Please may I invite a mentor to examine two problems outlined below?

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1 With regard to the 'Edit' page for Horsley-79: Attention is drawn to the Biography/Sources section. It reads smoothly, if not perfectly formatted.

Compare the public profile version, to find a formatting nightmare. Help!

2 The profile information for H-79's mother has been provided by more than one person, not all of whom know her full story (or have no interest in her early life). The unfortunate result has been that siblings are recorded incorrectly as half-siblings See the 'Horsley' offspring for example, and I have no idea how to remove the 'half-sibling' designation where necessary.

The situation arose because the eight children of John Horsley and Jane (Jackson) Cross were (all but one) registered at birth as Cross, Jane was not married to their father at any time. Unfortunately H-79, the first child by Horsley, had her father's name incorrectly recorded as Cross. The subsequent 7 siblings had only the mother's first name recorded (no father mentioned), so those children were recorded at birth by their mother's legal surname, Cross.
WikiTree profile: Fanny Kenyon
in WikiTree Help by Reg Roughan G2G Crew (730 points)
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I'm not a mentor, but unless all the children are linked to both parents, there will be a half designation. The half sibling is linked to this profile for mother Jackson-10948

Not sure about all of those dots running across the page - they make viewing the information difficult.  You should remove them.

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Hi Reg. I'm not a mentor, but if you search the Help file for "half siblings" you should find some guidance there.

Where members have different opinions about a Profile, the best solution is to contact the other members and try to come up with an agreement. You could send them a message with the url of this G2G question in it and invite them to join this discussion. They may be happy to see your point of view once they have more information, or vice versa.

One thing to watch out for: try to get authoritative sources for all Births Deaths and Marriages(BDM)  information. This means a transcript of the actual entry in the State Register. I know where to find these in my state, South Australia but I'm sorry I can't help you with other states.

If you work carefully through each profile,verifying all the BDM it's hard to go wrong. I hope this helps.
by A. T. G2G6 Mach 3 (37.7k points)
selected by Joan Whitaker
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I'm not a mentor either, but I think you'll find some formatting tips in the Help Index.

An asterisk is bullet, and each subsequent asterisk indents it a little farther, so you row of asterisks is being read as a series of bullets.  I'd take Patricia's advice and replace them with headers using == Notes== like you see used for Bio and sources. This makes a nice clean break between sections.

Asterisks are very useful for listing information, because the breaks are clear.

Then, in your story, you have a couple of options for breaking the paragraphs so they don't run together.  You can add a tag </br>, or you can simply leave an empty row between them.

I see two "sources" sections - I would remove one.

I've illustrated my suggestions in your profile.  Sometimes the codes look messier in the edit box, but they create a nice clean profile.

If you don't like what I've done its simple to undo. Send me a private message if you get frustrated.
by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 8 (82.8k points)

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