Ok, I may be really tired, but....

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I just had to have a look-see on my connection, if any, between Queen Isabella and myself.  Yep, on both sides of my family.  Cool.

Then...I noticed, and you will have to view the connection between myself and the Queen to see what I am talking about.

Start with, Queen Isabella,

Her daughter, Catherine of Aragon.  (Wife of Henry VIII)


Umm..her only surviving child was Queen Mary, who had no children.

Any unknown daughter could only have been from the many affairs of King Henry.

I checked all of the unknown daughters of Henry. (Even checked Queen Catherine, just in case, but doubted it because that era is one of my all-time favorites to read about, fiction and non-fiction.  Have read I don't know how many books about that family. But, never know.)  Checked Henry Fitzroy's siblings.  

None of the unnamed children have a spouse listed, rightly so, as they had died very young, during childhood.

So, something is not quite right.

The two Wikitree ids to compare are:

Tindle-19 and Castilla-121

Dang it.  Loved the idea. But.....


P.S. We'd still be related to King Henry though.  Which my mom has said all along.  (If only I could look at all of her notes and files!)  Through Henry Fitzroy.  Still cool, cuz I have always been fascinated by that time and place)
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I read somewhere recently that Henry VIII was injured from jousting. I think it was a head injury. It was after that, that his personality changed for the worse. Found some articles about this just now on the internet. 

Henry VIII: 'brain injury caused by jousting' to blame for erratic ...



Feb 5, 2016 - ... subtle changes to his personality after his first head injury [in March 1524, when the king ... (Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK / Bridgeman Images) ... In our interview with Salardini we asked howHenry VIII's brain injury would be ...

The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant | The ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › UK › This Britain


Apr 17, 2009 - Henry VIII became the tyrannical monster remembered by history because of apersonality change following a serious jousting accident, according to a new historical documentary. ... News · UK · This Britain ... and may well have caused an undetected brain injury which profoundly affected his personality, ...

Yes, I seem to remember a leg injury from a jousting accident, and that injury caused him problems for the rest of his life.  It never completely healed.  He did change after a head injury too.  For some reason I remember the leg injury most.
It was probably the head injury that made live difficult for his wives who did not survive the marriages.
Yes, there was definitely something going on in his head! Or not, depends on how you look at it, eh?  :)

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I think the Unnamed daughter Tudor, dead in infancy, is used in the connection path because she is the one closest in age to Henry Fitzroy in the next step. Half siblings, same father, different mothers. Then the next step, Bridget Clinton is another half sibling - only of Henry, same mother different fathers.
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I agree.  Thanks Eva!!  Have a wonderful day! :)
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Connections usually don't show only blood relationships. They also show spouse and sibling relationships.


  1. Catherine Aragón
    (her daughter)
  2. imageUnnamed Tudor
    (her daughter)
  3. imageHenry Fitzroy
    (her brother)
Is just as valid of a connection (and the same number of steps) as Catherine Aragon -> Henry VIII (her husband) -> Henry Fitzroy (his son). Or Catherine -> Mary I (her daughter) -> Henry Fitzroy (her brother).
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True, but none of the children who died, of which it says I am connected had children.  (Talking about blood relations) So I do not see why that connection would even be in the steps.  Nothing comes up for Henry Fitzroy or his sister, Bridget, when I enter them.  Oh well...must be there somewhere. ;)

The connections shown, getting closer to my dad, are in his tree.  I don't have any of those connections in my own tree yet, mine end with Martha Lewis Clay. (Haven't gone back further than that yet.)

The connection finder does not rely on lineage to determine a connection. It relies on any type of relationship between two people. Catherine of Aragon had more than one child but only Mary lived. Any of Catherine's children would be a sibling of Fitzroy and therefore the connection is made. None of them need to have children in order to be connected.


Two siblings (they are connected by blood) we will call them Person 1 and Person 2

Person 1 marries Person 3

Person 2 isn't related by blood to Person 2 but they are connected through Person 1.

Because Person 2 is now connected to Person 3 through her sibling, she is also connected in some way to all of Person 3's relatives, blood or otherwise, and all of the people they are connected to, and so on ad infinitum.

In short, we are all connected. lol

I think it is me, or I am too tired.  (I should go to sleep, have to work tonight, thank goodness is it my Friday night)  I understand about not having to be a blood relation. Think I am seeing in "black or white" at the moment.  No in-between. :)  Not to mention the siblings of Henry Fitzroy were not in any way blood-related to Queen Catherine, but to Henry VIII.  Hope that makes sense?  (That part is the no blood relation, but when there is a blood relation, why would that not show rather than one that is not?)

Ok, I am tired, cuz now I am really rambling on.  Nighty night. :)

I understand what you mean about the connection finder not relying on blood relations.  Just so you know.  :)
Oh, I know that feeling well. Go get some rest, Betty!
Gonna, and then, in the morning, when I get off work, I am going to stay up WAY past my bedtime as I usually do on the weekends.  :)  I need to find a day job.
Heh, so woke up, after sleep.  Thought, "CONNECTION". Duh.  The wonders of sleep.

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