Is it possible to export profiles in my tree or Watchlist to Excel so I can easily review for consistency, typos, etc.?

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I want to be able to use Excel to facilitate review of all profiles in my tree (or at least those on my Watchlist) for typos, consistency in formatting for dates and locations, correct middle name (or no middle name), current last name, source citations, etc.  Having such a tool to view multiple profiles at a glance simultaneously, with ability to sort by date, location, etc., would greatly facilitate the process of clean-up and validation.  I've copied and pasted from a screen view of my Watchlist into a spreadsheet but most of the fields I'm interested in do not appear in that view.  I'm hoping that there's an Excel export function similar to what's available in FamilySearch.
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There's an Excel export function on Family Search?  Where?
First you must be signed in to FamilySearch in order to be able to export to Excel.  As you probably know, it's free to sign in and you don't have to be an LDS member to do so.  I've used this feature to export a table of all persons in the FamilySearch database with my surname who were born in a certain date range (to do this I went to "Search" --> "Records", then specified my search criteria.  I don't know for sure but I believe you could do other types of searches and exports, for example "Search" --> "Genealogies" as well.  If you have your own family tree in FamilySearch, which I don't happen to have in my case, I don't know whether or not you could export it to Excel.)  When you complete your search, at the top of the table of search results you can select whether to display 20, 50 or 75 records per page.  There is also a button at the upper right of the table of results labeled "Export Results 1-NN", where NN = 20, 50, or 75 as you've selected.  If you're not signed in, you can still do the search and get the same search results, but the Excel export function isn't there.
Interesting.  Thanks.
Well, even though I'm signed in, it won't show me the export option, so I'll have to play with it to see what tricks will make it function.  Thanks.

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If you are a Pro Excel user you can use to download your Watchlist into a .ged file.

This is an example of how the records look in a .ged file:

1 NAME María Antonia  /De Almaguer/
2 GIVN María Antonia
2 SURN De Almaguer
2 DATE ABT 1703
2 PLAC Santa Maria de los Lagos, Nueva Galicia
2 DATE 2 Sep 1718
2 PLAC Santa Maria de los Lagos, Nueva Galicia
1 WWW Almaguer-1 

(There are also fields for the biography and family relationships).

After copying the file into an Excel sheet you would have to put the information from the lines into appropiate columns.


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Thanks, Ruben.  I had actually considered this approach but a GEDCOM file with several hundred (or several thousand as the case may be) records in it would be a huge effort to copy and paste into Excel.  I'm not aware how that could be done other than one record at a time.  As you note, each record in the GEDCOM file contains multiple lines containing the various data fields, whereas in Excel each record needs to end up in a single row, with a separate column for each field.  The task would be relatively manageable if each GEDCOM record contained exactly the same number of lines, but depending on whether or not a given field actually contains data, the number of lines per record in GEDCOM ends up being highly variable.  I suppose it might be possible to write some code that would parse the individual records from GEDCOM and then transcribe the data into the appropriate rows and columns in Excel but I'm not savvy enough to attempt that.
It might be possible to do something with Open Refine. I keep meaning to learn more about it, so can't offer any assistance or assurance that it would work. I have seen people work with some other large sets of data where each record had multiple library somewhat like a gedcom so it might be worth experimenting with it.
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I created an Excel spreadsheet - if anyone wants the draft send me a personal message.

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