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The Irish Roots Project co-ordinates the efforts of Wikitreers who have Irish ancestry and/or would like to improve the profiles of Irish people and the Irish diaspora on Wikitree.

There has been an explosion of free Irish genealogical records in the last few years and there has never been a better time to bust those brick walls and improve the Irish profiles on Wikitree.

If you would like to join the project we would love to have you.  Please post an answer below (including your research interests and what you would like to work on) and follow the instructions on the project page.

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Leigh Murrin G2G6 Mach 3 (31.8k points)
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Hi, this is one Monkstown connection I know.  Thomas Ridgate Maunsell was from Monkstown.  It may be that Maria and Charles are related.  Do you know when Charles was born??

Thomas Ridgate Maunsell is the son of Edward Maunsell and Catherine Ridgate.2 He married Maria Fortaye Daly, daughter of James Daly, on 13 November 1795.1

Hopefully we're on to something here. Charles Daly was born about 1825 or 1826. In know that he also lived in Kings County just before he immigrated to America in January 1851. There's a slight possibility he was also in Listowell, Kerry, Ireland.

Oh the tangles!

Thanks for the lead!
Hi Heidi and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Thanks Anon too for your assistance.  Good luck ot both of you with your research !!
Please add me to the Irish Roots Project. I have ancestors Forbes from Longford, Carew from Dublin and a few others.
Many thanks
Hi I'm very interested in finding out more about my anscesters - the Childress/Childers Family - I've also been told the Glass Family and possibly the Kidwell family have Irish ancestry. Thanks again
Hi Kelly and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.

Hi Pam,   It looks like you were not signed in when you posted your request.  Are you Randall-1912 ?   

I see you have a guest membership on WikiTree.  Before I can award you the Irish Roots Project badge I need you to volunteer to grow our worldwide tree and "sign" our honour code.  It's just a click.  See for the link.   Come back to me when this is done and I'll be delighted to award you the Project badge.

The McCoys are from County Sligo.  The Roachs and Leonards from County Mayo.  The Meaneys from Inishowen.  Cheers!  Truly,  C M McCoy
Hi CM,  welcoem to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.
Hi-I have been trying to find my grandfathers Irish family.  His name was Oliver Riddle/Riddell from County Tyrone.  I believe Oliver is really his middle name as all most every male in that family went by their middle name.  He was born March 1815 arrived inCanada about 1834.  He spelled his name Riddle and identified as Anglican Irish.  At some point his son my great grandfather Wm Oliver changed name to Riddell and Oliver Sr also changed his spelling and they then identified as Scottish.  Thanks for any help.  Other Irish are Smythe,Burns from County Antrim.  Also moved to Canada

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Can I join the Irish roots project please? Thanks! Alison
by Alison McClintock G2G3 (3.9k points)
Hi Alison, sorry for the delay in picking up your post.    A warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I do a lot of research to find documents that connect people in Ireland. Can I join the Irish roots project please? Thanks!
by Sheila x G2G6 Mach 3 (31.8k points)
Hi Sheila.  You most certainly can.   Delighted to welcome you to the Irish Roots Project.
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Hello, I am interested in joining the Irish Roots project. As kids, my entire family was told that my grandmother was 100% Irish. So my dad always thought he was 50% Irish and 50% Italian, passing on to me 25% and 25%. But when I got my DNA results sadly I am only 6% Irish. But they had it right on the Italian, because I'm 23%. My grandmother's maiden name was Murphy, and I would like to learn more about my Irish Roots.
by Bianca Barbato G2G2 (2.1k points)
Hi Bianca and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Good luck with your research.
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Would love to be part of this project. My maternal grandparents were both Irish, my GF was from Dooris, and I know a bit about him and his family, the Diskins ,my GM's name was Bridget V. McGrath which I've discovered is the Irish version of Mary Jones. They met here in Pittsburgh, so I've no idea when she got here, from where. My 7th GGF Thomas Flippen Sr on my father's side came from Ulster, but that's all I know. Appreciate any help. On that side of my family I've been able to get quite far back in Scotland.
by Leslie Celia G2G Crew (900 points)
Hi Leslie and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Good luck with your research.
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I have been researching my Irish family tree for 30 years and recently discovered  that I also have another family of Irish ancestors. The first family I am researching is my grandfathers family from Ballyhahill and Knocknaboula in Co Limerick. BRIDGEMAN or BRIDGMAN. The maternal lines in the tree are AMBROSE from Dunganville, Newcastle West and MORONY or MORONEY or any other variation. I am not sure what Townland that family come from
Then my newest find has been my 2nd great grandmother. Surname is WALLACE and probably from Dunmurry, Belfast, Co Antrim.
I also admin several Irish County groups on Facebook so perhaps I may be able to be of some help along the way
Hi Donna,   It looks like you were not signed into WikiTree when you made your post.   So that I get the right person can you confirm you are Bridgeman-89 please.    Will be delighted to welcome you to the project !!  Thanks for your offer of help - much appreciated.
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Please admit me to this project. My Irish ancestors include Murphys and Hinksons.
by David Murphey G2G1 (1.3k points)
Hi David,  sorry for delay in picking up your post.  Welcome to the irish Roots Project.
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Hello all,  Very interested in the Irish Roots Project.  Many of my Ancestors have come from Ireland with surnames including - Hampson and Devine and also my special Interest Kiernan. In the 1840s Michael Kiernan was transported to Australia as a convict. It is possible that Michael was part of one of the 'white boys' type groups of the era, and I am very interested in exploring this topic.


by Sean Bowen G2G Crew (440 points)
Hi Sean,  sorry for delay in picking up your post.   Welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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Hello. Have Footes from Co. Cork & Frawleys from Co. Limerick. Am 75% Irish and am hoping to tie some of what our family has noted in with other trees. We also have Quincannons, Mulcahys, Carrolls, Ryans, Fitzgeralds, Cronins, O'Connells, O'Neils and more. For the most part, these people came to the U.S. from Ireland in the 1870s/1880s. Looking forward to trying to help fill in a blank spot or two here.
by John Foote G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi John and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I'm trying to track my husband's family. We have his great-grandfather's death certificate that indicates he was born in Cork, but we have not been able to determine when he immigrated or link him to a family in Ireland.

His name was John Kern Desmond (also my husband and his grandfather's name).
Hi Dana and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I would like to join the Irish Roots Project.  I have several Irish ancestors from both parents side, all of who were in Australia by 1840.  Names include:

Flood, Gorman, Summerville, Armstrong, McCartney, Burnside, Wright, McMinn, Van Schaick (born in Ireland), Gordon, Ward.

Thank you, Natalie Baig
by Natalie Baig G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Natalie and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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My Irish ancestors came to Canada from Ireland sometime between 1810-1820.

Thomas Sheffield (Wexford) m. Alice Johnson (Wexford)

With this English name, and identifying as Protestant, I am also intrigued to see if there was any involvement in the 1798 Rebellion.
by Daniel Sheffield G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Daniel and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Good luck with your research.
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My mother's side is very Irish with names like Gahagan, Erly, Hickey, Donahue & Morrison. But my dad's Montgomery line is Scotch/Irish.  We have traced and verified my Scottish ancestry via Y-67 and autosomal tests back to 1695 Islay Scotland up to 1842 when they migrated to Nottawasaga, Ontario, Canada.  But before 1695, it looks like the family migrated all over the place, including Ireland and back to Scotland.  The recently released study of Irish populations showed the Irish seemed to mix within their own provinces, but not other provinces.  Ulster was supposedly an exception, with lots of migrations between Islay and Ulster (only 25 miles apart).  In fact, it was a Montgomery who supposedly help secure the land in Ulster for one of the biggest migrations from Scotland.  Plus, my father's mother was a Scottish Weir but her mother was an Irish Hagen.  The scots and Irish are all mixed up. But at least we're all Celts!
by Michael Montgomery G2G1 (1.8k points)
Hi Michael and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Thanks for your post.
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I have been doing research off and on, on my Murphy ancestry for decades.
by James Murphy G2G Rookie (290 points)
Hi James,  i see you are a guest member of WikiTree.   So that I can welcome you to the Irish Roots Project I need you to volunteer to grown our tree and sign the honour code.   It's just a click.   See in particular the links in the para for WikiTree Genealogist.   Come back to me once you have done this and I'll be delighted to add the project badge to your profile.  Thanks.
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Hi everyone,

I have Irish roots on both sides of my family. On my father's side, I have  McCarthy's from Castleisland, County Kerry,  Kelly's from Donegal, and Doherty's from Donegal. On my mother's side, I have O'Neil's from Bansha, Tipperary, Haley's from Cork, and Lee's from Kildare.  I would love to know more about both sides of my family.

Thank you,  Susan McCarthy Rogers
by Sue Rogers G2G Crew (390 points)
Hi Sue and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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Hello! I have at least one Irish ancestor, it seems. My second great grandfather, Daniel Hurley, was born in and emigrated from Ireland. I have not as yet had any luck finding anything more about him, such as ancestors further back, siblings, etc. He did indicate on multiple census forms that he and his mother and father were born in Ireland. Would very much welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others and help better define Irish genealogies!
by Peter Gantz G2G Crew (320 points)
Hi Peter and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I began my genealogy quest on my O'Connor line years ago.  I have never gotten past my great grandfather.  According to the U.S. Census the O'Connors arrived in 1852.  Known family consisted of Father O'Connor (b. Ireland) and Mother O'Connor (b. Scotland) and two sons, William (b. 1847 - Scotland) and James Martin (b. 1851 - Scotland).  There is no family knowledge of them living anywhere but Memphis, Tennessee and Moscow, Tennessee (a small town close to Memphis).  My mother's family has been traced back to Currin, Monaghan County (Mary Kilroy and John Clarke) 1833.  I am happy to help anyone in any way that I can and welcome any assistance/hints that anyone has.  May I join?
by Janice Hall G2G Crew (420 points)
Hi Janice and thanks for volunteering to grow our worldwide tree.   So that I can welcome you to the Irish Roots Project I need you to sign our honour code.   It's just a click.   See for how to take this forward.   Come back to me once you have done this and I'll be delighted to award you the project badge.

Re your Scottish O'Connors - any idea where in Scotland they are from ?  I'll have a look on Ancestry to see if I can find them in the 1851 census.   Have you tried the Scotlands People web site also ?

Hi again,  Nothing on Ancestry.  Found a birth record for a William O'Connor 1847 on Scotland's People - can't find anythiing for James Martin though.







Kilmarnock, St Joseph's


Above didn't copy very well - first date is dob 9 Dec 1847,,  Second is baptism 18 Jul 1848 at St Joseph's Kilmarnock,   Ayrshire.
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I would like to join the Irish roots project. My Irish ancestry comes through my mother - Margaret O'Neill. Surnames in this branch are O'Neill, Shaw, Smith.
by Jeanette Guy G2G Crew (320 points)
Hi Jeanette and welcome to the Irish Roots Project !!
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I would love to join the Irish Roots project. I am a McCool on my mothers side.
by Maggie MacNeill G2G3 (3.6k points)
Hi Maggie and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I have mostly Irish ancestry as determined by my DNA test, so I would like to join.  I have Irish ancestors from my maternal grandfather as well as my maternal great-grandmother.
by Nicolas LaPointe G2G6 (6.4k points)
Hi Nicolas and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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Hi, I would like to join the Irish Roots Project.
I have ancestors on both sides that came from Ireland, or Scotland, then Ireland.
Campbell, McCullough, Laird, Chisholm, Curry/Currie, Huston, Sharon, - possibly others.
Thank you.
by Sheri Taylor G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)
Hi Sheri and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.

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