How do I create new Australian locations?

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I am new, and struggling with loacations / categories.  The stated policy is to use the historical place name, and I understand the rationale for this, but it means that the GoogleMaps pins don't work.  Is there any fix for this?

Most of my locations are in Australia.  The page does not have any subcategories, and I can't see how to create them.  It also does not appear as a subcategory of  Is there a guide for Australian states?  Should it match Google maps eg Medindie SA 5081.

When I try to make a location into a link e.g.[[Medindie SA 5081]], it works in the Biography, but not in the Birth place field.  Is that the way it is, or am I doing something wrong.  But when I click on it in the Biography, I get a message that "The action you have requested is limited to users in the group Supervisors".

So I think it is the relationship between creating places, making them links, and adding them to categories that has me stumped.


David Morgan

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Hi David,

Good questions.

I'll leave aside the question about historical place names not being found by Google Maps and whether the style described on should change. We should discuss that separately.

Regarding categories inside birth and death location fields, I'm afraid the answer is no, the category tags have to go in the bio/text area of the page. What's entered in the location fields is just text. What's in the body of the page is "wikitext". Categories are a wiki function.

Regarding subcategories, those are created by categorizing a category. The same sort of tag you'd put on a profile can go on a category. For example, on I put [[Category:Australia]].

Regarding Australia not appearing on that's because does. That is, there's a further subcategorization. Maybe that's not right? I have no idea.

Regarding the links in the text, the reason [[Medindie]] didn't work is that it needs to be [[Category:Medindie, South Australia]], i.e. with "Category:" in the link. Otherwise it's like you're creating a general WikiTree Help or Genealogy Help page, and that is restricted currently restricted to Supervisors.

For reference:

We might need to improve the explanations on that page.



by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Am I free to create these place subcategories as I need them?

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