Would you like to join the England project? [closed]

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The England Project, sub-project of the United Kingdom Project, is looking for volunteers to sponsor and help with counties, work on individual sub-projects related to England, help manage the Project Protected Profiles (PPPs), and focus on English profile improvement. If you have a love of a particular county, or would like to get involved in the England Project in general, we'd love to hear from you. Click on the link above to find out more.

By participating in this project you will get a United Kingdom badge, and will be able to join a fun, exciting and dedicated team, beavering away behind the scenes to make all profiles and pages related to England as helpful and accessible as possible.

To join, post below saying what your interests are, and remember to follow the United_Kingdom and England tags for updates.


Susie :-)

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Pilot (261k points)
closed by Susie MacLeod
I would love to join the England group as I am related to the Bailey's from London...although the name has gone thru various changes in spelling.
Hi Susie thanks for the message about your project.. Yes I’d surely like to join your group and help in any way I can.. I do have ancestors that hail from England and more than that my wife is from London.. One of the main reasons I got on here was to help her trace her ancestors, but as of yet have I had much luck digging up info on her family.. her mother’s birth was registered in the 1910 census from blything in Suffolk.. So I’d really like to work on your project in that area if I may..


That's great Doug. After Christmas I'll be writing up some helpful tips on getting you started with things, and I'd be glad to help you with your research as well. Maria will get you the United Kingdom badge and Gillian will get you added to the Google group. Don't worry if this doesn't happen until after the holidays. We haven't forgotten you! Susie :-)
Hi Doug, welcome to WikiTree and to the UK Project,
Hi Sharon, we would love to have you involved with the England project. I'll contact you separately to get you set up. I see you already have your UK badge. Gillian
Hi, I am currently working on ancestors and broader family connections from a number of areas in the UK, but at the moment mostly Liverpool and Cornwall. I am not sure if it is appropriate to join a project when I will be mostly working on profiles in my own tree for the foreseeable future. I do feel I learned a lot from the South African Roots project in terms of formatting etc. and my profiles might benefit from the same sort of interaction in respect to my English profiles.I am already a member of the South African Roots Group (that is where I am) and I am not really getting anything outside of my own family. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I dont mind helping I have interests in Hampshire and Suffolk as well as Staffordshire and Shropshire
Hi A, welcome to WikiTree and to the UK Project.  Over to Gillian re the England Project.
Hi Sharon and A,

I've sent you both a private message. Thanks so much for your interest in England!
Hi Susie, I would love to join the England Project, since most of my roots came from there, before they migrated over to the New America.  Thank you for your Consideration.

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Hi Susie, Can you please explain a little more about the roles of "Sponsor" and "Happy to Help" for a county?
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (634k points)

Sure, sponsors oversee the categorisation of a county, working with other sponsors to ensure consistency and accuracy across the board, working towards having all profiles in their right place. They maintain the county, parish and place category pages for their county. Helpers assist with this.

There will also be an opportunity to work with PPPs for the England project. If you are interested in this we can chat about that too.

Susie :-)

P.S. I should also say that this is the current list, so if you are interested in filling in any of the gaps, let me know. We'd love to have you on board.


Thanks for the clarification. You can consider me as a possible helper for Northumberland if you need one.

Thanks great, thanks Lynda, I'll add you to the list and the Google group. You will be working with Ron Woodhouse. :-)

So glad you joined Linda!  You will be an awesome addition to the counties project!
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I would love to sponsor Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire home of many of my ancestors. What a great project!  Thanks :-)
by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (979k points)
Thanks Emma. That's fantastic! :-)
+11 votes
Hi Susie

My primary interests are Cornwall and Lancashire. I already belong to the UK project / England sub-project, but if there is any particular way I can contribute more specifically in relation to Cornwall or Lancashire I would be delighted. Thanks for posting the question!

AMENDMENT: I just checked the current list of sponsors and 'happy to help out', and see that Cornwall and Lancashire are already covered. I can sponsor Essex and happy to help out with Kent.
by Gillian Thomas G2G6 Pilot (196k points)
edited by Gillian Thomas
That's brilliant! Thank you so much Gillian. Sponsoring Essex and helping with Kent is great. You will need to contact Christine Searle about Kent. In the mean time I've added you to the sponsors page and sent you an e-mail about joining the Google group. Give me a shout if you have any problems.

Susie :-)
Yay!  Thanks for joining the cause Gillian :-)
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Hi Susie

I would like to help with the England Group.

I am from Leicestershire (and still living in) ,as are many of my ancestors going back several 100 years.

If my My Heritage DNA ethnicity is to be believed I am 99.2% English so obviously I am keen help with the England Group.

Look forward to hearing from you.

by Chris Colwell G2G6 Mach 2 (22.6k points)
Hi Chris, I don't think I've ever seen someone with that high a percentage! I'll send you a PM. :-)
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I am interested in Essex. Not sure I know what I am doing but will help if I can :-)
Hi Steve. That's great. You posted not signed into your account. Can you send me a private message and then we can go from there? Thanks!
Steve/Susie can you let me know the WikiTree ID so that I can award the UK Project badge.

+10 votes
Interested in Essex, Sussex, Warwickshire and Greater London.  Ancestors mainly in those counties.  mtDNA in Essex.
by Beryl Meehan G2G6 Mach 3 (35.7k points)
Hi Beryl, thanks so much! That's wonderful. Warwickshire doesn't currently have a 'sponsor'. Would you be interested in taking that on? Alternatively you could be a 'helper' for any of Essex, Sussex or Greater London.
Yes, I will take on Warwickshire.  Where are instructions as to what is expected?  

Beryl Meehan
Hi Beryl, I just saw your comment above. Thanks for contacting me separately to discuss.
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Hi, happy to help provide input for Sussex/Surrey/Kent if it's useful as many of my ancestors are from around the borders of these three counties (although I am in Essex).

I'm new to WikiTree so am not yet fully familiar with the conventions but if someone can point me in the direction of the appropriate information I can at least correct the profiles I manage, get future profiles correct as I enter them  and progress through to the linked profiles.

by A. Gunner G2G1 (1.7k points)
Hi. Fantastic to have  you involved. Would you like to start with helping out on Kent? I sponsor Kent and I don't have a helper yet, so we could work together.
Yes, I'd be pleased to. Let me know what's needed and I'll make a start.

Hi Alec, I'll contact you direct on your profile page. Thanks again. Gillian
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May I join the England group. My ancestor, Theodore Maurice, from London came to Pennsylvania in 1754 and then New Castle, DE by 1766 where he was a crown officer up to the Revolutionary War. He returned to London in 1777 and died there in 1799.
Hi Steve, thanks for your interest. You have responded while you weren't logged in to your WikiTree account. If you post a message on my profile while you are logged in, we can work out how you would like to be involved.
Hi Steve/Gillian.    Can you let me know the WikiTree profile so that I can award Steve the UK Project badge if not already awarded.   Thanks.
Thanks Maria!
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I would like to support the England Project as I have a central interest in south Lincolnshire (centred on Grantham), and also in Kent.
by Mike Parker G2G1 (1.8k points)
Hi Mike, you'd be welcome to join as a helper in either Lincolnshire or Kent (or both!) Which would you prefer and then we can get you added? Susie
Dear Susie,

Many thanks for your suggestions. For now I should like to be involved in the Lincolnshire Project.


Fantastic, thanks Mike. I'll get you set up.
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I would like to join the England project please. I live in a Northamptonshire village but originally came from Cambridge. Most of my ancestors were agricultural labourers with a few exceptions.

At the moment, I am researching the life of Thomas Ffrench born in Nether Heyford in 1611

Many thanks

by Sue Boutle G2G6 Mach 1 (17.3k points)
Hi Sue, it will be fabulous to have you involved. Thank you so much. We will get you joined up to the UK project. We could do with a helper for either Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire. Do you have a preference?
Northamptonshire would be best as I live there now.
Hi Sue and welcome to the UK and England Projects.   Over to you Gillian !!
I'll set you up as a helper for Northamptonshire. I'll contact you direct to discuss further.
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My primary interest is Dorset, though I live in east London.

I'd be happy to help with both.

by Living Hutchings G2G2 (2.2k points)
Hi Steve, that's great. Thank you so much. We'll get you joined up to the UK project. We could do with another helper for Greater London, or Essex. Would either of those suit you?
Hi Steve and welcome to the United Kingdom and England Projects.

London is good for me.

Also happy to help with Essex as well, though might not know quite such about the country.

Hi Steve, we'll add you in to help out with London. It'll be great to have you on board!
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Can I help Essex please. Spent many happy childhoood days there though not much Essex blood, but as a plotlander. However am just tidying up my brother-in-law's family ESSEX PEASE MEDIEVAL history before announcing it.. I'm 98.7% GB & Ireland and 1.3% Europe. according to Live DNA, the latter % is my mitochondrial East Anglia Sufffolk descent. Suffolk is so far a NEW county to me, something for me to learn about as well.



by Rita A Gerrard G2G1 (1.5k points)
Hi Rita,  delighted to welcome you to the UK and England Projects.   Gillian will look after the England Project aspects !!
Hi Rita

Thanks so much for volunteering to help with Essex. It will be great to have you on board. I'll set that up for you.
+9 votes

I would like to join the England Counties Project my interest's are Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire although I am willing to help out on any other County

Hi Michael, it will be great to have you involved in the England Project! Each of the counties you have mentioned already have sponsors, but I'll put you down as a helper for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I'll contact you direct to discuss further. Thanks so much.
+9 votes
I think I'm already signed up for UK, but last week it was Scotland and this week it's Devon and Cornwall...
Right now I am working on the Darch family, mostly in Devon as well as the branch that migrated into Cornwall 1790+.

Other families in that area: Budd, Littlejohn, Metherell, Northcott, Baskerville, Spry.

I also work in Durham and Wiltshire but have a lot to add here on Wikitree for those branches. And a few brick walls in London...

Question - anyone have a good way to track down a genealogist who is MIA? I am using the extensive genealogy created by Dick Glover - looks like he hasn't updated his site since 2009 and I can't find him posting on message boards etc. after 2006. I would hate to see all his hard work disappear if something happens to his site :-(
by Darcie Light G2G6 Mach 2 (21.4k points)
Hi Darcie, Welcome to the England Project. I'll add you to the list of members interests.
I was just reading about sub-projects:
England, Name Studies
England Surnames

I am now thoroughly confused. I started a One Name Study for Darch. It covers different counties but primarily Devon, Somerset, and Cornwall. Do I need to use special categories for this?

I am also not clear about when to use place categories on profiles - I understand I should use the most detailed place possible, but when is a good time to use a category? Everyone born there before a certain time? 1700? People who moved to a new place from somewhere else?

If I should repost these questions somewhere else please let me know where, because I'm confused about that too.
Hi Darcie,

Sorry I only just got back to you about these questions. You've probably seen this link already, but if not, you may find it useful: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:One_Name_Studies#Categorization

Also I just looked up the England, Name Studies and England Surnames Sub Projects. I hadn't discovered them before. Thanks so much for bringing them to my attention! Feel free to contact me separately if you want to discuss them further.

If you have additional questions about the use of categories after you've read https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Category_FAQ, I would suggest posting a separate question to the G2G.
I have started recategorising my ONS for ROSLING and find it helpful as I can see the counties the family have migrated to from Lincolnshire.
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Hi, I'm going to join up here since my G-Grandmother's family all came from the London Area - surnames, Dover, Clark, Elwin, Lee, Bird, & Kilvington.

I'm putting in my cousin P.K Clark's large tree this weekend, about 1/3 done but I've added a bunch of new people to Wiki.

by Roy Lamberton G2G6 Mach 5 (56.0k points)
Good morning Roy,   I see you already have the UK Project badge.  Over to Gillian to take the England Project aspect forward.
Hi Roy, thanks so much for your interest in the England project! It will be great to have you involved. I’ll be in contact to discuss how you would like to participate.
I just hope I can contribute meaningful information. All of my direct family - those here who remember the "old country" are long gone and the Lamberton/Dover family didn't keep the family bible pages, etc, filled out the way my mother and my wife's family did.

I need to make better contact with the cousins who live in London - but I doln't think they have the interest in genealogy that their older family did.

Meanwhile, let me know if I can help - for now I'm gong to concentrate on adding the Clark Family Tree and trcking down military service both in the States and in England.
+6 votes

Hello Susie

Please add me to the England Project, I'm already a UK Project member.  My interests are Durham, Northumberland, Cornwall, Lancashire and Cambridgeshire. 

I have the Parish Records on cd for the following Cambridgeshire villages:

  • Burwell
  • Swaffham Bulbeck
  • Swaffham Prior
  • Bottisham
  • Bottisham Lode
  • Reach
  • Fen Ditton
  • Horningsea
  • Stow cum Quy
by Brenda Butler G2G6 Mach 4 (45.2k points)
Hi Brenda, thank you so much for your interest in the Project. We would love a County Helper for a couple of the counties you have named. I'll follow up with you separately to discuss further. Gillian
+6 votes
Yes, keen to help. My watchlist will be relieved a bit too (close on 2.5k)
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
Hi Richard, We've already discussed things off this forum. It's great to have you involved in the project. Thanks so much!
+6 votes
Hi, I would like to join the England project. My maternal grandfather is a first generation American from a family that immigrated to the US in the 1860's.
by Howard Roux G2G5 (5.8k points)
Hi Howard, Thank you so much for your interest in the England project! Have a read of the England Project page (see the England Project WikiTree link at the question above), for more information about how you can participate. If you post back here, or message me separately, we can talk further about how you could be involved. Regards. Gillian
+6 votes
Yes, I'll join.
by D Theberge G2G2 (2.6k points)
Thanks D, I'll send you a message.
+6 votes
I'm already in the England Project according to the Message that Susie left me, However I dont have an England Project badge. In only have a United Kingdom badge.

Has the United Kingdom project been split up? Or will England gets its own badge eventually?

by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Hi Robynne,   The United Kingdom Project badge still covers all it's sub projects including the England Project.  The UK project is now huge so we were delighted to welcome Susie who now leads the England Project and assists Doug and I in the top level UK Project.  

Gillian is the England project coordinator.    

Unlikely that England  (or Scotland or Wales) will have separate badges but who knows !!  There's always the England sticker .

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