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The Quakers Project exists to bring together WikiTreers interested in the Religious Society of Friends - the Quakers.

The Quakers can be a very rewarding group to work with because they kept meticulous records and generally married within the community. 

Project members work to identify repositories and other sources for Quaker records, manage profiles for historically significant Quakers and link individuals with Meetings to which they belonged. 

If you would like to help build a collaborative environment for researching your Quaker ancestors, just Answer this question below to tell us about your interests and we will get you a badge.

WikiTree profile: Quakers Project WikiTree
asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (218k points)

Thank you for introducing me to Hetty Green. I must have been daydreaming the day we learned about her in school *grin*  It looks like you weren't signed in to WikiTree when you commented. Be sure to sign in and then leave an answer so that we can find your WikiTreeID and add the Project badge. 


I've done that, 3 or 4 times, a month later, nothing yet...
I had to re-read the question but yes, it is there, though briefly stated.

There is now more emphasis in WikiTree to expect badged project members to actively participate in the projects they're members of. This is why we ask "candidates" to explain us in a bit more detail why they wish to join/which are their areas of interest. This is useful especially as it allows us to customize the comments when we award the project badges.

Also, project badges are not automatic. There are only two of us who can award Quaker project badges, and we both have a life outside of WikiTree. We hope you can excuse the delay.

I've been marking my Quakers as I find them in my tree. I've also been adding copies or pictures to most of those I find. I add images of old Quakers Rolls so others can study them and maybe find their ancestors. I hope that helps with my Badge.

Thank E J Gooden
Hi, E J. This is going to seem bureaucratic but would you please go to the very first message on this page and click the "Answer" link. Answers are one of the ways that the leadership team makes sure that we've got everyone badged.You can paste in the message you just left as it tells what you're going to be working on and that's really helpful.

Thanks to #AncestryDNA, I learned that my Uncle is the Jersey Devil. Yes, my seventh Great Grandparents (Quakers), Japheth and Deborah Leeds gave birth to the legendary monster. Mother Leeds, old and destitute, was pregnant with her 13th child when she cursed her own misfortune. "Let it be the devil's child," she screamed, and so it was -- a monster with a horse's head, cloven hooves, bat wings and a pointed tail. It flew up and out the chimney, and has haunted the Jersey Pine Barrens ever since. Even Benjamin Franklin had once spotted the beast. 

My grandmother told me not to research her side of the family because of a family secret and I wonder. Her family also directly descended from the Royal Houses of Tudor, Plantagenant, Stuart and Spencer. Now I really wonder! Fortunately, the family were Quakers with excellent records, here in Burlington, NJ. 

What an amazing find, Gary ... talk about skeletons in the closet. If you'd like to join the Quakers Project, please click the answer link at the bottom of the first post in this thread. Seems bureaucratic but it's the way Isabelle and I keep track of all the members that get added.
Hi I related to Col. Ninan Beall and Wasson and Lear and bunch bunch more quakers I like to join the Quaker project to help out what I find.

Love it!

Ancestry DNA should feature you in one of their commercials.
Hello! I'd like to join the Quakers, as my paternal grandmother (maiden name Tilton) is descended from Quakers. I'd love to learn more about Quakers in general, as well as tracing the family as far back as I can.

Thank you very much!

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Yes. I have a slew of Quaker ancestors here and abroad and have access to a lot of Quaker resources I’m happy to share. My grandmother and great aunt (sisters) used to speak Quakeres (these and thous, etc.) when I was little and that inspired me to ask them many questions.
answered by Duncan Ely G2G2 (2.5k points)

Hi Duncan, thanks for joining the project. I have added the project badge to your  profile. 

Would you take a look at the Project's Resource List and make suggestions for things to be added. 

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I have several Quaker lines including Hadley, Miller, Lindley, Cox, David Smith, Howard, Ridgely, Truitt, Meredith, Parke, Berry and Pitt, when James Berry m Elizabeth Pitt. Interesting. Some I have researched extensively and some very little.

My attention is distracted at the moment by researching the John Billington family who came over on the Mayflower and the father was hung for murder, the first in the colonies. Wm Bradford only reported him as a bad character including his family. Several of us are researching events that would modify Bradford's assessment of his character.

I would like to stay apprised of any mention of these families so I may add to my knowledge or add to the knowledge of others.

answered by Claudia Scarbrough G2G4 (4.9k points)

Hi Claudia, The best way to stay apprised of surname mentions is to add a separate tag to your home page for each one. You can add tags from the "Tags Followed" page. That way mentions and activity will show up in the feed on your Navigation Home Page and in your WikiTree Feed emails. The general Quakers Project tag and badge feeds is going to give you every Quaker, not just the ones on which you want to focus.

Because your focus is PGM right now, I'd recommend waiting to join the Quakers project until you're ready to work on profiles within its scope. Consequently, I've not added the badge yet. Let me know if I've made the wrong decision and I will add it now. 

I agree that waiting until I am ready to return to Quaker research would be useful. My Billington family and the Plymouth Colony family members are my focus at the moment.

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I'd like to join!
answered by Cassidy Cloer G2G Crew (410 points)

Hi Cassidy, thanks for joining the project. I have added the project badge to your  profile. 

Would you take a look at the Project's Resource List and make suggestions for things to be added. Thanks

I just took a quick look and I would add the Guilford College archives for information on American Quakers. They will have most of the info. There may be changes coming as the meetings have split up, but I will let you know when and what happens. If you'd like a list of NC Quaker cemeteries, I can come up with several. I also can give a list of books published by our yearly meeting that covers the history of several meetings, especially very prominent ones like Cane Creek. Let me know what would be most helpful!


Thanks, Cassidy. I've added a link to the Guilford College archive topical finding aids. Lots of great topics in there include Quakers in South America which I was surprised to see. 

I also added a couple of curated collections at the InternetArchive. 

The list of cemeteries would be helpful to make sure that the cemetery categories have include information about them being Quaker cemeteries.

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My great great grandfather, Jesse Battin, was born in a Quaker family and was a member of a meeting until being removed for "marrying out of unity" to a non-Quaker wife.
Jesse suffered the loss of two sons who were KIA while serving in U.S. Army and two sons who died while serving in the military or shortly after serving.
answered by
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I'm interested in joining this project. I'm a Quaker and my direct line within Friends goes back to my great-grandmother on my mom's side. Further back, I also have Quaker ancestors on my dad's side.
answered by Elizabeth Price G2G Crew (690 points)
Hi Elizabeth, thank you.

Would you mind giving more detail of where your Quakers came from, so we'll have a better idea of which area of the project you could help?
I tie into the Coffin line in Massachusetts in the early 1800s on back. They weren't ALL Quakers, but some of them were.
Thanks for joining, Elizabeth. I've awarded your badge.
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Yes. I have worked on my husband's Quaker lines off and on for 20+ years and would like to help.
answered by Alice Allen G2G Crew (880 points)
Please watch for a private message with details on joining the project. I'm awarding the badge now.
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am also interested in joining the Quaker project. I have been doing research on the Smith's of Dartmouth, MA.  I'm not sure what I need to do to be apart of this project.

answered by
Hi Tracey, you weren't signed in to WikiTree when you responded but I think I have figured out who you are. I'll be sending a private message to confirm that.
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Yes, descendant of James Cock, who was one of the first Quaker settlers on Long Island in 1600s.
answered by Cindy Groetzinger G2G Crew (410 points)

Hi Cindy. Do you know which meeting your ancestor was associated with? Is his profile already on WikiTree? Take a look at the Project section called "Ready to Help?" to see what is involved in working with the project. Let me know what you'd be interested in working on.

Thanks for letting me know, Cindy. I've created the category for Matinecock Monthly Meeting and awarded the Quakers Project Badge. Watch for an private message from me.
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I have some Quaker ancestry on my father's side, and would like to join the Quakers Project. I do not have internet access at home, so my internet time is limited, but I would be happy to help and be helped as much as I am able.
answered by Alison Gardner G2G6 Mach 2 (27.1k points)

Hi, Allison. Thanks for letting us know you are interested. The current tasks can be found on the Project page section called Ready to Help? We'll be adding new tasks and retiring some of those as the are completed. Take a look. If you don't see something that interests you, make a suggestion. We're always looking for ways to improve the project.

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I have found the Quaker records to be a valuable asset for my research. My ancestors were members of Cane Creek, Holly Springs, New Garden and several more. I would love to join the project to help.
answered by Mary Thompson G2G Crew (380 points)

Hi, Mary. Thanks for letting us know you are interested helping. One of the things that we need is a space page for each Monthly Meeting. You can see an example on the Evesham Friends Meeting House page. Would you be interested in creating such a page for the Monthly Meetings your ancestors attended? If that doesn't appeal to you, the current tasks can be found on the Project page section called Ready to Help? Have a look and let me know what interests you.


Hi Debi, I am still learning how to add information and sources but I can certainly try to create space pages for some meetings. Where would I find information on how to do this properly? Thanks.

That’s great, Mary. We have some very talented members in the Project Discussion GoogleGroup who have experience with creating the pages. Please watch for a private message with details on joining the project. I'm awarding the badge now.

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On Veterans' Day, while researching a Revolutionary ancestor of mine named Freeborn Hall, son of Jesse Hall, I began to realize that their maternal line were descendants of the William Freeborn family, one of the original founding families of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. William Freeborn was a signer of the Portsmouth Compact, which has been called "the first document in American history that severed both political and religious ties with England." Looking for other Friends in the tree, I began to realize that my Deweese line were also Quakers. They are cousins to the Quakers who owned a house at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where George Washington & Co. wintered in 1776. Add to this my own genetic pre-disposition toward pacifism and my mother's madness for making quilts, and it begins to seem that I have every reason to begin learning more about Friends, and contributing to your Quaker research group.  I am especially interested in helping to recreate the family trees of those who lived in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War.  Did you know, for example, that Betsy Ross was a Quaker?  The Revolution was a severe test for the Friends and their beliefs, and I am fascinated by how the Friends of the Revolutionary period faced those difficult times, both as a church and as individuals.
answered by
Hi Mark, you weren't signed in to WikiTree when you responded but I think I have figured out who you are. I've sent a private message to confirm that.
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I would like to join Quakers. My paternal line is in North Carolina for more than 200 years, same location(s) - Guilford (New Garden), Cane Creek (Snow Camp), South Fork (Snow Camp) where as a child I attended with my father and paternal grandfather, very nearby settlement site of my paternal great-grandfather 1854-1920 and his spouse 1862-1912 and their more than twelve children living into adulthood. Surnames: BRAXTON, HADLEY (my Y), JONES, LINDLEY, BLAKE(y) BLAKELY - projects to which I belong FT-DNA.
answered by
Hi Robert, you weren't signed in to WikiTree when you responded but I think I have figured out who you are. I've sent a private message to confirm that.
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I would like to be a part of the Quaker discussion.  I was recently told by someone researching my Wright family line that my 6th great grandfather was Josiah Wright and that he was the father of Lucy Wright, who was known as one of the leaders of the Quakers after Mother Lee died.  She was born in Pittsfield, MA in 1760.  On Wikipedia, someone claims Lucy Wright's father was John Wright. Either claim isn't documented and I would like this question put to rest.  Thank you, Isabelle!

Lori Brunswig
answered by Lori Nason G2G1 (1.8k points)
Hi Lori. I can't answer your questions about Lucy's parentage but did want to note that she was an important figure in the Shakers rather than the Quakers.

She may have been raised a Quaker but the Wikitree (Josiah) and Wikipedia (John) information for both of her potential fathers contains nothing about them being members of a Monthly Meetings. It is still worth investigating
Thank you Debi for answering and setting me straight on the Shakers are not Quakers question.  Is there a Shaker Project ongoing?

As far as I can find, Lori, there is not currently a Shaker Project. If you are interested in starting one, this page may be relevant:


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I would like to join the Quaker project. I am related to the Hinshaws of which a good portion were Quakers.
answered by John Stephenson G2G3 (3.4k points)
Your Quakers badge has been awarded. I look forward to working with you.
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Would love to be part of the Quaker group. Have just discovered that my Irish ancestors were Quaker and am doing research on them now.

Thank you,

Linda Alexander
answered by Linda Alexander G2G1 (1.5k points)
Your Quakers badge has been awarded. I look forward to working with you.
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Found out recently that I am descended of the Lamb family from the North Carolina Quakers and am in the process of tracing those roots back.
answered by Lee Carter G2G1 (1.1k points)
Your Quakers badge has been awarded. I look forward to working with you.
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I'll surely uncover some useful things from this Project Community. Send me a Badge

I have many dozens of direct ancestors, and Hundreds/thousands of cousins from the mid 17th Century thru the 19th Century. Ancestry from the USA Colonies & States, England and Ireland. For generations they blazed some amazing trails for the other energized people to follow. Key items in their values and character are permanent elements for my living family and everywhere. A Bible with notations from the 1700s 1800s is in possession of our family. The anecdotal and documented history gives me a "Storehouse" of "Lessons for Living"

I do have some resource suggestions that might be suggested adds for the Irish Quakers and USA  Quakers.

Best Regards to all,  Marty
answered by Marty Ormond G2G6 Mach 5 (53.5k points)
Your Quakers badge has been awarded. I look forward to working with you.
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I am interested in joining. I'm new to genealogy, but have found a connection to the Fox/ Fell families in England in the 1600's. I am not a Quaker, but as a Christian I admire them, and I am excited to learn more about my ancestors' influence in the religious world.
answered by Carlene Speight G2G Crew (500 points)
Your Quakers badge has been awarded. I look forward to working with you.
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I would like to join this project please.
answered by Betty Tindle G2G6 Mach 6 (69.2k points)
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I would like to join the Quakers project.  I am fortunate that my grandfather in 1939 had Mrs. Watts travel throughout the countries historical records tracing the family history.  We were related to the Ogden’s that came over with William Penn.  I am hoping that the group can also help me trace a dead end in the tree.  Mary Ann Cotter (Ogen lineage) married Thomas Gibbons.  He was born in 1803 and according to a Greek Bible centerfold his father was John and mother Prudence.  I would also like to know if I should try and make copies of all of the letters and correspondence he had with her including lineages of Gibbons and Ogden histories.
answered by Karin Hunt G2G Crew (380 points)
Your Quakers badge has been awarded. I look forward to working with you.

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