double spaced with 1" margins all round..

I do not have a printer, however.

Taylor also send me your book by email to me and send both things by MS Word.
Taylor:  a .pdf can make it so it can't be changed. Don't forget the copyright too.
Linda, you need to remove your email address from your post, please. This is a public open forum and others will see your email address and it could lead to your receiving spam or unwanted emails. You and WikiTree members can go to each other's profiles to share your email addresses by sending a personal message. Thank you!

Got it.

Thank David.

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Good afternoon from very wet New Zealand

I thought I'd just pop by before making my husband bacon wrapped asparagus for lunch. It's the middle of spring here and the next food available will be strawberries - we do tend to eat fresh and seasonal around here. I kind of enjoyed the Source-a-thon as part of the Kiwi Crew, but after working on some bios yesterday, I think that where my strength is. I'm currently deciding whether to revisit my Source-a-thon profiles or to return to my own tree after lunch.
answered by Fiona Gilliver G2G6 Mach 7 (77.8k points)
selected by Linda Barnett
The Kiwi Crew was very lively during the Source-a-Thon!  Working on bios is very rewarding.  I discovered a notable when I was sourcing last weekend, so I want to get back to him to do a profile. Whether you decide to work on your own tree, your Source-a-Thon profiles, or other profiles you discover, WikiTree will benefit from your work.
Sounds so good.
Ditto to what everyone said. Welcome to the weekend chat everyone.
Thank you, Fiona, for your dedication and contributions to WikiTree. Many profiles at WikiTree could use a good bio added.
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Movie Movie Movie

A feel good happy movie


answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
Shirley Temple is who my Mother wanted me to be...  of course I grew up in the 50s and 60s and it was nothing like the time of Shirley Temple.
Cute movie!  I used to watch all her movies when I was a little girl.  She was extremely entertaining & full of cuteness.  Geesh, I am a tad old, but I do like that!
I remember watching these movies on rainy days as a kid.
My Mother always watched Shirley and so did us kids.

Our children and my wife used to watch Shirley Temple when the kids were young. My wife had hair curly black hair when she was young like Shirley Temple's hair. Now to find the picture and post it or not!

Shirley temple I always found her adorable I Love her her film she really are a star
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So many questions !  Listen to the song


answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
Have sung it many times!
My husband has been listing to early Bob Dylan in the car lately. : )
Great song! Thanks for sharing, Eddie.
Thanks Eddie ... long time Dylan fan here.  And more special in remembrance of Tom Petty a member of The Traveling Wilburys who passed away this week ... so, after Roy Orbison passed, this was played a lot ... so for Tom Petty:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMVjToYOjbM
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One of the stars of the movie pick had a song written about him and one of the All-time greatest entertainment giants sings it


answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
One of the original members of The Rat Pack as they were callled back then.  I was a baby then...  but my parents always loved Sammy and his fellow Rat Packers.
Wow, that is a true throwback!!  Thanks for that one Eddie!
True story:  Just a moment ago someone said that all by himself Eddie could lead a joy revolution.  I'm inclined to agree.
I like this even farther thrown back version.  So smooth:


LOVE the outfit he is sporting.  Why can't people dress like this anymore?
I have to be happy and good. In my younger days, when I got mad, I had a tendency to pull doors off cars. And off houses. (I'd say to myself if I do it, I'll get in trouble. Then I'd do it.  ) (Being bad-ass can be expensive LOL)
Miss Emma, if I squeezed all of me into something that tight, it would not be pretty and I would prob'ly die in minutes. Ugly dead Eddie ! !  ( I want to be buried with my trumpet and a picture of Louis Armstrong.)
LOL Eddie.  Yah, I can't really see you fitting your 6'4" frame into that. LOL.  Thanks for the laugh and the picture I just can't get out of my head now :-)
King Louie!  Love Jazz!  I am sitting here eating some chunky vegetable soup and listening to a compendium of jazz...  Herbie Mann is on right now...Duke Ellington was on a few minutes ago
Went way back into the vault for this weeks video....
The old stuff is better than the new stuff. The old stuff was ART.

New movies are too much CGI and the new music is too much multi track with echo chamber.  DOWN WITH THE SYNTHETICS ! !  REVOLT ! !
During that era, Sammy could perform in the Vegas clubs but he couldn't drink in them.

Louis Armstrong, one of my favourite musicians. Louis Armstrong jazz trumpet solo - When the Saints go Marching in

Wow Eddie you really has found the old film, have you heard about Jeannette McDonald and Eddie Nielsen they really was great.
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I am here but many thoughts are competing in my mine and I have some tough decisions to make both about my participation here and other places.

Sorry to sound so depressing but..............
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Dale spend time with people and in places that nurture your soul, your head, and your heart.  You need that to counterbalance all the other stuff we have to contend with in our lives.  Hopefully being here with us helps you and does not hurt you.
Part of my problem today is a fever of 101.
Drink lots of fluids, hope you feel better soon!
Feel better, Dale!  Please don't make any feverish decisions!

Dutch tullips for a fast recovery Dale. 

And take your time. You re a very valuable WikiTreer. Of course I hope you will stay, but sometimes we just need a break........ 

Cleveland will win the World Series.
My 5 year old granddaughter asked me if they got their name because they give flower kisses and you have to have two lips to kiss...   no idea where that came from!  But I love tulips and daffodils..  some of my favorite flowers.  https://www.hunker.com/12000224/what-do-tulip-colors-mean

see what the different colors of tulips mean in the link above..  

pink are for happiness, confidence, and caring.  Astrid picked the perfect ones for you Dale!
Ditto to what everyone said Dale. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.
Hope that you soon feel better.

I know exactly what you mean!  One of our wonderful members Laurie brought to my attention today that there were two Edward Kendrick profiles.  When I looked in to it I actually found three the newest one belonged to a really neat member named Nancy.  Nancy had done an incredible amount of work on her profile.  I sent her a message and told her I was so impressed with the work she had done, that I really should give her mine which was the lowest number and let her take the over as profile manager.  She certainly deserved it as I had adopted mine.  She just responded back and said that wasn't necessary so I suggested we could be co-profile managers!  There are a number of duplicates in the family and Laurie, Nancy and I could clean them up as a team and maybe have a few laughs at the same time!!!!

So Dale, there will always be other places to be! just laugh and  allow those around you to enjoy your humor!

Dale, hope you are feeling better soon and the fever breaks. Wait until your feeling good to make your decisions.
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This German-American heritage holiday commemorates the 13 German Mennonite families from Krefeld who landed in Philadelphia.  These families founded Germantown, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1683.  The settlement was the first German establishment in the original thirteen American colonies. 



Both in Germany and the United States we celebrate Oktoberfest!!!


Share your photos if you been to or live in Germany, or celebrated Oktoberfest!!!! Share some of your ancestors if they fit in  with the 13 German Mennonite families from Krefeld who landed in Philadelphia.

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
My Grandparents went to a German School when they were little here in St Louis in the Soulard area which is a French area of town.  Since I have both in my ancestry it is a favorite place for me to visit.


This was last years Oktoberfest in Munich, and Bad Tolz, Germany!! Not much has changed since I was stationed near there from 1978-1981. 

Thanks for the history lesson Dorothy.

My families' favorite memories of Bad Tolz, Germany!! Didn't have to e Oktoberfest to have tables and people gathered out in the streets.  I always ordered Pommes frittes with my burgers!  Workers always had a beer for their noon hour break. Shop owners constantly sweeping up outside of their store front. One of the most cleanest countries in the land.

Hi everyone:  My husband and I lived in Germany in the early 60's right after we were married.  Beautiful County, awesome people and our oldest son was born there in Heidelberg where his forefathers came from such as Jacob Mann, Swope, Millers, and etc. therefore he has duel citizenship
Thanks for the great pictures Sandra and Dorothy.
Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.

How did Oktoberfest get started. Oktoberfest traditionally starts in the third weekend in September and ends the first sunday of October. It began with the Royal Wedding on 12 October 1810. Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810.


We actually celebrate October in Denmark too Dorothy only about 20 walk from where I live
Picturesque Germany.  I love all the small towns and hamlets scattered throughout Europe.  Great pictures!  Thanks for sharing them!
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This weekend we have 3 events that fit our Black Sheep Project.

Oct 6 1866 is the anniversary of the 1st  US train robbery.  It was by the Reno Brothers and they took $13,000.   Oct 7 is the anniversary of the PLO Terrorist hijacking of the Achilles Lauro.  Finally, Oct 8 is the anniversary of the sentencing in NYC of the Soviet Spy Jack Sobel to 7 years in prison. 

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rqo8mt2eobujwgd/AAAzB3IGNHqNKXBfdE985NBZa?dl=0   link to dropbox docx and pdf versions of the puzzle. 

Black Sheep  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Black_Sheep

A project focused on those ancestors and family members we sometimes wish...weren't. The outcasts, outlaws, and outlandish folks in our family trees.  You don't have to be related to a Black Sheep to join. Anyone with an interest is welcome!


Leaders: Leigh Murrin and a co-leader is needed here! If you're interested, contact Leigh

·   Bootleggers and Moonshiners led by Reg Shrader

·   Gangsters led by Carrie Quackenbush

·   The Hatfields and McCoys led by Mary Richardson

·   Outlaws led by Carrie Quackenbush

·   Pirates This Project needs a coordinator. Please contact Leigh Murrin if you're interested.

·   Spies and Traitors Spies and Traitors  led by Dean Anderson https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Anderson-27686  

·   Witch Trials coordinated by Kyle Dane


Break the code to find out more about the Black Sheep Project and their infamous profiles!  There are 35 categories of black sheep candidates. 

Pjdcradfd                              Wiwzgfwq                   Jcmmwjd

Mccflwnnwjd                         Ocjnwjd                       Fxawywd               

Pffwebfwq  Egjqwjwjd           Bajpfwd                       Kcdf Sxwwb  

Manpeadfd                           Nprndfwjd                    Zcgrfwjowafwjd                                   

Mgjnkpjd                              Bckunpeadfd               Zxakq Pmqgzfcjd 

Saqrpbbwjd                         Jpbadfd                       Zcr Pjfadfd 

Eccrdxarwjd                         Dbawd                       Qcewdfaz Mpffwjwjd                 

Fjpafcjd                              Fwjjcjadfd                    Mprs Jcmmwjd

Fjpar Jcmmwjd                  Xanxtpu Jcmmwjd       Pewjazpr Cgfkptd

OMA'D Ecdf Tprfwq Kadf       TcewrEgjqwjwjd       Egjqwjwjd                                                     

Pgdfjpkapr Mgdxjprnwjd        Dwjapk Sakkwjd        Dpkwe Tafzx Fjpakd

Wifjwew Bgmkaz Wempjjpddewrf                           Tafzx Fjpak





answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (470k points)
Here is one to get some people going...Mprs Jcmmwjd is Bank Robbers
Correct!  You get the code breaker award!
I have the whole code alphabet broken already....That's why lead the Spies and Traitors part of the Black Sheep....
Good for you!  Once get one done the rest are pretty easy since some words were repeated.
Thank everyone for the puzzles for every weekend chat. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.

How in the world did you figure out how to break the code? Did you use to work for the CIA or the alphabet soup?

Gonna have to keep that a secret...But here is another one for those interested. Zcgrfwjowafwjd is Counterfeiters

Good Luck with solving some of the other ones....
The key to solving a code is look for things like

1.  double letters  

2.  single letter words

3.  punctuation in a word l

4.  letters that are used a lot are generally an e, n, t, s, or r

Those are my clues

Laura and all--Last week I found a video story about a man who was sent  the head of Joaquin Murietta in a jar and dedicated a few months to finding a place to bury it. My ancestors are from SW Texas, and I live in Arizona where there's history after history of Mexicanos who were "bad men" to Anglos and heroes to other Mexicans. 

Does Wikitree have many/any with Spanish/Mexican histories? Even the recording of their surnames is far more complex than ours--I have one family tree in my computer for the husband of one of my children. It makes my head spin. 

In any case, those men (rarely women) who make a dent in the history of the Southwest seem to be absent (I could be mistaken here) in our tree, and yet they must be recognized to be being here and having families here. Many of them were instrumental, for instance in settling the SWestern states, were governors, etc. 

I have to get this family out of my "to-do" box. Can someone help supply the means?

Roberta I would look at the list here:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Projects

several come to mind like Wild Wild West, Texas, Trails and Wagon Trains, Mexico since there was cross over going on.   

There may be others on the list that would work.  Like Notables for those who served in office and Black Sheep for the infamous ones.  

Hope that helps!
If you like podcasts and true crime, you might like to google Radio New Zealand Black Sheep. This is a series of documentaries and is available on a number of platforms. It's not as sensationalist as some American podcasts but interesting all the same. I've just listened to one about an abortionist who was murdered.
Thanks Fiona and welcome to the chat!  I have 2 cousins named Fiona.  One in Australia and one in New Zealand.  Such a lyrical name!

Answers to this weeks puzzle are in the Answers folder at


Laura and all--Just don't forget the Good Guys in this search for Latino/a families!!
Roberta I think it is easier sometimes to find data on the bad guys because they make the newspaper.. or the notables because notables (good and bad) make the papers.  It is much harder to find good info on the common folk especially the farther back in time you go.  Many bad people are connected to really good people some of which are also their victims.

I believe all families have saints and sinners.  It is what makes them interesting.
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To go along with German American Day we also are celebrating Nathional Noode Day. The word noodle derives from the German word nudel.

Noodles are made by rolling unleavened dough out and cutting into a variety of shapes.  While long, flat noodles may seem to be the most common, they come in a variety of forms, names, and textures.  Each kind of noodle will pair differently with different kinds of sauces and meals.  Please share your favorite German dishes!!


answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Chicken Noodle Soup is the best!  Great when you feel icky has good stuff that makes you feel better.
Spaetzle is the best ever noodle...except for the homemade noodles my Mom always made for Thanksgiving in the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition!  Those are the absolute best & my sister excels at making them!
As a carb-a-holic, I can get down with this day!
Had my noodles for the day....

MMMMMMmmmm! Good! I like my noodles/spaghetti with meat sauce or Shrimp Linguini Alfredo.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_noodles  who knew there were so many kinds? I have not heard of several of these.

By the way we have some recipes going on page 2 of the chat.
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I have a genealogy hangover since the source-a-thon last week....not much research this week. However, I will be back in the saddle next week.

answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Feel your pain Doug, and excellent choice of video....
I have a list left over from the SAT of other things I want to do to fix some profiles.  It was fun but intense

Wish I had more time to spend on sourcing during the Source-a-Thon. Need to find the time to try and connect some profiles from  Anne Arundel County, Maryland area to my southern Texas ancestors.

Oh, Doug, I know what you mean!  I will plan better next year and take a vacation day after the event so I can catch up on sleep.
Ditto to what everyone said. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.
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Sunny and pleasant here in NW Misissippi.That will end some time Saturday afternoon when from the TD in the Gulf rolls into the area. And we're having a house full of company. The rain will cut out some of the outdoor activities we have planned. We'll just shift indoor things to rainy Sunday.
answered by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
Sounds like big fun Bob!  Enjoy your gathering!
If you have any children coming get some small pumpkins, stick on googly eyes, magic markers and let them decorate them.  No carving needed.  Fun for all ages.

We live in Costa Rica, Bob, and Wednesday afternoon and All Day yesterday, we were on the edges of Tropical Storm Nate, which is headed your way. Coastal Costa Rica had many severe floods. We live in the mountains, and although we had 7 inches of rain yesterday, it percolated nicely through the volcanic soil and we didn't have a single puddle this morning.

I hope Nate treats you as nicely!

I can't imagine having the soil in Maryland absorb 7 inches of rain!  We definitely would have some flooding.  Thanks for sharing that interesting bit of information, Jim.
Ditto to what everyone said and thanks for sharing the interesting bit of information Jim. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.
I miss catching lightning bugs.
I haven't seen listening bugs in years here in Texas.  As children we  used to some add some grass for food... and keep in a jar with the lid pierced with holes..  

Florida humidity has hit north of Dallas with a bang.

Dean,  Boerne is a great place for food, but also for antique shopping!
+20 votes
Weather in Florida is partly cloudy to partly damp~high humidity.  But some of us thrive on high humidity, am I the only one who loves the great effects of high humidity?  I wonder....
answered by Cindy Lesure G2G6 Mach 8 (82.5k points)
Ahh, you are such a Jester, Lynette!!  I thought I remembered you saying you lived in the Jax area.  Great to see you here in the weekend chat!!

 ~~{Waving to Lynette}~~
Hiya Taylor!  I am in northern Central Florida, I guess and I truly hated my time living in Orlando (26 years!) and I am so grateful that I live in the Ocala National Forest and pretty close to Route 40 & SR 19.  This was where I always came to get away from Otown!  So it made good sense to just move here and embrace the peace of the forest!  Loving it!
Yep, lived on the westside. 103rd and Blanding area. Worked at the acey-ducey at NAS Jax and the Chief's club at Cecil. I was there when it snowed.
Oh yes, I do remember when it snowed in Florida.  Only twice in the 41 years I have been in Florida!  Only once that it stayed more than one day.  Trust me, it was not much but, I do have pictures!  Can I share a picture from my computer here?  It is a funnyish picture.
How ya doing Cindy, I see you about haunting the halls of Wikitree.
Been to Boerne....had friends when I was stationed in San Antonio who lived out there.
Well, the one that happened abt 1977 when Buffalo was so buried, and that front came all the way down and threatened the orange crop south of Jax.
Lynette, that was the first one I saw as I was newly arrived in Florida from Maryland and was working nights and someone started yelling to go outside @3 am to see the snow!  It was very exciting to see snow coming down like that.  I worked in a photolab and all of our customers photos from the Jax area had a bunch of snow pictures.  It was funny & a fun memory.  Thanks for jogging it!
The first time I remember seeing snow, was about the winter of 1963. The first snow in the Ridgecrest, CA (China Lake to you military peeps) in over 20 years. We would drive to the nearby mountains to see snow otherwise.

 Moved to Galveston, 2nd winter there it snowed. Move to Jax, 2nd winter there, it snowed. Moved to Dallas, got there just just in time for the big ice storm of 78/79.
I remember when it snowed in Florida too! When I lived in Largo, on the West Coast and was in the Seventh grade.  I was in attending school in Maderia Beach, Florida and they announced it over the loud speaker and we all ran outside to feel the snow flakes!  It was totally amazing.

I had moved down from the Boston Mass area when I was 8 in the third grade so had seen  a lot of snow before moving to Florida.  This made me 12  when I was in the 7th grade.  Kids born in Florida had never seen snow before!!!

+22 votes
I am on a 10 Day healthy staycation, so I am not really here.  I am a figment of your imagination.  I am spending 10 days recovering my health and meditating on what really matters in my life.  I have a to-do list that is literally a mile long and maybe about 50% of it stuff I really want to do.  Life is too short to be wasting it on junk.  Or maybe not junk, but someone else's treasure.

I will also be getting back to my writing--my first love.  Time to publish another book.  Nanowrimo is coming up in 3 weeks.  If you like to write and have never heard of it, this is a must do!  Nanowrimo.org.

See you all in 10 days :-)
answered by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (527k points)
I found the writer's name and books she's written


And I discovered there is a whole world of Genealogical mystery books out there.   Sounds like a fun genre for someone like me who likes mystery, science, science fiction, genealogy, history, cooking, and puzzles (no kidding) and reading... to delve into...    

Gee maybe that is a new topic on the chat...  best books ...

Thank you so much for following up and posting a link to the books that  Emma has written!  I must has been half a sleep to not catch that she was writing a book to publish  ( A senior moment).  I have always wanted to write a book.  When you think of all the mystery/detective shows on TV and genealogists hanging out in grave yards we could all write books on an interesting family member.  The family member wouldn't have to be famous, just interesting.

Couldn't you just see yourself in the grave yard looking for the grave.  You finally find it running your fingers over their name and, then the sky opens up as it begins to pour ...and it starts to rain and get dark.

We could all do this and have so much fun going on field trips....

Taylor the link I gave are not for Emma's books but for a writer in St Louis I was trying to remember.  I am sure Emma can provide a list of what she has written.  I tried a quick google but it kept bringing up books related to the Shakespeare play...
No one can find my previously published books without the secret password ;-)  My new books will be published under my current author name of Emmaline Rose.  However, I haven't published under this name just yet.  Soon....

You mentioned nanowrimo.org I looked the organization up and found that it is a National writing organization.  Beginning November 1st you write 50,000 words for a book.  I can't remember if it ends November 30th or not.  Wikipedia has an article on the organization.

Interesting way to begin writing and stay focused on writing to meet the deadline.

Emma, You have really inspired the writer in many of us.

Thank you for reminding us that we wanted to write a book.


Thanks for correcting me.

Taylor, yes.  The goal is 50,000 words from Nov 1-30.  You can always write more of course.  And the best part is that it is free.  Very motivating because you get to add writing buddies whom you can message and encourage :-)
Emma, I know you will meet that goal  You are so focused and organized.  Do you break that down into so many words a day?  Do you shoot for a slightly higher number than the average per day so you can deal with those days when things just go haywire?
Yes, I work with a higher daily goal to give me some cushion for those days I can't meet my goal.
Linda I think a book about your dealing with what life dealt you would be of great help to others.   You are an inspiration.
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I'm planning to listen to Tom Petty music all weekend and take some walks under the changing leaves. Next weekend, the colors will be nearing peak or at peak in my neck of the woods (central Massachusetts.) It's just gorgeous.

Happy weekend, folks!
answered by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (405k points)
That was such a loss to the music world, Tom Petty was an icon and will be missed greatly. Enjoy your walks....
Trees are just begging to turn here in Missouri.  We are late for fall splendor this year.  I have to admit I know so little about popular music.  I grew up with Classical and Jazz.  My husband on the other hand is a big audio file.

I think that is what they called him an audio file?
Yes, Laura, an audiophile (which is also what I am.) I used to write a music blog but burned out. I still love rock music though!

Dean, yeah, he's going to be greatly missed. I saw him in a small venue in 1976 (the only time I made it to a show) and I could kick myself for not hitting the 40th anniversary tour.
Natalie you and my husband would probably have a great conversation.  I will come home and tell him about some neat new song I heard while driving and his eyes will cross and he will shake his head and look at me and say that come out in 1972 or something like that....  Talk about opposites!  We are the odd couple when it comes to music for sure.  My collection is mainly classical and jazz his are mainly rock and who knows what...  of course our children were exposed to all kinds of music growing up.
My husband is also a rock guy, but classic rock is his love. He plays drums and has been in a cover band (and a community theater pit orchestra, a dance band, a bagpipe band, etc.) Our kids love all sorts of music. It's great to have the love of music passed down!
Oh my Natalie ... scroll up a bit ... Eddie posted a Bob Dylan song and I Immediately thought of The Traveling Wilburys with Tom Petty ... there's a link there ... well, heck, here it is again ..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMVjToYOjbM ... this was in remembrance of Roy Orbison ...
Bob, that is hard to watch right now, but 3/5 of the Wilburys are together in the afterlife now. Rock and roll heaven is getting quite full.
+19 votes
Doing a quick pop in during work. LoL

After work I might be seeing my uncle who I haven't seen for several years. Tomorrow is Oliver Hardy festival. Hoping for a blooming onion. LoL
answered by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (921k points)
Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Hope you have a good time visiting with your uncle and enjoy you blooming onion....
Fun!  Enjoy your weekend!
Well turns out my uncle didn't come but will be seeing my aunt tomorrow at the festival.  :)

A/C guy is suppose to stop by sometime tomorrow as last night my A/C stopped working at some point. :(

Off to get some writing done as part of my Nanowrimo prep before Greeter duty. :)
+21 votes
Wie gehts, Treers?

This week I was surprised to learn that the Martin family of Nazareth, Pennsylvania is absent from our tree!  So I set out to remedy that, which coincidentally dovetails ;) nicely with the German-American theme this week.  I have the first four generations pretty solidly constructed so far.


answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
I have the same kind of thing for Scotland, Canada, France, and the US.  

All places I search in a lot...  I have a few for Switzerland.  and Hungary.

I also have lots and lots about glass and crystal makers all over the world.  

Enjoy and happy to share things I find...  Sometimes links stop working and I have to admit I did not check all of them.  Hopefully most will still work.
More importantly Herbert, is to know "Where is the Bathroom?" in six different languages!

Ghost of Emma
Also in the top five: "I dint do nuffin!"
No just have to carry a card with a picture of a toilet on it.  It works wonders!
Laura, what great resources!  If we don't already have a page on WikiTree for German (and Scotland, Canada, and France) resources you should start one.  If these already exist, we should advertise them.
There is a Sources page  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Source

There are sections for each but the list I posted I had made for myself and is not intended to be a comprehensive list but if the folks who handle the sources page want to add them, they are welcome to do so.
Ditto to what everyone said. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.
Ok I did some more reading because I did not know if the sources page was open to everyone to add to it or what... it is...  and here are some instructions on adding sources to WikiTree.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:How_to_Share_Sources_on_WikiTree

I will try to get some added over the next week or two.
Thanks for telling me about the Sources page.  There are so many things available on WikiTree that I'm sure I will never learn about all of them.

What I have so far:  Christian Friedrich Martin

+21 votes
My chat with my family is coming up in the next half an hour.

I was able to connect Gymnast Mary Lou Retton to the global tree.

I am looking into one of Marylou's teammates at the 1984 Olympics, to add to the tree - but I need to do more research.

I wont be here at Wikitree much this weekend. The Gymnastics World Championships are being held this weekend in Montreal and I want to watch as much as I can either on TV or live stream online.

Oh and most important - HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!! - which is happening on Monday 9th October!!
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (502k points)
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  Any traditional food that goes with it like Turkey in the US?   Let us know!..Enjoy watching the gymnastics. I just remember the bruises from the balance beam.  Never could stay on that thing!
The Womens All Around gymnastics competition has just ended - this evening. USA won the gold, Canada the silver and Russia the bronze.

I think this is the first time that Canada has EVER won an AA medal at any World Championships!!

Event finals on Saturday and Sunday
Go Canada!!  Now you will have something additional to be thankful for on Monday, Robynne.
+20 votes

Good morning WikiTree (read in the form of Good Morning Vietnam..) Its currently 8:42am and have a full on day so I won't be on here or lurking in the general hangout until later this afternoon

  • Functions of today:
    • About to head out to examine an event described as "Brickcon" (Lots of Lego involved, which is enough of a drawing card for me)
    • Preparation for my birthday (3 days time)
    • Visit family, and deal with a belated gift for a close friend of mine
answered by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (108k points)
Happy early birthday!  Hope you have a great birthday week!  

My 5 year old granddaughter is into jokes.  She asked me what do you say when someone grabs the building tile you want?  Hey, Le-go!  Corny yes but from a 5 year old it is quite funny....
That is a cute Joke from your granddaughter Laura.

Happy Birthday Richard!!
She is very funny and sometimes without meaning to be...  but she does make my husband and I laugh quite a bit...

Happy Birthday Richard!

Now as a Vietnam era vet I can relate to that saying Good Morning Vietname!!!!

That brings back so many awesome memories!!!

Happy Birthday Richard. My birthday was September 19th. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.

Hi Taylor, for me it was the Robin Williams film which stuck with me, and each weekend when I type the greeting, all I hear is that 

Laura, Robynne, Star and Linda; thank you!

Happy belated birthday Linda!
Happy Birthday, Richard, enjoy your Lego outing.
+15 votes

Mabey the Weekend Chat is not the right place, But as the theme of this weekend is "Let your personality shine", as many here: I like to find help for others. Last time I asked for help here for the Tennessee Team for Source A Thon. And all was solved perfectly! :D 

Now I like to share another G2G post of last week that stays on my mind and I like to bring it to the attention of you all at the Chat. We Dutch have an old saying: "You never know how a cow catches a here". In English: "A blind man may sometimes hit the crow". :D  So who knows mabey a here is catched or the crow is hit.

Owwww!! YEH!!............. at finding back the post at G2G: Wow! Wow! Wow!!! I see it is solved!!! :D 

Well this post here is now worhtless! :D But the solution is priceless!!!! 

I L O V E it!

Thank you Keith! 


All Happy Weekend Treeers! 

Kind regards from The Netherlands, 






answered by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (157k points)
See magic can happen on the chat!  Glad you found your answer!
Our big leader Keith is spreading magic dust! :D

Of course I could have deleted my post. But I thought it just showed how wonderful all WikiTreeers are!!

My Weekend is already great!! :D
Ditto to what everyone said especially Astrid she was a great help for me for Team Tennessee source a thon last week. She was a very wonderful WikiTreer and a great help and asset for me when we did not have a leader and I told that I would be a leader of Team Tennessee if no one wanted to be one for us. And she was a great help even when I had some real life problems that I have mentioned down below. She was very calming person for me in time of storm and chaos. She is a great asset to wikitree.
+20 votes

personality shining

answered by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1m points)
oooohhhhh  I love it!
Wow! Wonder where you live as it looks like the lake we live! Thank you so much for sharing as it looks just wonderful!

It's Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, USA. A memorable vacation stop.

Beautiful photo, Anne!



Ditto to what everyone said. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat.
+17 votes
Last week  I had company from 8:00 last night which was my sister, brother and sister in law. My sister in law and brother when there is a home came for University of Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday the planning to come down to visit with my dad which is in about mid stage of Demetia which my dad has vascular demetia which will be about Stage 5 or 6 which there are 7 stages and he has very few good days anymore. He getting very unhappy with the switch of days and time that he had for kidney dialysis he was during in Lenoir City, Tennessee and so we are going to try one in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Also fell Monday out in the yard and we are having problems getting him up out of chairs now. He is 85 years old. So my brother in law and sister are talking we a group of builders of house near where the live in Greeneville, TN to see if they could build my parents a house that they want and then I will live in my sisters old house on their 10 acre lot. There is a kidney dialysis clinic near their house and near where they are hoping for my parents house that they will get built. So all of them left as of 4:30. Sometime later last Saturday I have a second cousin and his live in girlfriend from Florida is coming by for a visit last Saturday.

I knew that my brother and sister in law was coming back like the will every weekend that the Tennessee Volunteers football season. They have season tickets for the home games so the will be down here to see my dad because of his problems until we move. But my sister on Thursday night called and said she was coming down to spend the night so she didn't leave until 4:30 p.m. and I didn't know about my second cousin coming because I was walking last Saturday  morning with my sister in law and when we got back mom told me they called and was coming by for a visit so they didn't get here until 6:30p.m. and didn't leave until 8:30 p.m. Plus I did and lead Team Tennessee in the source a thon last week that is why I was not on the weekend chat last week, but I am now.

Then today when my dad got up he gets my mom out of her recliner that she sleeps in ever since 2012 when she started having problem with her back and has arthritis diease. After my dad feel last week we have only let him set in 2 rockers and the chairs at the kitchen table and my mothers recliner until today since he now can get out of his recliner by himself we told him to sit in it and not my mothers. He got in it this morning and ever since he fell last week we had told him to lean his back back and slide his but forward to the edge of the chairs to be able to lean forward and push up on his feet to get up and with my help. So he final got that in his head. So this morning when he wanted to sit up in the chair he put the foot rest down and my mom told him to lean forward and slide his but back not forward in the chair well he did push his but forward but he pushed his back back and not forward and he ended up with the chair go back with him in it and hitting his head and the chair hard on the floor. So mom got me up and had me help get him up. We tried lifting him up from the back and that didn't work but she told him to hold his head up forward and I took my houseshoes of and got on my knees and got on the side of the chair and pushed down on it while trying to lift the back of the chair up. We did get him up that way. I wouldn't have been able to do that since I have Prader Willi Syndrome. We are known to not have any strength. I didn't till when my parents started to take weight therapy at their church which has a school where they have a gym and they have a room with weights and other excersisce equipment in it and I went with them. That how got strong and able to do a lot that people with Prader Willi syndrome doesn't have hardly any strength.

My sister and brother is trying to get my mom to take my dad to try out some chairs that lifts people out of them for dad.

Welcome everyone to the weekend chat. Thank you Laura for hosting the weekend chat.
answered by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
Wow!  Linda you have a lot going on in your life!  My heart goes out to you because I know how hard this is trying to take of declining parents.  Plus hosting relatives who are coming and going....  You deserve a rest and some pampering!  So glad you made it to the chat!  Hope you find some things here this weekend to make you laugh and refresh you a bit!
Linda, your local fire department will always come if you ask for "A lift assist".  It is exactly for what you needed.

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