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The England Project, sub-project of the United Kingdom Project, is looking for volunteers to sponsor and help with counties, work on individual sub-projects related to England, help manage the Project Protected Profiles (PPPs), and focus on English profile improvement. If you have a love of a particular county, or would like to get involved in the England Project in general, we'd love to hear from you. Click on the link above to find out more.

By participating in this project you will get a United Kingdom badge, and will be able to join a fun, exciting and dedicated team, beavering away behind the scenes to make all profiles and pages related to England as helpful and accessible as possible.

To join, post below saying what your interests are, and remember to follow the United_Kingdom and England tags for updates.


Susie :-)

WikiTree profile: England Project WikiTree
asked Nov 10, 2017 in Requests for Project Volunteers by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Mach 8 (88,920 points)
edited Nov 26, 2017 by Susie MacLeod
Hi Cindy,   I see from your profile that you are a guest member of WikiTree.   You need to volunteer to grow our tree and sign the honour code so that we can welcome you into projects.

See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Member_Types for how to take this forward.
I would like to join the Norfolk team as I have several direct ancestors from this county. I have done a lot of research on these families and hopefully could contribute to the effort. I would just need to know how to get started.
Hi Jean,

Thanks for your interest in the England Project. It will be excellent to have you involved. Maria will follow up first to join you up to the United Kingdom project. After that we can get you set up in the England Project, which is a sub-project of the United Kingdom project. Regards, Gillian
Hello Jean and welcome to the UK Project.   Over to you Gillian.
Thank you both for your replies and help. I'm looking forward to being a part of this effort.
I would love to join the England group as I am related to the Bailey's from London...although the name has gone thru various changes in spelling.
Hi Susie thanks for the message about your project.. Yes I’d surely like to join your group and help in any way I can.. I do have ancestors that hail from England and more than that my wife is from London.. One of the main reasons I got on here was to help her trace her ancestors, but as of yet have I had much luck digging up info on her family.. her mother’s birth was registered in the 1910 census from blything in Suffolk.. So I’d really like to work on your project in that area if I may..


That's great Doug. After Christmas I'll be writing up some helpful tips on getting you started with things, and I'd be glad to help you with your research as well. Maria will get you the United Kingdom badge and Gillian will get you added to the Google group. Don't worry if this doesn't happen until after the holidays. We haven't forgotten you! Susie :-)
Hi Doug, welcome to WikiTree and to the UK Project,
Hi Sharon, we would love to have you involved with the England project. I'll contact you separately to get you set up. I see you already have your UK badge. Gillian

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I would like to take part, though I am still unsure how to contribute to the projects.
The counties where my ancestors lived in England are: Devon, Dorset, London, Essex, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland.
answered Dec 1, 2017 by A O'Brien G2G Crew (900 points)
Hi A, there are a number of ways you can contribute: as a sponsor of helper of a county. We tend to only have one sponsor, but can have multiple helpers. Sponsors and helpers make sure that place name categories are correct and manage the category pages for their county.

Then there's the sub project team. They adopt/create/manage free-space pages and associated category pages for particular topics relating to England. For example, English authors.

Finally, there's the profile improvements team. This team is committed to making English profiles the best they can be, whether as a Data Doctor, sourcerer, bio building, arborist etc.

Have a think about which of these you might like to do to contribute and send me a PM when you decide. Susie :-)
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Hi Susie,

I'd like to join. I was born in County Durham, still live here, as have the majority of my ancestors over the past 500 years. County Durham and Auckland, County Durham, would be my choice.

Main areas of:

  • Hartlepool, County Durham
  • Auckland, West Auckland, etc
  • Byers Green, County Durham

Anywhere in Durham or Auckland really, because I'm familiar with it all.

I'd be up for categorising and adding sources, correcting mistakes and tidying up profiles :)

answered Dec 5, 2017 by Donna Aston G2G2 (2,840 points)
edited Dec 5, 2017 by Donna Aston
Hi Donna, thanks so much. That will be absolutely excellent. I'll contact you separately to discuss further.
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Family of my maternal grandfather (Albert Quicke) is from Devon, England going back at least to 1750 (earliest ancestor known so far). His parents immigrated to USA while pregnant with Albert (so he was born in NY).

His great-great grandfather William F. Quicke was Headmaster of King's Lodge College in Exeter (destroyed during War), as was his father Thomas Quicke. Thomas' father (Thomas Quicke) owned wool mill in Tiverton, Devon.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by Mellissa Miller G2G Crew (610 points)
Hi Melissa

Great to hear from you. Maria will join you up to the UK project as the England Project is a sub-project of the UK project. I'll contact you separately to discuss how you might like to be involved specifically in the England Project.
Hi Melissa,  Sorry for the delay in coming back to you.    Welcome to the UK Project.
+3 votes
Yes I would have interest in joining this project.
answered Dec 8, 2017 by Ed Trowbridge G2G1 (1,340 points)
Hi Ed

Thanks for your interest in the England Project. It will be great to have you involved. Maria will join you up to the UK project. I'll message you separately about the England Project
Hi Ed,  Sorry to you too for the delay in awarding you the UK Project badge.  Welcome to the Project.
Ty Maria
+2 votes
Hello, I am interested in joining the England project. I live in the US, but I believe 7 of my closest surnames trace back to England. I love English history and would love to help in whatever way I can. Thanks!
answered Dec 17, 2017 by Ramsey Thomas-Darling G2G Crew (420 points)
Hi Ramsay

Fantastic! I've just responded to you on your post on the UK joining G2G question. Send me a private message once you have your UK badge with your ideas about how you would like to be involved and we can get you all set up.
Thank you!
Hi Ramsey.   picked up your request from your other G2G post.  Welcome to the UK and England Projects.
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Hello! I am interested in joining the England project (I am currently awaiting membership for the UK project). I am specifically interested in the surnames Goodwin, Utting, Fletcher, Hill, Daisley, Hill and a few others.
answered Dec 21, 2017 by Amy Utting G2G3 (3,250 points)
Hi Amy,

Great to hear from you. Have you checked out the England Project page yet at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:England? Take a look on there and see how you would like to contribute. When you are ready, send me a message and we can follow up further.

Its wonderful having you on WikiTree!
Hi Amy and a warm welcome to the UK and England Projects.
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Hi, I would be delighted to assist.

My relatives seem to be mostly centred in and around Lambeth and Norfolk if that has any bearing.....

If local knowledge could assist, then Cornwall would be favourable....

However, with VERY limited experience, and a firm guiding hand required, if I can assist with anything, let me know,


Steve :-)
answered Dec 25, 2017 by Steve Hatton G2G Rookie (230 points)
Hi Steve,   Welcome to WikiTree and to the UK and England Projects.   Over to Gillian re the England Project aspects.
Hi Steve,

It will be great to have you involved in the England Project. Thank you for your interest! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'll contact you separately about how you may like to be involved.

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Hi, I would like to join the England project. I am already a member of the UK project. I have many ancestors from Oxfordshire, Sussex and Surrey, and I am happy to help with any of those counties if it is needed.
answered Dec 28, 2017 by Erika Ward G2G2 (2,360 points)
Hi Erika

It would be wonderful to have you as a helper for Oxfordshire. Thank you!!

I'll send you a separate message to get everything set up.


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Hello Susie:

I would very much like to join the "England Project". My 9th Great-Grandfather, William Knopp (Knapp) was an immigrant that came to America in 1630 as part of Sir Richard Saltonstall's fleet. Records indicate that William came from Bures St. Mary, England. He was 80 years old when he died on the 30th of August, 1659,  in Watertown, Mass. I have traced William's ancestors back to the 1300's in England, and would like to this segment of my tree. Most of my ancestors came from England, and the line includes the common folk as well as British Royalty. Thanks very much for all your help. Dave Knapp-3513
answered Dec 29, 2017 by David Knapp G2G Rookie (230 points)
Hi David,

We are so glad that you are interested in the England project. Thank you!

I'll contact you separately about how you can be involved. Maria will organise for you to get a UK project badge.


Hi David,  sorry for the delay in welcoming you to the United Kingdom Project.
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Hi -

I would like to help with County Durham and Tyne & Wear if that is possible?


answered Jan 2 by Neil Perry G2G1 (1,230 points)
Hi Neil and welcome to the United Kingdom Project.   Over to Gillian to take forward the England Project aspects.
Hi Neil

It will be great to have you involved. Thank you for your interest! I'll contact you separately to get everything organised.
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Hi Susie,

I'd like to join the England project. Particular families I am researching are Partridge, Pennington, Chell, McLachlan, Coe. Also very interested to find out where "Goszan" family (often mistranscribed as "Cosnan") in Lincolnshire 1700's originated from.

In terms of counties, I'd like to be a helper with Lincolnshire and London, which is where a good percentage of my ancestors come from, so am more familiar with local sources.

answered 18 hours ago by Stewart Partridge G2G1 (1,220 points)
Hi Stewart, it will be excellent to have you involved in the England Project. Thanks for your interest. Maria will award you a United Kingdom project badge. After that is done, I'll send you a message and we can get you set up.
OK Gillian,

Thanks for your help.

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