Any Auld family here from Ayrshire, Scotland?

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Hello.  I'm a newbie, having joined Wikitree in 2015, but never did much except post my immediate family until recently.

Are there any Auld family members from Ayrshire, Scotland, here?  

I have traced my family back to James Auld, born in Ayrshire, Scotland, about 1665 and immigrated to America about 1685.  He settled in Talbot County, Maryland, and married Sarah Elliot (Elliott?) in Maryland.  He died in Talbot County about 1721.   I would love to have the Scottish badge added to my profile and can provide a direct line from myself back to James Auld for anyone who is interested.  Can anyone here or in Scotland provide any additional information on the Auld family in Ayrshire in the late 1600s?

HB Auld, Jr.
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Thank you, Lynda Crackett. After posting my question, I did find a likely ancestor named James Auld, born in Ayrshire in 1645.  He is listed on WT as Auld-400 and managed by John Cook.  I have also sent a msg to Mr. Cook.  Thanks, again.

HB Auld, Jr.

Hi Sonny and welcome back to WikiTree.    We have two Scottish Projects -  Scottish Clans (with it's own badge) and Scotland which is a sub project of the United Kingdom Project   (comes under UK Project badge)

See and   which would you like to join ?

Have you done the YDNA test yet for your family name? The reason is that I am asking is because my brother did a 67 Marker Y DNA at, we matched with 2 Aulds.. The rest of the close matches are all Whites. Thinking maybe somewhere an Auld took care of a White when the parents died or something.. I looked into their family tree! Their family Tree took them to Antrim Ireland.. Our matches were with Hugh White son of Rev. Adam White. Hugh was born in Antrim Ireland, his brother was born in Ayrshire.. Specifically we are finding all the family names in several towns.. Kilmarnock, Galston and Lesmahagow.. Lesmahagow was where Adam owned land and came to live during the Convenors times.. The churches were closed down in Ireland and the pastors came to Scotland to help with the war and preach. Ayrshire is where our Whites were.. so again lol did you take a Y67marker test yet? If you have I would join the White project as well.. there may have been some hiding with the British attacking the ministers family and someone could have changed their name to protect the family or something.. Many reasons back in the late 1600's to early 1700's! :)  Or maybe our Hugh was a naughty boy lol.. finding some strange things about him. 1. I found a child most likely his when he was 17, no big deal back then but his father is Presbyterian Minister.. 2. He was captured with the Jacobites. Jacobites are Catholic and the found against the Presbyterians.. 3. When Moses brought Hugh's family to Pennsylvania.. he stayed for a wee bit then moved away to New Castle Delaware. New world, you would think the brothers would have stayed together. Everytime I turn around I am saying that Hugh the ministers son is at it again!! lol like the Auld we saw in Antrim Ireland in our DNA matches. If you do do a DNA match you are going to want the male line only must be an Auld name, meaning his father was an Auld and Grandfather an Auld all the way back.. name and at least a Y67 because of how long ago it was! Good luck! I think they are having a sale right now! :)  oh we won't match in family finder most likely because of the length of time! Oh and Whites are documented names of MacGregor as well! :) Oh the Whites, One Rev Adam White was one of the 7 Presbyterian Ministers locked away for 7 years in Lifford Ireland. TWO James White had his head cut off and kicked around town like a football.. in Fulton Ayrshire, that soldier who kicked the head was thrown off the nearby castle the next day. Three, 2 George Whytes were captured and sent to Barbados out of 40 some odd convenors captured, the Whytes were the only ones sent away they were from Galston Ayrshire. Also a David White in Murthgill Douglas lost his lands to the Dragoons! All this found searching for our family because we were still in Scotland and DNA matched Rev Adam White and the 2 sons they only list as his sons in all these stories of Rev Adam White ... Hugh White was Captured and sent to America and Moses went to America  to meet up with Hugh with his family and his family also.. the DNA shows us matching Hugh's decendants and but we were in Scotland till 1921. Several of Hughs decendants and a very close match also to a couple Aulds!! :) Oh and I found Gregg's MacGregor Gregg, John Gregg, William Gregg and William Gregg II and his son John Gregg all in the vicinity of our John White, William White and Moses White in the years of birth and or deaths same towns or near!! Oh Snap! haha

The Whites could also have changed their name to Auld to hide as Whites were being sought out by the Kings Dragoons for sure!! It was obvious! Supposedly the Whites go way back into England even into Surrey with lords of London etc.. We still need to prove that but it is in books about Rev Adam White. DNA! It doesn't lie! Lets get that Auld name checked out! 

Mary White, I would love to converse with you privately about the DNA test and the Aulds and the White family.  Yes, I have had a DNA test, but am not sure if it is the one you refer to.  I took the AncestryDNA test and got the results back which I uploaded to, I believe it is called.  Please email me at my email address, if that is allowed here and if you have it.  I am not quite sure of all the rules and I certainly do NOT want to be blocked here again.  If that is not allowed, please post here and I will see it eventually.  Thank you for your response.
Yeah, no, that is an autosomal DNA.. Good for telling you where your family is from finding only cousins a few generations out! The YDNA is specific to YOUR male line of Auld.. It will follow only your family straight back! But it can go out thousands of years! We matched with some Whites that were here in the US for 300 years.. Where we just came from Scotland in 1921.. Since our fathers father fathers somewhere meet up and are the same guy.. We figured it was the guy that was in Scotland. Because before that any earlier, we are being told it is going into Southern England.. but our family was in Scotland so we are looking for another son or brother who might have stayed in Scotland and didn't immigrate. Funny serious studies were done on this family, his jobs, his school a book is out about the family.. several trees all over the internet and they only showed 2 sons who both came in the early 1700's from Scotland to the US... We looked and found a land grant to another son!!! :) So many stories are coming out of it! So exciting! Still trying to find our connect but it was something to match exact 66 of 67 to one family, 65 of 67 to another family and several very close matches that did a 37 marker. all Whites but we got this one Auld guy matching us.. in Antrim Ireland back in the 1700's Maybe look in that direction too as the Presbyterians were in Ayrshire and over in Northern Ireland!! Our family was back and forth! But see how the Y family found the link.. Two son's came to the US, the other son stayed in Scotland They all have the same "FATHER" Rev. Adam White.. Our DNA through 300 years is the same and matching!! One generation over with different sons.. only one marker different so it finds, can find people farther out on the tree exact.. ( My Grandfathers Brothers Grandson) My Second cousin, matched my brother also 66 of 67 markers. One brother over, each of our Grandfathers have the same "FATHER"! He is matching with Rev Adam Whites son Hugh White's decendants as well! People need to get out there and get that Y DNA done! If you are looking for family, cousins you already know usually most of them but that one or two that moved off and you never heard from!! But the ancestry autosomal and 23 and Me it proves you are your Dads son or daughter. It matches up cousins..  We here in Genealogy are looking for those 300 or 400 year old relatives! :) You can't find any women on the Y but that straight line back there is no X's on that Y line.. it is your dads dads dads dads dads all the same Y DNA .. They do have a mtDNA for the female line back.. but so hard to match up when you reach the same mom cause every generation the name changes. and one woman might marry twice and you don't know it.. Women are harder to find! :) Good Luck! Hope you snag some decendants of your Great Great,  Great, Greats, Greats! Not going to guarantee you will match but what you can do is join the Auld Project IF they have one with other Aulds, You can join the White project group if you match a bunch of Whites, you can join the MacGregor project group and see if you match and Gregors! :) Y67 or higher since you are going back to the 1600's!! :)
I have Auld from Ayershire! Let’s chat,

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We do have Aulds in our family, but they originated from Caithness See

The original family name was Oal, or variants thereof. Our branch moved to Edinburgh and adopted the more English spelling Old, while those who remained in Caithness adopted the Scottish spelling of Auld.

Good luck in your research.

by I O G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
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How very interesting that some retained Old, while others chose Auld (Old in Gaelic, I believe).

We have found one set of siblings to one of my direct ancestors here in the US that actually added an "S" to our name, making it Aulds instead of Auld around 1900 or so. No one knows why these two siblings added the S.  Lots of speculation without proof, I'm afraid.

I lived in Scotland from 19 Jan 1968 to 20 April 1970, while stationed with the US Navy at RAF Edzell Scotland (since closed).  My older son was born in Montrose, Scotland, during that timeframe.

Thanks, again.

HB "Sonny" Auld, Jr.

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This link will take you a list of the Auld profiles on Wikitree:

It looks as though there are several from Ayrshire, so if you take a look at those profiles you can:

  • View their descendants or ancestors to see if you recognise any names
  • Contact the profile manager if you think you want to collaborate
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (627k points)
Thank you, Lynda Crackett. I will follow up there.
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Hello Sonny Auld,

I have quite a few Auld families,  mainly Stevenston or Kilwinning, Ayrshire in my database.   Several that have connected to my family lines over the years.  These are 1700 and 1800 individuals.   Many of these have been connected to others but not all as of yet so I am very interested in your Ayrshire Aulds.

Thanks so much,

by Linda Bell G2G6 Mach 2 (29.1k points)

Thanks, very much for your response.  

Did the Aulds you have in your database from the 1700s and 1800s remain in Scotland and is the line still there?

Apparently our Auld line migrated to the USA with James Auld when he was about 20 years old, around 1685 or so.  He had a sister, Elizabeth, but we do not know much about her at all.  It's always possible there were also other male siblings who remained in Scotland, but not very likely, since James Auld's father (also named James) died at about the age of 34 sometime prior to 1679 (Auld-400).

Thanks, again, for your kind response.

HB "Sonny" Auld, Jr.

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If you go to  a website here in Prince Edward Island you will see a lineage file for Aulds.  It only has the man that married my Susannah Roper and not her children but it has lots of information and may end up being connected to your Aulds as Robert Auld and his wife Jean Fissett came to Prince Edward Island, Canda from Ayrshire, Scotland on the Falmouth in 1770.  Regards Alice Homer
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