Adding WieWasWie as a source?

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I am working on my wife's family tree from The Netherlands. Can I add WieWasWie as a source in my FTM package and will it come in with my next Gedcom?

If it is new info on an existing profile will it come in when I match the 2 profiles or do I have to enter it manually?
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I believe that WieWasWie is a repository of sources, similar to, so listing "WieWasWie" will not be a good source.  However, listing the specific source citation for a particular record, such as "Geboorteregister 1820, archiefnummer 30-21, Burgerlijke Stand Kollumerland c.a. - Tresoar, inventarisnummer 1005, aktenummer 004" will be an excellent source.
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Ok Star,

That's a good start, but what about the rest of the question.

"If it is new info on an existing profile, will it automatically come into the existing file when I "Match" the 2 profiles in my Gedcom or do I have to enter it manually?"

Thank you Star, 

And Bill we had several Dutch archives where after they updated or changed the archive URL, all links stopped working, so we all try to add as much info as possible from the source to profiles also, so the indexed info is also very important to add to profiles, otherwise if links stop working, profiles will end up pretty much empty or Unsourced again...

If you work with sources from the Utrecht archive you will have to be careful with the names also (pre-1811 Patronymics), they unfortunately Indexed all children (Pre-1811 Births/Baptisms) with the patronymics their fathers had, as their last name, which is wrong for most if not all of these for example, in Utrecht at a baptism you will find child Jan Pieters mentioned as son of Hendrik Pieters...Pieters was his fathers patronymic (the first name of this childs grandfather + s, so his fathers Patronymic was Pieters, but this would not be the last name of Hendriks children. 

Child Jan was not a son of his grandfather Pieter, he was a son of Hendrik Pieters, so his fathers first name was Hendrik, so this child Jan later in life can be found or would probably be known as Jan Hendriks.. 

I'm not so familiar with the new Gedcom system, if you are the manager I think it can be added/imported automatically into the existing profile, if you're not the manager I think before you can import things, you now will have to ask to be added to the trusted list of the profile you want to import info to, and of course make sure the info or sources are not already added and I think you will have to check how the profile looks after the import, things might need some adjusting.. 

I added the tags gedcom and Gedcompare to your question, some people have tested or are still testing the new Gedcom system, so I think they perhaps can answer your question better ;)

I do research through WieWasWie very frequently because it is a (mostly) countrywide repository, Please note that WieWasWie is fed by the provincial and municipal archives where the official original source documents are kept. In other words: the data on WieWasWie is very reliable. 

Of course the continuity of the website is not guaranteed, so just linking to a found index record is insufficient. Therefore my citations have three parts when possible:

  • Link to the WieWasWie index record for the event
  • Text of the index record, formatted as a WikiTable
  • Link to an image of the underlying official document, usually on Familysearch (assumed to have best guaranteed continuity)
WieWasWie is a marvelous platform for genealogical research in the Netherlands. It isnt a primary source though.

What I usually do when I find something on WieWasWie is:

1. Go to the original (click on an available link, look at available scans or otherwise use the data on WieWasWie to look up the scans of the orinigal on FamilySearch or National/Local archives. If that fails visit an archive or ask someone near to do so and transcribe or take photo's).

2. Create a new source reference. Something like: Utrechts Archief, inventaris nummer X, toegangsnummer Y: 1820 Geboortereregister Utrecht, Aktenummer Z. found through WieWasWie by ME on

3. Make a screenshot of the original source and attach it to the proper profiles/records/individuals.

4. embed links. If you are handy enough try to embed the links of the original and wiewaswie within the source line. An Inline citation on WikiTree then would look something like this:
< r e f >Utrechts Archief, inventaris nummer 123, toegangsnummer 456-7: 1820 Geboortereregister Utrecht, [ http:\\ Original Aktenummer 8 ] . Found through [ wiewaswielink .nl WieWasWie ]. Reviewed by [ [ Y O  U ] ] on < / r e f >

(i used a lot of spaces so G2G doesnt list the citation as an error or citation.)

I find that sourcing that way, makes WieWasWie actually OK as a source since you point to the original AND document how you found your source, making it easyer for others to trace your steps if needed.

Hope this helps, good luck
Kind regards

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