See if Current version in lists is the one I edited

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When you check your changes it would be useful to get an indication if the page you edited is the current version

My Contribution stream looks now 

9 Oct 2017

12:48: You edited the Text on Rusttjänstskyldiga
12:46: You edited the Text on Rusttjänstskyldiga
12:37: You edited the Biography for Maria Wilhelmina (Rautell) Tallgrén.
12:35: You edited the Biography for Jöns Sörensson Liljewall.
12:34: You edited the Text on SGC Soldier
12:32: You edited the Text on Rusttjänstskyldiga

By having current I can see if someone has added something after me

Example what would be more userfriendly (Current in bold)

12:48: You edited the Text on Rusttjänstskyldiga Current
12:46: You edited the Text on Rusttjänstskyldiga
12:37: You edited the Biography for Maria Wilhelmina (Rautell) Tallgrén. Current
12:35: You edited the Biography for Jöns Sörensson Liljewall Current
12:34: You edited the Text on SGC Soldier Current
12:32: You edited the Text on Rusttjänstskyldiga

As Categories edits also start to be part of changes more often they should also in a stream were you can see if your change is the latest.....

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If I edited anything from your list above it would not show up on your contribution list, that is only for what you do. My changes would how up on the "Family Activity Feed" and have my name attached so you would know who made the change. It would also show on the changes tab for the profile so your suggestion would not change or improve anything.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)

>> not change or improve anything.

The Family Feed is just watchlist related. If I edit things n ot on my watchlist it adds value.... plus using current makes it easier to see that someone has done anything after my edit.... 
I was part of setting up a new Wiki yesterday for Touring Biking Wikimedia version 1.27.3 and the function I request is standard... e.g 

See My Contributions


  • Then I can see that I my edit on Sweden is not the latest ==> and if I check on Sweden changes an user Elmeback has done some good changes 


  • My edit on Eurovelo is the latest


I feel on WIkitree we dont work so much on the same profiles but if we start do and with the Data Doctors start doing it it's good to see if something has happened since I last edit it....

Sometimes WikiTree needs to upgrade to latest version of Wikimedia is my feeling... could be a good opportunity to make the WikiTree source code more stable.... 

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Ooh, this would be a helpful feature! It would be interesting to see for which edits I was mostly increasing character count (sourcing) and which were decreasing (tidying up).
by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (133k points)

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