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Is there a category for unusual deaths?
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Before you add a family member to such a category, do consider why it is that you want to categorize them this way. Is there something about their  cause of death that would make it helpful to have a category for people who died of the same cause?  I can see that if the cause was a disaster or epidemic illness -- situations where it might be helpful to share information with other people whose family members also experienced the event. It also could be worthwhile if you don't fully understand the cause of death and hope to learn something by sharing in a category. But merely being "unusual" doesn't seem like a reason for a category -- instead, focus on doing a good job of telling the story in the profile.

I looked in your recent edits to see what you might be thinking about. I found that you had edited a profile for a person who suffered from St. Vitus' Dance (according to Wikipedia, it's now called Sydenham's chorea), a disease which apparently received a lot of attention in the latter decades of the 19th century.  There are a number of WikiTree profiles that describe deaths from that condition in the 19th century, but I haven't seen any categories for it. That might indeed be an appropriate topic for a new category under Category: Diseases or Category: Causes of Death  (or both of those parent categories).

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
I am still amazed at the number of people in my tree who died from tuberculosis.

TB, heart disease, and sudden heart attack are common in my watchlist.  I don't use [[Category: Causes of Death]] because it is "a high level category - please do not add individual profiles. Add profiles to narrowest category possible"  There are 79 subcategories from which I can usually find the correct cause.  I've used murder victims, paralysis, eclampsia, and lightning for the ggaunt killed in her rocking chair in front of the fireplace! 

A category is a container for a set of profiles that have something in common, where that commonality is something that ostensibly is useful for genealogical research or for managing WikiTree. I can see the genealogical value in categories for certain causes of death, but not for the mundane (and all-too-common) causes like Tuberculosis (consumption), Heart Disease, Cancer, "Old Age," etc.
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I would like to see a field in every Wikitree profile that lists the cause of death (if known of course). I often pick up patterns of the cause of deaths in towns and villages from church records. This can include epidemics such as diphtheria, typhus, cholera, etc. I think if we could collect this information it would open up lots of new possibilities when it comes to documenting the history of our ancestors.
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The cemetery in Tollhouse, California, has a section for children who died during a diphtheria epidemic.

We don't need a profile data field (nor a category) to enter cause of death in a WikiTree profile. Put the information in the text section of the profile.

But for those local disease outbreaks, if you detect that there was a disease outbreak in a local area, it would make sense to categorize the profiles in a local category (like [[Category: Tollhouse, California]]) and also in a category called something like [[Category: Diphtheria, Tollhouse, California, 1892]]. That Diphtheria subcategory would have two parent categories: [[Category: Tollhouse, California]] and Category: Diphtheria.

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