The two Mary Hunts

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I was working on the tree and I came across two Mary Hunts. I'm not sure if they are the same person or not. FamilySearch has two Mary hunts, too. One died when she was five and the other has an unknown date of death. But, she has a marriage file.

Normally this wouldn't be an issue. But, the problem lies with the dates of birth. Here are the profiles:



Here are the profiles here:

I'm not sure what the deal is. The person who made the other profile hasn't been active in a long time. So, can anyone help me shed some light on this situation?

Thanks! It should be noted that both parents have been confirmed.
WikiTree profile: Mary Smith
in Genealogy Help by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (219k points)
It seems very likely that two different girls named Mary Hunt, daughter of Peter Hunt, were born in Massachusetts in November 1750, and both birth records were attached to the same parents. Solid sourcing (which isn't present in either profile at the moment) is needed to sort this out.
Makes me wonder if the two were twins and were born around the same time. One twin died and the other lived. I mean that IS possible.

I put in all I could find on FS right now. Will have to see if I can find more sources later.
I think it was a mistake to assume that the Mary Hunt who married John Smith was born on November 27 1758.

One of the two girls identified in your original post (before the birth year was edited) was supposed to have been born on 7 November 1750 and the other on 27 November 1750. Those easily could be two completely different Mary Hunts born the same month (this would not be unusual).

The daughter of Peter and Mary who is identified on (not a reliable source, but it's one of the only sources cited here) was born on 15 March 1758 (not November). That looks like an entirely different person.
Thanks for proposing the merge. Dunno if the other profile's manager is active. It says she last edited in 2014. Anyway, I am glad we got things straightened out.

Hmm. Now that the marriage of both ladies is in, check it out:

Dude didn't waste much time after his first wife died before he got married again. Huh.
Men often remarried soon after a wife died. I think wives were deemed to be necessities (to care for children and manage the household).
I see. Very unfortunate by today's standards. But, it was what it was.

Here's hoping we get a merge. I already merged 'em on FamilySearch so no one will get confused again. They seriously need people to clean up stuff over there. So annoying.

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There's another sister Mary.

Apparently they had Mary b 1750 d 1755 and another Mary b 1758.

Obvious guess is that the second Mary married John Smith but she's been given the wrong birth.
by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (451k points)
There goes my twin theory. (See above.)

Okay. So we can say this one was born in 1758? Makes sense. I will make the changes. Is the day the same I wonder?
Mary and Hunt were both extremely common names in that time period in New England. Before changing facts around to fit a theory, I would look for some sort of documentation to support the view that the Mary Hunt who married in Tewksbury, Mass. (according to FamilySearch) or Hillsborough, New Hampshire (according to the WikiTree profile) on 11 June 1789 was born in 1758 and/or was a daughter of Peter and Mary Hunt of Tewksbury.
Right. Thanks, Ellen! All I found so far is on the profile. Will look for more later.
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I'm now convinced that the Mary born Nov. 27 and the Mary born Nov. 7 are the same person.  The handwritten transcript of some Tewksbury records at shows "Peter Junr. and Mary Hunt" having a daughter named Mary born Novr 7 1750. The way the "r" is inserted between the "Nov" and the "7" makes it look somewhat like a 2. I think Nov. 7 and Nov. 27 are simply different interpretations of that same record.

The sister born on 15 March 1758 appears on that same page.
by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (922k points)
Hmm. So, are we going to have to merge? Might be a good idea. When I tried to make the page originally, I noticed an error so I had to make an all new page.
Well, if the Mary Hunt who married John Smith in 1789 (somewhere in New England -- Tewksbury or Hillsborough?) actually was the daughter of Peter Hunt and Mary (Kimball) Hunt who was born in March 1758, then it would be best to use the profile that's now showing the "Nov 27 1758" as her profile.

But do you have evidence that I haven't seen for connecting this Mary Hunt to that John Smith? Her profile currently cites only the Tewksbury birth record and the Tewksbury marriage record. John Smith was born in New Hampshire and apparently lived there. Typically when a spouse was not from the same place where the marriage occurred, the geography is mentioned in the marriage record, so the omission of that detail makes me wonder.  Are there wills, deeds, or other documents that connect this Mary (Hunt) Smith to the other members of the Hunt family in Tewksbury?
I am unsure. I am looking right now. If you want, you can help me out. I've dug as far as I can on FamilySearch and I'm also going by with other sources, too. I'm just trying to figure out if the two Hunts were the same person. It seems doubtful because one died very young.
I spent some time researching this family -- and I added that source to her profile. That source does document that Mary Hunt of Tewksbury married John Smith of Hollis, New Hampshire, in Tewksbury in 1789. (His place of residence was recorded in their intentions.) Hurrah!

But I also found at that there were two Mary Hunts born in Tewksbury who could have been eligible to marry in 1789. This woman was born in 1758, making her 31 in June 1789. The other Mary Hunt was daughter of Lt. William Hunt and Mary Hunt and was born in Tewksbury on 25 November 1763; she would have been 25 in June 1789. There are no other records of marriages in Tewksbury of a Mary Hunt, and there are no deaths registered in Tewksbury that could be either of these two Mary Hunts.

Because I've been embarrassed to be informed that I had overlooked two women of the same name and similar ages, so that I had married off the wrong woman, I'm extra sensitive to the possibility of mistaken identities in this kind of situation.
It's fine. =) But, now I don't know if I have a case of mistaken Identity. Here's John Smith's profile on FS:

The children don't seem to match up and he's got two wives. And his Find a Grave doesn't have Hunt.

So, now I am a little lost. XD Gonna remove this John and put in the John you found.

Did I find another John?!? I don't recall that...

John Smith of Hollis, New Hampshire, did marry Sarah Merrill as his first wife. She died in 1788, and there's a record indicating that he married a woman named Mary Hunt in Tewksbury, Mass., in 1789. The fact that Mary is not connected to his findagrave memorial doesn't prove that he didn't have such a wife -- and we have a record for the marriage. Maybe Mary married again after John Smith's death in 1807, and is buried with her subsequent husband and a different last name (I've seen that happen among my ancestors).

Findagrave indicates (without an indication of a source) that one of the sons of John Smith and his second wife had the middle name of Kimball, and that that man's son also had the middle name of Kimball. If that middle name is supported by good sources (as I expect it probably is), it would be strong support for the theory that Mary Hunt born March 1758 is the one who married John Smith.

Okay. I think I have things sorted now. Man, was this an adventure! Thanks, Ellen!

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