Possibility that Ann (Cox) Morse could be daughter of Adam Cox and Sara Jeffry?

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Today I searched for possible alternate parents for Ann (Cox) Morse who was married to Anthony Morse in 1629 (Marlborough, Wiltshire).  She is usually listed as daughter of Ambrose Cox and Alice Heale (married in 1604 in Marlborough).  But there is no proof of this other than those proposed parents being married in the same church that Ann Cox was married in (in 1629).

However, I have found another marriage at Marlborough of Adam Cox and Sara Jeffry married at Marlborough on 29 January 1609.  Source:   http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=1352&h=167102&tid=&pid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=yWB2765&_phstart=successSource  

Ambrose Cox and Adam Cox could easily be brothers, but which one is more likely to be the father of Ann (Cox) Morse?  If Ann was born 1610-1612 (after Adam's marriage in 1609) she would have been 17-19 years old at the time of the Morse-Cox marriage in 1609, but she could also be daughter of  Ambrose (who married in 1604).  

The only clue is that Ann (Cox) Morse named her first daughter Anne and her second daughter Sarah---possibly named for Sarah (Jeffry) Cox?  Apparently no known children named Alice, Ambrose, or Adam.  But that clue is really not much to go on.
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You're right this could go either way, or she could be the daughter of someone else entirely, although I think the same town/same church/same vicinity is probably likely. You need a will for Ambrose Cox.

There are 30 hits for Ann Cox in the NEHGR. There are none for Ambrose and none for Adam. So if there is a relationship, no one else has found it.

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I am puzzled that there seem to be no birth or baptism records at Marlborough, Wiltshire, given for Anthony Morse, wife Ann Cox, or for Anthony's brother Nicholas Morse (b. ca. 1610)   All I could find was baptisms for younger brothers William (bp. 1614), Philip Morse (bp. 1618; died 1619) and Philip Morse (bp. 1621; died 1630).  And yet the baptism records for Marlborough supposedly began in 1602.  So why aren't there baptism records at Marlborough for Anthony Morse, Ann Cox, and son Nicholas Morse?   
P.S.  I could find no images available for the early baptisms and marriages for Marlborough, Wiltshire.
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This morning I am no longer puzzled.  The records for St. Marys Marlborough Church do start in 1602, but the records for St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Marlborough only go back to 1611.  So the first Morse baptism is that of William Morse in 1614 at St. Peter and St. Paul Church.
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I have the parents of Ann Cox as unknown.  Is there any actual evidence for any of these parents or is it speculation just looking for anyone named Cox?
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We know that Ann Cox was married in Marlborough (1629) and the only Cox marriages in Marlborough early enough to be her parents are Ambrose Cox (1604) and Adam Cox (1609).  We don't know for sure that Ann Cox was actually born in Marlborough, but Ambrose and Adam still seem to be the most likely to be her father.  So yes, it is just speculation (in search of other evidence).

P.S.  I just added a third possible father for Ann Cox (Henry Cox of Ogbourne, 2 miles north of Marlborough).  See next answer below.
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The most likely father outside of Marlborough, would probably be Henry Cox who was married in 1600 (to Elizabeth Browne) at Ogbourne (which is about 2 miles north of Marlborough).

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