Saturday Sourcing Sprint! (28 October 2017)

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Hi WikiTreers! 

imageJoin in on this week's 24-hour Saturday Sourcing Sprint!

It's basically a casual mini Source-a-Thon.

When it's Saturday where you are, get sourcing! 
(And quit when it's Sunday :D )

You only need to answer the post once in this thread, including your team name and time zone (GMT standard). We have decided to use the Challenge Tracker to record the profiles we sources. You can continue commenting in your answer regarding successes, discrepancies, stories that tug at your heart strings, and new amazing sources. We also have a Google Hangout if you'd like to join us. It will be as busy or quiet as we make it.

* All profiles improved must come from the Unsourced categories or be already present on WikiTree and unsourced - you cannot create new profiles and add sources just to up your tally. The hope and goal is to improve the profiles already on WikiTree which need sources. Other great ways to find unsourced profiles are to check out orphaned profiles and use the Unsourced by Country lists which Aleš prepares for us..

*Remember, your sources need to be as full and specific as possible, so others find them useful. That means, if the source is online, you should link to it. If it is a page from a book, the page number should be included so others can easily see where you found the reference.

* The tally is of profiles improved, not sources added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better. When you save the profile, a green bar will appear at the top. Click the Challenge Tracker button, add or verify your WikiTreeID, select a pre-defined comment or add your own to indicate which type(s) of source(s) you added, put a check mark in the "Saturday Sourcing Sprint" box, and click "Add Action." If you participate in the Monthly Sourcerers' Challenge you can click both boxes.

* If you attempt to add sources to a profile and just cannot find any, please add a note under a section like == Research Notes == giving where you tried to find records and you can sign it with the four tildes (~~~~) so the date is applied as well. Something like "Looked for John in the US Census records for 1900-1940 and couldn't find him on FamilySearch or Ancestry" would be fine. Or, "Searched google for an obituary and didn't find one." That way the next researcher knows where to start. These don't count toward your total but will help improve our shared WikiTree overall!

* If the only source on a profile is "Ancestry tree," "," Ancestry search results page, "Pedigree Resource Files" from FamilySearch, and the like, it does count as unsourced.  Add some sources to it and include the profile in your tally. Likewise, in no way is adding one of those or comparable things an acceptable source. If one of those is added, it should go in a == Research Notes == section and the template should stay or be added.

* If you find a match and can merge a profile into an already sourced profile, that counts too. You still found a source, plus you eliminated a duplicate. To get to the Challenge Tracker for these, clean up the merged profile and then click the Challenge Tracker.

The Sprint tracking page will be updated after the sprint is over. Once that is done, a best answer will be awarded to the Sprinter who sources the most profiles and, if it is the first time winning, the Saturday Sourcing Sprints Winner badge will be awarded. You can track your progress on the Challenge Tracker report.

asked in The Tree House by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (203k points)
Well done, Sprinters, well done. This week 21 of us sourced a total of 450 profiles. John takes the gold star with a total of 163.

We had four new official Sprinters and three who received an invite to join us since they used the Challenge Tracker anyway. It's too late for me to properly do numbers so updating of the tracking sheet will wait for tomorrow. Trust me, you'll appreciate that LOL
Unfortunately I had to take a break this weekend (First one in months) as I met up with a DNA matched cousin who was in London for a few days so I showed him the nice (and not so nice) places where our ancestors lived! But will be back next weekend!
You were missed, Michelle, but oh the excitement of meeting a DNA matched cousin! Congratulations. We'll see you next week.

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Sign me up.
answered by John Noel G2G6 Pilot (693k points)
selected by Debi Hoag
Hi John, thanks for joining this week and for answering Beverly's question. I was a bit out of touch yesterday.
Congratulations, John, you came out on top again this weekend with 163 profiles sourced. We all really appreciate your efforts.
+8 votes
Count me in again.
answered by Joan Whitaker G2G6 Mach 5 (53.8k points)
Glad to have you back this week, Joan. Happy counting errr sourcing *grin*
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I'm ready to source.  Is this all I have to do?
answered by Beverly Ahrens G2G6 Mach 2 (25.4k points)
You are now signed up. Next you source and add them to the Tracker. When you save your source on a profile you should see the tracker at the top of the next page. Ready set go!
Did I do something wrong?
Of course not John - obviously someone's fingers slipped.

Flagging the thankfullest and nicest on Wikitree, indeed!
I flagged it so I could find it again.  Sorry.  I didn't know it was something bad. Now I can't find it to unflag it.
No problem. We knew it could not be intentional :-)

I don't know how you could mark a post for future reference, unfortunately. But flagging is for inappropriate posts. Only some persons in Wikitree can remove  the flags. But it's unflagged now.
Hi Beverly, I'm so glad you've joined us.

One way you can mark a post to find it later is to make the whole thread a Favorite by clicking the pale blue + at the very top of the page. Another is to bookmark the "answered" link in your post.

If you use the Favorites, you can find them by going to your G2G profile and clicking My Favorites ( You could also bookmark that page The Favorites list always shows the newest favorites at the top.

To remove a post from your favorites, go to the post and click the + again
Thanks Isabelle and Beverly, Sorry I didn't know what was going on. I thought someone was playing games or I offended someone somehow.
Way to go, Beverly. You sourced 41 profiles on Saturday.
+7 votes
I would like to participate in tomorrow's challenge.
answered by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Mach 8 (83.3k points)
Hi Caryl, thanks for joining us. Would you let us know which time zone you are in and, if you do any team challenges, which team you are with?
+7 votes
In again and working on the list at 11 done so far
answered by Darren Kellett G2G6 Mach 9 (92.5k points)

Glad to see you aboard this week, Darren. How go the 1900-1999 New Zealand unsourced?


Fingers are not cooperating with the brain today. 1900-1911 would be a very small range.
Getting there. can only do short bursts before kids want to use computer so it can limit what i can do.
+8 votes
Count me in!
answered by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
Great! Welcome back, Janine.
Team Massachusetts 600 for year-round challenges.  

Thanks for the welcome!
+8 votes
I will try to do a few
answered by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (194k points)
Excellent, Kay. My goal, as usual, is one *sigh* I'm not there yet.
+7 votes
Count me in, too!
answered by Nancy Schlegel G2G2 (2.5k points)
Counting on you, Nancy *grin*
+7 votes
Count me in! I missed a few Sprints and I'm happy to be back! (Team Roses for year-round challenges,, thank you!)
answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (235k points)
edited by Isabelle Rassinot
Welcome back, Isabelle! I am glad you will still have time for Sprinting.
Thank you Debi!!

In fact I have no new (real) responsibilities as yet, so...
+7 votes
Here I am again.
answered by Deb Durham G2G6 Pilot (719k points)
Hey Deb, welcome back.
+5 votes
I'll be taking part today for Team Roses :-)
answered by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
Great, Susie, glad to see you here.
+6 votes
Let's try again as an answer:

I'm in this week for at least one. I think I'll combine my teams and see if I can come up with an unsourced merged profile to work on. Did I mention that my goal is one?
answered by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (203k points)
Cheering you on Debi! :-)
I think I've sourced four. One of my worse scores - I'll soon have an objective of one sourced, too !
Yeehaa! I beat my own goal. I got two unsourced uncleaned merged bios done as well as sourcing five of their family members. Trust me, there are days when even one is a stretch. I didn't get to start until approx 9pm on Saturday.
Way to go! Isn't it sweet to exceed expectations ?
+6 votes
I'm in! I'm helping a fellow member find some sources.
answered by Karen Tobo G2G6 Pilot (112k points)
Great to have you join us, Karen!  Time zone and team name, if any?
UTC -6 Mountain Daylight Time

Record Romancers!
+6 votes
Hi.  I am in the Eastern U.S. time zone.  I am not in a group.  I am not sure how that works. I would be happy to join one if you could explain the details.


answered by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Mach 8 (83.3k points)

Hi Caryl, glad you joined us this weekend. Sorry for the late reply to your question about teams.

Teams are important during the the semi-annual A-Thon events (Spring Clean and Fall Source). You can read more about them on the Challenge Teams Help page. The Legacy Heirs is made up primarily of Sprinters but many of the sprinters are on other teams based on what or where they like to research. Most teams are open to new members so check them out and join if you are inclined.

+5 votes
I will join in.
answered by Joe Patterson G2G6 (9.1k points)
Sorry I'm late in welcoming you, Joe. I'm glad you were with us
+5 votes
I am in again.
answered by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
Great, Linda! Glad you were able to participate.
+6 votes
count me in! a Maple Leaf Forever!
answered by Catherine Trewin G2G6 (6.8k points)
Welcome back, Catherine. Silly question, maple leaves change color correct? Die hard Florida girl here, where maples are scarce and nothing changes colors.
lol, yes, the maple tree changes colour once we get temperatures below 10 degrees at do all the trees except the evergreens (pine, spruce, hemlock etc.) It's gradual, the colours range from darkest red to every other shade of yellow, orange, red and even a little brown...then the leaves float to the ground in 3' piles we have to clear away before 3' of snow falls on top! lol....
Oh we'd be full on color then here. We've finally hit 50F here in the last couple of days.
+4 votes
Done with chores, so I'm in for the evening.
answered by Star Kline G2G6 Pilot (497k points)
Way to go, Star. You came in second and got chores done!
+3 votes
Does anyone here know a way to find the Wikitree ID for a profile?

ex. Found woman's maiden name and updated her profile accordingly, so would like to update her daughter's profile from:

daughter of [[Vogelsang-14|Frank Vogelsang]] and [[Vogelsang-28|Anna Vogelsang]]


daughter of [[Vogelsang-14|Frank Vogelsang]] and [[Fallman-??|Anna Fallman]]

but I'm not seeing mother Anna's new Fallman ID in her updated profile??
answered by Nancy Schlegel G2G2 (2.5k points)
Just found it! - if scroll past bio, all the way to bottom, to merge section, appears there.
I'm glad you found it. Thanks for Sprinting with us.
+3 votes
Hi Debi!

I appreciate your comment on my page. Even though I didn't add my corrections, additions and sources on the Saturday Sourcing Sprint, I enjoyed the task. Hope I helped a little!


answered by Anonymous Crum G2G6 Mach 1 (19.5k points)

LOL you may not think you tracked your sourcing this weekend, but the Challenge Tracker tells me you sourced at least 13. I took a look at the ones you tracked and you were adding FindAGrave records.

You may have already come across it and decided not to use it but, just in case, do you know about the FindAGrave template? It's a way to add a "prettier" link for the memorials. That cool thing about it is that when FindAGrave starts using the new version of their website, your links will still work because the template can be changed at the software level instead of on every profile.  

The simplest format is just the template with the memorial number I added as an example of it in use to the Carroll Crisp profile Feel free to delete it if you don't like it. There are some other parameters that can be used. It is all explained on the Template:FindAGrave page

I really like the new findagrave link at the bottom for source citation. It gives enough to still find it even if the links break. Although you have to change it, it gives you:

Find A Grave, database and images ( : accessed 30 October 2017), memorial page for Guy Whiting Sands (30 Dec 1872–2 Aug 1925), Find A Grave Memorial no. 66319877, citing Maple Grove Cemetery, Jordan, Onondaga County, New York, USA ; Maintained by KSands (contributor 49289325) . 

Then you change the new.findagrave to www.findagrave and put the template around the memorial number, like this:

Find A Grave, database and images ( : accessed 30 October 2017), memorial page for Guy Whiting Sands (30 Dec 1872–2 Aug 1925), Find A Grave Memorial no. {{FindAGrave|66319877}}, citing Maple Grove Cemetery, Jordan, Onondaga County, New York, USA ; Maintained by KSands (contributor 49289325) .

I love that new citation too. I don't usually put the tamplate up in the middle though because of the way it adds words. I usually put it at the very end and add whether or not a photograph of the gravestone is included. Mine ends up looking like this:


Find A Grave, database and images ( : accessed 29 October 2017), memorial page for Eunice D. Fore (1903–1978), Find A Grave Memorial no. 53919034, citing Garden of Memories Cemetery, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, USA ; Maintained by Foxhunt (contributor 46868266). Find-A-Grave: Memorial #53919034 does not include a photograph of the grave stone.

Hi Debi,

I really liked it! I follow your sequence from here on out. I did a few more this morning, but didn't see this email until now.

Thank you for the enlightenment and help!

don c.

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