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Theotiste Ouellet-337 and Theotiste Ouellet-789 seem like definite duplicates, except the Father's parents are an issue.

Theotiste's parents Andre Ouellet and Marguerite Cormier are said to have married at Ste-Anne (Fredericton). I can't find this to verify.

The father Andre, has two sets of parents in his two profiles:

Ouellet-791 has parents listed as Andre Ouellet and Marie Louise Gagnon.

Ouellet-570 has Jean Baptiste Ouellet and Marie Genevieve Tardif.

Can anyone shed light? Thanks
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To make matters interesting I have found another Andre that matches Ouellet-791.

The information about each Andre is correct. The problem is finding the marriage to Marguerite Cormier which will hopefully say who the parents were. They could be either couple or neither.
I found this: ii. Marguerite, n Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière 24 mai 1765; m (1) v 1785 André OUELLET (André & Marie-Louise Gagnon); m (2) v 1791 Pierre LE BLANC (Pierre & Marie Bourgeois); d Memramcook 9 janv 1863.  


But you can't have it both ways ...

Either Marguerite married twice or Andre married twice, they both can't have with the dates given:

Marguerite m1 1785; m2 1791 (Pierre Leblanc), then died in 1863

Andre m1 1785, m2 1789 (Geneviève Lemieux), then died in 1848
I have looked for a marriage record between Andre Ouellet and Marguerite Cormier to no avail. I decided to do a search on their daughter Theotiste and found her marriage record to Pierre Richard dated 17 Nov 1808 in Memramcook, Acadie. Theotiste's last name is given as Voilet and Andre is said to be defunt (deceased). It is not possible for this Andre to be the same Andre that is married to Genevieve Lemieux.

Also the marriage record of their son Andre to Euphosine Dupuy gives his last name as Voilet. I think that Andre Ouellet (Ouellet-791) is actually Andre Voilet and should not be listed as a spouse of Genevieve Lemieux.
Thank you for confirmation Celeste, That is basically what I found.
Andre Ouellet a.k.a Violet is my 2GGF the spouse of Marguerite Cormier and a separate person from Andre Ouellet that married Genevieve Lemieux.
Thank you Delcia. In my search through parish registers I think it became clear that Andre and Genevieve Cormier were the wrong parents. I am leaning towards Andre and M. Genevieve Tardif. Do you have more proof of this relationship from family documents that we can add to the profile to make it clear?

There are no family documents in existence that I am aware of. Back in the 1700’s everyone relied on parish registers. That is why it took me 17 years to get to this point and it can only be proven by DNA. 

Through Ancestry DNA I have specific matches to my 4GGM Genevieve Tardif the mother of Andre Ouellet who married Marguerite Cormier. I also have several matches to her mother my 5GGM Genevieve Roy and to her mother my 6GGM Marie Martin. 

Prior to getting my DNA tested I did a process of elimination to all the Andre Ouellet born between 1740 to 1780 extracted from database from Quebec PDHR. Only a possibility of 2 Andre’s born in Quebec and did not die there no records of their death existed in Quebec. My ancestor Andre Ouellet born in Quebec and died in Memramcook New Brunswick Canada. 

DNA matches lead me to only one of the Andre’s by searching for matches relevant to their spouses. My matches to descendants of Genevieve Tardif the wife of Jean Baptiste Ouellet were plenty and that could only be explained by Andre Ouellet their son being my 3GGF and he left Quebec met Marguerite Cormier in Fort Ste Anne present day Fredericton and came to Memramcook New Brunswick with her family that had to leave that area because they lost their land along the Saint John river .  If you follow the timeline of Anastasie Melanson which is the wife of Francois Cormier and Marguerite Cormier’s parents you can track Andre & Marguerite’s journey.....

Biography and Timeline 

Anastasie Melanson was born Aug 22, 1739 in Grand Pre to parents Paul Melanson and Marie Theriault.[1]

When Anastasie Melanson marries Francois Cormier, the locations of her marriage and her chidlren's baptisms reveal the constant movement of her young family, which starts in Quebec, but continues in St Anne (Fredericton NB): [2]

1761 Aug 3 in St Pierre du Sud, Montmagny, Quebec: Twenty two yearo old Anastasie Melanson, daughter of Paul Melanson and Marie Theriault marries Francois Cormier. Anastasie is a widow of Claude Brun.

1763 24 Jan in St-Thomas de Montmagny, Quebec: The couple’s first child is baptized, a daughter Marie Cecile.

1765 24 May in St Anne de la Pocatiere, Kamouraska, Quebec: The couple’s second child, Marguerite, is baptized.

1765 St Anne (Fredericton NB): The families of her husband Francois and his brothers, including their mother Cecile Thibodeau, return to St Anne (Parish of Rivière St Jean, now Fredericton).[3] Four more of Francois' and Anastasie’s children are born there: [4] Marie Joseph (1767); Francois (1772); Germain (1782); and Sylvain (1784). Anastasie is 45 years old when she gives birth to Sylvain.

By July 1783, the Cormier brothers have cleared 20 acres, which they occupy for 13 years.[5] However, the Acadians of Sainte-Anne have not secured title to their farms. Grants to disbanded soldiers and loyalists are soon encroaching on what the Acadians consider to be their land. The property rights issue is described by the University of Moncton [6] :

“Acadians living in Acadie after the Deportation did not have a quiet life. When they arrived in what is today's Maritimes, Acadians had no property rights, a part from a few exceptions. Many occupied lands to which the colonial administration considered they had no rights and were driven off when these lands were purchased. The War of American Independence, which brought a massive arrival of Loyalists in the Maritimes, also forced many Acadians to move away. This was the case with those from the region formerly known as Saint-Anne-des-Pays-Bas (today's Fredericton)”

1786-87. Learning of vacant land on the west side of the Memramcook River (known as La Pointe), about 20 families move, including the Cormier brothers and some of their married children . Their aged mother Cecile Thibodeau dies during the trip.[7]

1788: Abbé Thomas Francois LeRoux of Memramcook describes these 20 families: [8]"The 20 families from the St John River are very poor (which I want to correct). I have succeeded with some but others remain rebels. This is now my disgrace. I have supported almost all of them as much as I can, but I am obliged to buy grain for myself in order to live. If it were not for the glorious people of the St-John River, my flock would be wise and calm. I do not know which of these household heads are rebellious and arrogant. These families have not had spiritual support for 20 years with the exception of priests’ visits in 1768 and 1774." 

1792: The so-called “vacant” land where the Cormiers settled had already been granted to Joseph Goreham and then sold to Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres in 1775 . On 5 June 1792 the Cormiers and others present a petition to the New Brunswick government complaining of the "extravagant" demands of DesBarres's agent, Mary Cannon, and arguing that his land should be granted to them in consideration of the substantial improvements made during their occupation. Their efforts are thwarted by DesBarres and his agents.[9] The dispute will drag on among the descendants for 50 years.[10]

The Cormiers’ farm is at L’Anse des Cormiers (Cormier Cove, New Brunswick, Canada).[11]

1816 Nov 22 in Memramcook: Anastasie dies at the age of 77.[12]

Thank you

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Hi Dawn,

Ouellet-570 is not accurate.  It indeed shows that Jean Baptiste Ouellet and Marie Genevieve Tardif had a son named André, but there is no source that suggests he is the same André Ouellet who married Marguerite. In fact the source given for the marriage gives no parents, and the DOB from Ouellet-791.

Ouellet-791 is accurate. I can see the referenced marriage certificate and it states exactly what is said in the bio. I started to translate it for you, and I realized I was going to sound word for work like the bio.
by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 8 (83.3k points)
There are problems with Ouellet-791 also. I have been working on it. Are you looking at my changes?
did you find the marriage?
To Geneviève Lemieux, yes!  The sources for Andre Ouellet's birth/baptism and marriage to Geneviève are good.  

The marriage to Marguerite Cormier seems a little shaky, and I'm thinking you may still have two André Ouellets in the profile, one for each of the wives.  Its not just the absence of a marriage record for Marguerite Cormier, I'm having an arithmetic problem.  Any family trees I see with the two of them have Marguerite as the first wife, but then she can't be the mother of Théotiste, because he's married to Geneviève then.  And I would expect that she died before he remarried - these are Catholic records, and divorce was frowned upon - but those same family trees show that Marguerite remarried Pierre Leblanc..

I can see why you're scratching your head.
I think it is another Andre married to Marguerite entirely. Which leads us to Ouellet-570...
i can confirm that Andre Ouellet who married Marguerite Cormier - my 3GGF is the son of Jean Baptiste Ouellet and Genevieve Tardif because I had my DNA done and I am a descendant if them.

There are no documents in existence because of a church fire in 1795 and it destroyed their mariage certificate; children’s birth registry and his death registry therefore had to rely on DNA to find his parents and a lot of research on my part.
I am Ouellet570 and I assure you My research is accurate I unfortunately cannot provide documentation that have perished in fire but I have spent 17 years researching my 3GGF Andre Ouellet by going through all Andre Ouellet born in Quebec from 1740 to 1780 and came out with 2 that were born in Quebec but did not die there. I confirmed this with Quebec’s research centre.

I had my DNA tested and concentrated on each of the 2 Andre’s mother’s maiden name to see what matches I would have to them and had many matches to Genevieve Tardif’s mother Marie Martin but none to the other Andre Ouellet’s mother.

I cannot produce documents that I do not have and  am confident that my tree is 100% accurate.
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Dawn Ellis if you are searching for written proof you will not find any because the church registry where their marriage, birth records of their children and Andre’s death has been destroyed in the Memramcook Church fire in 1795. This Andre Ouellet was my 3rd GGF and I have done extensive research and there was only a possibility of 2 Andre Ouellet born in Quebec in that time period that did not die there. DNA evidence from me and my cousins link us to the one that we have in our tree. The Andre Ouellet which everyone includes in their research extracted from “Les Genealogies des 37 familes hostesses des retrouvailles 94” under Cormier is WRONG that Andre Ouellet married Genevieve Lemieux in 1789 and their is proof of that. Therefore my research and DNA proof is all I need.

anonymous, please add some of your research to the bio so we know what has been found and where. In a difficult case like this, it is vitally important to share info so we can make the best and most correct profile possible. Thanks

found this in reconstituted families in Drouin:

1. Ouellet André et Cormier Marguerite

Enfant : Théotiste Atelier: m. 1808-11-17 avec Pierre Richard à Amable et Marguerite Boudreau image d1p_34030506.jpg

Paroisse : Memramcook

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André Ouellet, husband of Geneviève Lemieux, died on 27 Apr 1848 in Cap-St-Ignace, funeral there on 29th, listed as 86 year old widower on there ref: IGD

Geneviève Lemieux died 28 Apr 1844 in Cap-St-Ignace, funeral there 1 May, aged 79 per record, wife of André Ouellet.

The date of birth for André  Ouellet-430 is correct, for the son of André and Marie Louise Gagnon, married to Geneviève Lemieux.

There is nothing showing an André Ouellet married to a woman named Cormier in Quebec, so that has to be a different man, should not be merged, should be detached from Geneviève Lemieux and from the parents of Ouellet-430.  No evidence of a Théotiste as daughter of Geneviève Lemieux, so no changes for her.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
Thank you for confirmation Danielle.

found this in Drouin reconstituted Acadian families:

1. Ouellet André et Cormier Marguerite

Enfant : Théotiste Atelier: m. 1808-11-17 avec Pierre Richard à Amable et Marguerite Boudreau image d1p_34030506.jpg

Paroisse : Memramcook

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