How would the group feel about adding direct connect categories such as, witches & infamous persons

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WikiTree profile: Alice Young
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Could you provide some additional explanation of what you are proposing?
With Halloween approaching I read a random article about Alice Young and having family from that time and place I was interested in the others accused of witchcraft and that we should be as proud of them as I am of Martyr John in my family tree (they were hanged but that is a small difference to the accused)  I have also found slave owners in my family, puritans, religious zealots and the pillars of the founding fathers.  We are to quick to dismiss the idea that our country is not made of good and evil and it is both that shape modern America.  Perhaps the addition of a few famous slave owners & dissidents and witches/warlocks would bring in a new crowd and their history with them.

Category: Witch Trials

Project: Black Sheep

Is that what you had in mind? ;)

It looks like she is already in the proper categories. So, I may not be understanding exactly what you have in mind.
We can go to the Magna Carta, the Mayflower, the Presidents and connect to see if there is an instant connection and the historical paths to get there - how about historical figures of the infamous variety.  The instant results really gives a person incentive to move forward to prove or disprove and ultimately accept history.  or even add a few historical places, like who is connected to the man that owned Waldens Pond, to me it is the connection to history and places that make the effort worthwhile
The categories may be there but where do you go to press enter and let the computer show you the connection?
Aha! I believe you are looking for Relationship Finder links for these people!

Relationship Finder works on any profile. To find your blood relationship (if any) to a person of interest, open their profile and look under the tab that contains their WikiTree ID for the link labeled "Relationship to Me." Click on that link to look for relationships within 15 generations. If you don't like the 15-generation result, you can extend your search to 30 generations. Or you can enter any two WikiTree IDs into the boxes on the Relationship Finder page or the URL for that page to look for their blood relationship. The relationship finder URL for you and Alice Young is (no relationship within 15 generations). But you and I map out as 10th cousins:
Yes, I know that - I am suggesting that a page be setup with infamous names like the one that is already setup for the Magna Carta, Mayflower etc - a page with the famous names from the witch trials, famous warlocks and goblins from history, famous con artist - a separate page
Perhaps you should retag your question with connection_finder and wikitree_tech and change the question to "How would the group feel about adding witches and infamous people to the connection finder?".  It really did seem like you were asking about categories for those types of profiles rather than adding those groups to the connection finder.

It might be fun but I know the more names they add to the connection finder the more strain it places on the server which is why they only go ten steps between random profiles rather than the 100 for the featured profiles. Those two groups would add a lot of extra profiles, although I suppose they could choose a few of the more famous or infamous.
Thanks, I will do that
The page that shows connections to Presidents and Magna Carta barons is based on Relationship Finder, not Connection Finder.

The Relationship Finder isn't interesting to very many people unless the target person has either or both fairly extensive documented ancestry (most Presidents have this) or descendancy (which the listed barons have), but few if any early American witches have extensive documented genealogy.

As Deb notes, Connection Finder is extremely resource-intensive, which is why there are only 4 targets at one time (and the connection data are calculated no more often than once a day, and cached). There have been some interesting Black Sheep targets recently, but resource limitations mean that there can only be one at a time
Would it help if those of us that use Wiki donated $5.00 a year X the number of users?  or sell access to (they could use the link) - just asking since we are resource limited?  if you want to discuss you are welcome to contact me directly - Thanks - Richard

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If you have an user case I see no problem more than too many categories in the current layout of WikiTree gets messy.... hopefully we get

by C S G2G6 Pilot (271k points)
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Richard, are you saying you'd like to see more focus on the "darker" side of history, those things that are often suppressed or not talked about? Countries that were colonised like my country Australia, have both an "official" view of history, in which everything the colonists and the invading nation did was good and wonderful, and the stories of the abuses, exploitations,massacres,rapes, enslavement and other awful consequences suffered by the original inhabitants, who are still suffering today. You can come under attack pretty quickly in Australia for telling any of these stories, no matter how true. Yet they are just as deserving of appearing on WikiTree as the British-appointed Governors, the politicians, the church leaders,the sportsmen and so on who are the "official" stars of history.

I imagine the same applies in other countries that have their "skeletons in the cupboard" - dastardly regimes, slavery, witch trials, pogroms.I share your interest in finding out who these forgotten people are. Their stories are generally much more interesting and edifying. I think you're probably right that those who find themselves "forgotten people" today would be glad to see their history told and more likely to join up and contribute if they could see that the bald truth was being recorded here.

I'd suggest, if you want to see a page on Wikitree about certain witch trials, that you go ahead and create a Free Space Profile on that topic, with links to profiles of people involved. You don't need anyone's permission to do that. When you've done it, put a notice here on G2G with a link to the Free Space and that will attract the attention of others who are interested in that topic, who may have more to add.

As an example of what I mean, here's a page I did about a shipwreck


by A. T. G2G6 Mach 3 (37.2k points)
Excellent solution, I had no idea that your page existed.  When I find the time.  I will start on that - Thank you

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