How should we spell her husband's last name? -- Bigg or Bigge?

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There are a slew of duplicates for this line. The surname of her son, at least, is BIGG, but what about her husband and his paternal ancestors? I've seen, here, both BIGG and BIGGE (and clearly an incorrect BRIGGS). I'm hesitate to continue with merging until we determine the appropriate spelling going back in time. Thanks.
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From what I can gather, the following sources all have his name as BIGG.

 1. New Eng. Gen. & Hist. Record, Vol 5, pp. 300-301.; Vol 92, pp. 397-398. Vol.
66, pp. 54-61; Vol 89, pp. 282; Vol. 38, p. 61.
2. Genealogical Gleanings by Waters, Wills of Bigg Family.
3. Genealogical Dict. of New England by Savage Vol 1, p. 177.
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Eowyn, thanks; I'm clear on the spelling of his name; it's his ancestors I'm worried about. I think at some point they were Bigge-- I just don't know enough about sources on the England side of the Pond to know where to look.
Actually, Rachel's *husband* appears to have spelled his name BIGGE. It is this way in his 1605 will. It appears the "e" was dropped post emigration.

Vol 92, pp. 397-398 spells it BIGGE. It also points out that his parentage is unkunknown. Wonder where James as his father comes from?
66:54 also uses BIGGE spelling (pre emigration)
38:60-61 uses both spellings for pre-emigration members of this family. rrgghh they sure don't make it easy for us, do they?
On balance it appears that the pre-emigration spelling is most often BIGGE. Shall we go with that for this group?
I agree that the family name has changed over the years.  As a descendant of the family, I remember my mom telling me about Briggs which means "Bridge" - as the family lived near that landmark.  I'm not sure how accurate this story is, but thought to share it.

I come from the Briggs-Bullis family line.
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Since for the moment,  the field for Other Last Names is NOT included in the search, I try and determine the most common last name for LNAB and then (at least for the male profiles) add the alternate spelling in the Current Last Name field, that way at least two spellings show up in a search. 

For female profiles where it is the custom to take the husband's last name, the only thing to do is go with the most common spelling.  (I have one line that has at least eight different accepted spellings here in America, not counting the original spellings from Europe).

Just my suggestion until we get a "soundex" type of search, and one that INCLUDES the other last name field.

NOTE:  For female profiles where there was more than one marriage, I leave the current last name as the one with the most activity because of children, etc.  If the woman married a second or third time, but most of the research is about the first (or which ever marriage is the most active) marriage, I will leave the current last name as that marriage, even though it isn't the "current" last name.  This is because of the search limit on "Other last name" field.

I know this doesn't answer your question directly, it's just what I have been doing to resolve the quandry.

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Yeah I'm not worried about her or her husband right now. Its his line going back I'm concerned about.
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The Bigge name only goes back so far as far as what's listed on wikitree.  Ricahrd Bigg (b. abt 1420)'s father, Roger Bigg had the Bigg surname.The quote on the brofile gives his name as "Bygge"
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