Help with my U4b1a2 maternal haplogroup? Also anyone else on here with the same haplogroup?

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Is there anyone else on here with the maternal haplogroup, U4b1a2? I'm trying to trace my own side back but as far as I can get is a woman named Mary Jane Crone (b.1861) in Iowa, (d.1936) in Louisiana. Her father was a German immigrant named Jacob Crone (b.1833) but she only showed up on a census with him and his family when she was 13 years old. And prior to that, there was a lot of censuses of him, his wife, and daughters. I figured maybe Mary Jane was adopted or maybe she just wasn't his wife, Elizabeth Briggs' daughter but whatever the case, I have no substantial evidence that Elizabeth even was her mother. So I'm just stuck at Mary Jane as far the haplogroup goes.


Is there anyone else related to Mary Jane or Elizabeth Briggs? Or just descended from Haplogroup, U4b1a2?
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My haplogroup is U4b1a2.

I don't recognize the names you have mentioned.

My mothers family were more British and my father's are


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Dear Sharon, 

We have some U haplogroups in our WikiTree DNA Project on  But, no one with U4b1a2 has joined our project yet.  If you wish to join, and you can transfer your 23andme test to FamilyTreeDNA:  and then you can Join our project:

There are many other DNA projects on FamilyTreeDNA that you can join as well:  

Of course, your autosomal DNA test will give you matches in any of these surnames:  Including the question marks.  The maternal haplogroup, U4b1a2 applies to your maternal line of foremothers: 

 Jole Vallery descendants (unknown - unknown) 
  Lillian Bailes descendants (1940s - 2010s) 
    Lillian Valerie Hall descendants (18 Oct 1922 - 24 Jan 1991) 
   Mabel M. Belle Greenwood descendants (28 Feb 1885 - 26 Aug 1959) 
        Mary Jane Crone descendants (1861 - 14 Aug 1936) 

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Oh, okay! Thank you for the invite! I'm actually already on there so I'll go join now :)
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Hi Sharon, I have been working on your family question.  It appears that Mary Jane was the dau of Jacob and Elizabeth.  I finally found the 1870 census, and she is listed as Jane there.  A couple of her siblings were also identified by their middle names.  Jacob moved his family around a lot until they settled in Franklin, Kansas. Take a look at the research I added:  

Oh, and the various census records have no idea where Jacob was born.

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Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I hadn't ever found this before actually - I think the first one I'd found her in was the 1875 census in Kansas, I believe. So Elizabeth was her mother then! Ah, thank you, thank you! Hm, well, I actually did find that Jacob was born in Germany through an obit for him. Hmm, well that means I need to do more research for Elizabeth then, I guess lol. Thanks again!! This helped a lot!!
I started seeing the inversion of first and middle names a lot in my family in the late 1800's until the 1940's.  I suspect a lot of people were reinventing themselves.  Then again, the families were not very original with first names, so it may have been a search for their won identity!

Also, U4c2a,  'close but not the same and my 'exact' matches predate my earliest known maternal line in 1600 +/-.
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Hello Sharon,


Many may be from the same direct paternal line.

Please keep in mind that sharing the same mtDNA haplogroup often does not mean you share a direct maternal line ancestor in a genealogical time frame.  See which estimates the first woman who was U4b1a2 (and had at least two daughters) lived about 3,160 years ago (Age: 3,159.5 ± 1,967.7; CI=95% (Behar et al., 2012b)).  It is the matching with HVR1 and HVR2 or full sequence mtDNA results which is more helpful for genealogy.

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Hi Sharon,

I'm U4b1a2. The earliest direct maternal ancestors I have found immigrated to the US from Prussia in 1873. I checked my autosomal DNA matches on 23andme, but you're not one of them. It was interesting to see on 23andme that only 1 in 1,100 of their customers have that haplogroup!

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Hello Peter!

Are you? That's interesting! The farthest back I can get on my maternal ancestors was from Virginia, I believe and prior to that, I'm uncertain. Hm, well, maybe we're still related but it's too far back for 23andMe to detect it. Like a very distant cousin or something lol. I was surprised at that myself! When I first tested, I didn't expect to have a rare haplogroup at all! In fact, I didn't really expect to have rare anything lol!


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I descended from Haplogroup U4b1a2, but I don't think I can be much help to you because I was adopted.
Oh, I see! Hm, well, either way it's nice to meet another person from this same haplogroup - we seem to be pretty rare lol.
I can tell you I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. If that helps at all.
Hm, well, as far back as I've traced my maternal side, my 4x great-grandmother was from Iowa. But I'm not certain where her family was prior to that or even who her parents were to know where they were from.
Hi anonymous. My brother just got his results back from 23andme and we are group U4b1a2 on my mom's side. She was raised in Frederick MD and is back living there with my bro and his wife. Her maiden name was Krantz.
Seems we have the same maternal group, and my mom is from Iowa.   Do you know your great grandmothers name?
I'm U4b1a2. (23 and me)  I'm also a decendant of the Krantz family tree. The Krantz family tree is well documented on with many DNA matches.
Hello anonymous,

My ancestors came from the Western Shore of Maryland, and I am in this haplogroup.  Are you by chance related to the Wilmots, Owens, Arnolds of Baltimore, MD?
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I'm also U4b1a2.  My German/Alsace Lorraine/French family is Craner/Greiner? and Stockover/Stookover/Stover.
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This long queue is the IMPORTANT reason that I so value Wikitree!

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the above!!!
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Yes, my sister and I belong to this same rare haplogroup. Our mother (Felten, German) was born in the US. Her mother (Beaudreau, French Canadian) was also born in the US. Her mother was born in the US from Irish parents (Brown). That is as far as I have been able to trace the maternal side of our lineage.

Interesting that this Haplogroup is rare in the British Isles, but that is our heritage.
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I guess I'm a few years late here, but I am in the same haplogroup.  Just recently found out.  

I am adopted, but do know quite a bit.  I'm sure that my maternal side comes from North Carolina with the last name Blevins.

I'm sorry, but I have no Crone's or Briggs' in my tree. Just thought I'd still reach out as there apparently aren't to many people in this Haplogroup.

I did find some 5th to 8th cousins that are Briggs', but I don't have time to see what's going on there at this time.  Probably not too much.  I will get back if anything interesting pops up.

I doubt that we are related in any way, but for anyone interested in checking my GedMatch is DP1030525.
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