If a profile manager is no longer online and you want to link to an entry they made, what can you do? [closed]

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Have tried asking my niece to join trusted list for Robert S. Salt (my brother) to link him to my father and I. She asked me where this was, so I sent the URL. Been a few days and no further reply. I suspect the email used is no longer active and she may have lost access - it was 2011 when the entry was made.

Is there any procedure around this? (Just in case no reply for some time.)

WikiTree profile: Salt-14
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in WikiTree Help by Alan Salt G2G6 Mach 1 (12.0k points)
closed by Eowyn Walker
The profile is red locked. Admin likely will not give you access. Only your niece

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Welcome to G2G forum Alan,

Yes, there is a procedure you can follow:


I hope this helps you in solving the problem.
by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (707k points)
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In the case you're describing, it looks as if Jennifer was only active for one day in 2011 and created 3 or 4 profiles.  Assuming she is no longer interested, you might try writing to info@wikitree.com, explain the situation, and ask if the sys admins could make you the manager of all the profiles she created.  It may be necessary for Jennifer to OK that by sending a note of her own from her current e-mail account, but I think it would be quicker than going through the Unresponsive Manager procedure.  If that doesn't work, you can still do as Ruben suggested.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (437k points)
I don't know if she's unable or unwilling. In the absence of a reply I'm in the dark. I contacted her through Facebook Messenger.


Isn't it marked "Private" because he is still alive?
Yes, I would think so, but that wouldn't prevent you from being added to the trusted list or taking over as manager if you both agree.
Will leave it be till the seven days are up.
So today Jen tells me she's lost the email account and is emailing wiki tree to see if she can re-establish a connection. I can't find an email address though. How can she contact Wikitree? Is there an email addy I've missed, or some other contact point?
Hi Alan.  It's info@wikitree.com.  If she decides to reactivate her account she can still add you to the trusted lists or name you a co-manager of the profiles of your family members.  If you continue to have problems, use the procedure Ruben mentioned above.  Good luck.
I just passed that on. :-)

Any idea what one does if info@wikitree fails to respond?

My Niece has lost her old email address and cannot connect to my brother's profile (her father) anymore. Both she and I have contacted info@wikitree.com about this, but have not been answered. She wrote before the 23rd October, and I tried myself ten days ago.

I want to link to my brother's profile, but am not on the trusted list. My niece and I have followed all the recommended procedures listed, before the dates above.

Hi again Alan.  I thought they were normally more responsive than that, but I guess things fall through the cracks.  I'd suggest creating a new G2G post in WikiTree Help, repeating your complaint there, and adding a couple of tags to it such as Sysops, Leaders, Admin.  It should then appear at the top of the list and hopefully get the attention of somebody who follows those tags.  If that still doesn't work, take a look at this page:


and consider using the Private Message form, or pick one of the team members and write to him or her directly.  Good luck!
This has been resolved - thanks!
Thank you Eowyn!

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