John R Parker, Sr., b1765 in Somers or Enfield, CT parents and ancestors?

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My 4th great grandfather, John R. Parker, Sr. was born in 1765 in Somers or Enfield, CT. He married Lovey Billings in 1795. They had six children and it seems they lived most or all their lives in CT. While the Billings lineage is easy to follow, I cannot find ANYTHING about John Parker Sr.'s parents. One of my family genealogy papers mentions a book about "The Parkers in Connecticut" but I cannot find it anywhere.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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Sometimes you can get books such as "The Parkers in Connecticut" by getting an interlibrary loan through your local library. 


Hmmm. Not much .... John's parents seem to be lost to time.

I added information on her (Lovey Billings) father's will. He's Billings-1292. You can connect her.

See Ruth #811

Information on Children
The title of the book may be off. I tried some variations and found "Family records : Parker-Pond-Peck" and "Parker in America 1630-1910" but neither list wife Billings


John Parker

 in the Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)

VIEWConnecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)

      Name: John Parker
      Gender: Male
      Birth Date: 12 Oct 1765
      Birth Place: East Haddam
      Parent: John
      Parent: Sarah

      Source Information Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.


      Eddie King: That's awesome! How in the world did you find that? I've done searches for him until I'm blue in the face. But I've never seen this before. My only concern is that it says he was born in East Haddam, which is fairly far from Enfield. But maybe the family hadn't moved to Enfield just yet, and were on their way.

      I'll enter your new information and continue to search for more supporting documentation. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
      To Anne B: Thank you for your help. Yes, I've been trying that, for sure. The information in my notebook doesn't really give an exact title, so my mistake for inferring that that was the title, rather than just a general direction.
      The John in East Haddam doesn't have the right date. He may be the right guy but.....
      You are correct in that it doesn't match the exact birthday of 1 Jan 1765. But I'm always skeptical when I see the "Jan 1" date. I'm thinking it might be a a fill-in for someone who doesn't really know the exact birthday. Plus, that Jan 1 date came from another tree and there's no documentation supporting that exact date.

      I'm actually more concerned about the distance from East Haddam to Somers or Enfield. (Somers and Enfield are very close together)

      I think I'll add the information for now and then continue to research it.
      I checked land records then matched transfers and deeds and found John.

      When you go to Ancestry, pull down the search bar, click all records. When the page changes, on the right side at the bottom, click on wills probate land choice. I frequently crack brick walls by reading the wills and land records. Back in the olden days, the eldest son inherited the big estate but dad would often buy other land for younger sons to get a start and as dowry for daughters
      That's good to know! I'll definitely try that :-)
      When you go for wills land records, etc, on the date bar, work by decade. For instance, a birth date for your guy 1765, start with date 1770 plus minus ten, 1780 plus minus ten etc. until you get to the approximate date of death. Wills sometimes name brothers, uncles, etc as witnesses and executors which give further clues to finding the old dad

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