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I have found a part of my great uncle's marriage entry that I don't quite get.

I had the divide it into 3 images. This is the part I need help with:

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''aussi de cette paroisse, fille majeure de Adam Armstrong et de Rébecca Provost, d'autre part; lesquels ont déclaré avoir contracté ensemble mariage  le 3 novembre 1908 en la paroisse de St-Joseph d'Arttleboro que le dit mariage s'étant trouvé nul par suite d'un empêchement dérivant de consanguinité du quatrième degré au quatrième degré qui a été découvert plus tard, ils ont obtenu dispense du dit empèchement et désirent faire réhabiliter leur dit mariage: nous vicaire soussigné n'ayant découvert aucun autre empêchement vu aussi la dispense de deux bans''  Margin reads ''de monseigneur Joseph Alfred Archambault évêque de Joliette''

Would need the other pages to say more about it, but basically their original marriage was considered null and void due to lack of dispensation beforehand for consanguinity, which was learned about after original wedding, this is rehabilitating their marriage with proper dispensation from the bishop of Joliette.  

Attleboro is in Massachusetts.  No other place found with similar name, certainly not in this province.  Usually marriages were performed in the parish of the bride's residence.  Maybe she was there working or visiting relatives?

Consanguinity is possible, the wife's mother is named Rébecca Provost, lots of Provost in that general area, and Rébecca appears to have been popular either in the family or era (had a great-aunt of that name myself), as I find 4 of them on a quick look in Drouin.

As a note, when I search the parents of the bride in Drouin, I find another marriage, of James Armstrong to Alexina Rocheleau on 31 Jan 1905 in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, all being listed as residents of that parish.
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Thank you Danielle. That's what I thought. I have been looking for a marriage in Mass, but no luck so far.

I found the brother's marriage yesterday too.
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This involves translation PLUS handwriting; a good challenge.  

The first few words of this text, translated "also of this parish", indicates a name immediately preceded the phrase.

the person was the "adult daughter of A----- Armstrong (this could be Adam, Abraham, etc.; it's handwriting, not just the French!) sources the marriage of Sophia Paine to William Commons; the text is very similar, especially the way the priest names each party:  William was the "Fils Majeur" (adult son) and Sophia was the "fille majeure" (adult daughter) of Jean Paine and Laurent Tisdale/Thisdelle "de cette pariosse" -- of this parish.

The marriage of Sophia & Willliam continues, "not having discovered any impediments to this marriage".  The text from your document goes a little differently, and I'm hesitant to go further -- except the phrase "having discovered _____ too late".  

I know this is only a start, but I hope it helps.  I also have sourced information regarding the meaning of "consanguine" that may apply to this situation.


"Throughout this repertoire, because of the lack of priests in Acadia during the years of exile, many couples were married before a civil official (Justice of the Peace) or before an "ancien" (elderof the community), who in the name of the Church, received their mutual consent of marriage.  These marriages were later blessed by itinerant missionaries.  This blessing was calaled a "rehabilitation" or convalidation/revalidation.  ...Marriages were also reblessed among the Islanders when an impediment of consanguinity (blood relationship) was discovered after the original marriage had been performed without the granting of a dispensation.  This notation also signified the renewal of marriage vows during an anniversary year".  Dennis Boudreau, Compiler, "Les Mariages des Iles-de-la-Madeleine, P.I., (1794-1900) (Woonsocket, Rhode Island), 1984, p. v.

I am hoping this helps.  Regards, Janine
by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (183k points)

consanguine ... apparently they were related some degree of cousins. But I don't think so ... one of the curious bits

Consanguine marriages were also permitted under some circumstances.  This did apply to many marriages in the Madeleine Islands.

 I will again quote from Boudreau -- within a day or so, due to other commitments.  

Regards, Janine
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Basically "un empêchment de consanguinité"  means a marriage was prevented on the basis of inbreeding.

4th degree to 4th degree means they were grandchildren of first cousins, and needed dispensation from the Church to marry. I'm not sure what level of dispensation was required for 4th degree, but only the Pope can give dispensation for 2nd degree to 2nd degree. So they may have had to go to the Bishop.

Reading this text, it appears that these two were married, it was annulled when the relationship was discovered, they obtained dispensation and they wanted to "rehabilitate" their marriage. The vicar found no other reason preventing it, and the rest of the text is cut off.
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The record states that the marriage was contracted on 03 Nov 1908 in the parish of St-Joseph in Attleboro, Mass. and was found to be nil as a result of direct impeachment. Did they ever live in Attleboro? I looked at their profiles and do not see any connections to Attleboro. I am wondering if this could be the reason why the marriage contract isn't recognized in St-Gabriel.
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weirder and weirder. I thought that's what I was reading. They did marry and have a family. He was a physician, not sure where they lived but Montreal I think. I will ask my cousin for more information.

Thank you all...

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