Would you like to participate in the 1776 project?

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The 1776 Project seeks to recognize those who participated in the American Revolutionary War.  

The 1776 Project honors those who were involved in the early history of the United States of America, circa 1773 through 1789, by adding and improving their profiles on WikiTree. This time period covers the Boston Tea Party, through the War for Independence, to the ratification of the United States Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

Loyalists welcome :)

Just send us your request to join and for the 1776 Project Badge by adding your answer below. Please include what you are working on or interested in so I can include it when I award your badge  Thanks!!



asked Nov 6, 2017 in Requests for Project Volunteers by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (175,640 points)
edited Nov 14, 2017 by Paula J
I would like to join the project. I have nine ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War and I have been researching and finding documents to prove that fact. I also help prospective members of my NSDAR chapter to find and document their Revolutionary War patriots.

Thank you.
I would love to join the project. I have a number of revolutionary war ancestors and have been enjoying adding them to categories and would love to learn more about the American Revolution.
Thanks for inviting me to the 1776 Project :) I see my signiture says Peggy Longhurst? I am Peggy Sierra as well. LOL!
I would like to be added to this project. I am a descendant of Hezekiah Alexander, signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.
I, too, would like to join the 1776 Project and have had difficulty finding the badge. Thanks.

I have a few ancestors that are believed to have participated in the Rev. War; I'd like to study possible connections (& join the project).

I would like to join as I have many ancestors who participated in the Revolutionary War, and am currently compiling documents to join D.A.R. I will be adding the 1776 tag and have begun adding in ancestors that are not already in WikiTree, as well as going back through those already here that need badges.
I'd like to join as I have multiple ancestors who served during the Revolutionary War.
I would like to participate in this great project as I have ancestors who served our country in this war.
I too would like to join the 1776 group. I'll be working on the Irish people that served in the Revolution as part of https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Irish_Military_Diaspora

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I'm directly related to three Mayflower families, and am related to several signers of the Declaration and the Constitution. Specifically I think I can demonstrate that Thomas Mifflin (Governor of Pennsylvania) had an illigitimate daughter Maria (who married my ancestor Thomas Smith). Let me know if you would like the information and evidence.
answered Dec 14, 2017 by Mark Overton
Mark, can you please post again signed into WikiTree so I can find your profile? Thanks!
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I would love to join the project because I am a DAR member and would like to continue researching for all my patriots.  My first patriot was Adam Lugar and now I am trying to find all the information on my Robert Hunter so that I can add him to my list of confirmed patriots.
answered Dec 21, 2017 by Carol Sullivan G2G6 Mach 1 (15,560 points)
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I would like to join the project. I am a SAR member and a SR member. My mother is a DAR as well. I have 23 associated Patriots in my maternal family and 16 in my paternal lineage.
answered Dec 26, 2017 by Hugh McNichol G2G Rookie (260 points)
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I would like to join this project.
answered Jan 7 by John Simmons G2G Crew (650 points)
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I would like to join the project, as I have several members who were in the Revolutionary War in my family tree. Let me know how I may help..my time is limited, however I can do something to help this project.


Don H. Crum(Crum-348)
answered Jan 7 by Don Crum G2G6 Mach 1 (17,230 points)
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I have several ancestors from the Revolutionary time period, and before.  I don't have a lot of time to work on projects right now, but I would like to join and be as helpful as I can.  Most of my ancestors settled in New England in the 1600's and some came to Pennsylvania in the late 1600's (Quakers).  Please let me know what the next steps are!  Thank you!
answered Jan 7 by Sydney Smith G2G Crew (460 points)
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I would love to get involved in the 1776 project! I have many proven SAR and DAR relatives as well as a relation to Robert Treat Pain, known signer of the Declaration of Independence.
answered Jan 10 by Kristen Hausmann
Kristen I can’t find your profile. Are you signed in? When I click on your name it goes to an IP address.
My apologies! SIgned in now!
My ID is Hausmann-106
Thanks so much!! You are now a member of 1776!! And welcome to WikiTree!!!
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I often come across "Patriots" that would qualify and would like to give them the distinguished "Patriot" badge.  What are the qualifications (documentation) requirements for giving the badge?


Thanks, David Dexter
answered Jan 13 by David Dexter G2G Crew (410 points)

Thanks for your question! The 1776 Project is a subproject of Military and War but it is different in that many people were considered patriots that were not soldiers! Anyone that you feel participated in the effort of the colonies to become their own nation, free from England or that got caught up in the Revolutionary War qualifies. This can also include women and children.
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I would like to join. I have a few ancestors, but I'm also finding early New Brunswick settlers that fit this category.
answered Jan 25 by Doug McCallum G2G6 Mach 1 (15,580 points)
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I would  like to join. Thanks, Teresa davis
answered Jan 25 by Teresa Davis G2G3 (3,080 points)
I have added you! Please don’t forget our google group! Check the project page for the link to request to join. I just added several new menbers!! Remember that this is an excellent place to discuss your interests including any profiles you are proud of and would like to share. You can also do this on g2g as well! Welcome to all our new members!!
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Hello! I have been working on getting my husband's and my ancestry put in to wikitree and between us we have several that served in the Revolutionary War. I don't have them all put in yet. I have always been interested in the War for Independence and would not mind helping others with their pages. I would love to join the project! :)
answered Jan 26 by Sarah Gnewikow G2G1 (1,170 points)
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I’ve often wondered if and how my family may have contributed to our independence and would like to join this project. I’ve recently learned from another Wikitree member that my 5th great-grandfather, Michael Halstead, participated in the Revolutionary War serving in the Westchester County Militia (New York) - Fourth Regiment.
answered Jan 26 by Jim Burt G2G Crew (380 points)
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Absolutely, count me in! I know I have a number of Patriots in my linage but have yet to apply for SAR status.
answered Jan 26 by Brian Parton G2G1 (1,420 points)
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Hello Paula,

I am interested in joining the 1776 project, as a few of my ancestors were in the colonies at the time. My 6th great grandfather, Jonathan Smith died at the battle of Germantown Pennsylvania in 1777. His wife Bethiah Doolittle was recognized as an American patriot as well.
answered Jan 29 by Bianca Barbato G2G1 (1,450 points)
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Requesting to join this project. My mother died recently and I found old photos and documents linking her (Stephenson) family to a Richard Stephenson of colonial Virginia (now Charles Town, WV). His sons and two step-sons (Crawford) served in the Revolutionary War, mostly notably Col. Hugh Stephenson and Col. William Crawford. The foundations of his home and two outbuildings still stand. His property was surveyed by the young George Washington.
answered Jan 29 by Lee Recca G2G3 (3,410 points)
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Please add me to the list.  Thought this was done at least a year ago but I do not see my name in the list.  Never hear anything of changes so maybe this is why.  I added 1776 to my tags long ago. Have my DAR membership in 2004.

Thank You.

answered Jan 30 by Beryl Meehan G2G5 (5,320 points)
You are added now! Welcome!
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I have recently gotten very excited about categorizing some of my ancestors' wikitree pages.

As a proud DAR member, 913898, I specifically plan to put the category tags on my DAR proven ancestors. I also can help others with the categories as well.

Thank you!

answered Jan 30 by Beth Stephenson G2G3 (3,740 points)
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Please add me to the 1776 Project. Interested in several 1776 folks, including:
* [[Dickerman-232|Sergeant Samuel Dickerman]] - DAR Ancestor #: A033669  
* [[Russell-8924|Private Stephen Russel]] - DAR Ancestor #: A09853  
* [[Sperry-560|Corporal Job Sperry]] - DAR Ancestor #: A107172  
* [[Lane-5720|Private Caleb Lane Sr.]] - DAR Ancestor #: A068554  
* [[Woodbury-365|Walter Woodbury]] - DAR Ancestor #: A007743  
* [[Dickerman-115|Jonathan Dickerman]] - DAR Ancestor #: A033664  
* [[Bradley-328|Lieutenant Joel Bradley]] - DAR Ancestor #: A013510
answered Feb 8 by Jim Wiborg G2G6 (6,340 points)
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I would like to join this project, for several of my profiles for the Chevalier's of pre Revolution Philadelphia. Thank you!
answered Feb 9 by R Stephen G2G1 (1,100 points)
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Please add me to the project and add the badge to my small collection. I would like to work on this as time permits. I have relatives that were in the Revolution and I am also a current member of the NSSAR.
answered Feb 9 by Steven Nimocks G2G3 (3,780 points)

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