If you are a Biggs,,, ARE YOU a: Maning?

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I see this as 'OUR PROBLEM' in choosing Which DNA Group 'we' use to SEEK OUR Answers. Y-DNA ANSWERED my Question and I feel PROVED it out BETTER. Only a few of us have gone with FTDNA!

No, I'm not overly Pleased when I read 'My Report' that is shown to me. WHY? - I do NOT SEE MY NUMBERS posted with the Other people! - My information is posted up in the Heading and I'm to figure it out! * I DID!

I contacted one of the Other men and got a copy of HIS Report sent to me. * I NOW SEE My NUMBERS - BUT, I don't see HIS Numbers from His Report! - THUS, by Copying and Pasting,,, I GET A FULL REPORT for Me to VIEW! - I grew up with Numbers by pen & paper & in my head. No calculators in my day & time.

* THIS is HOW I found another Discrepancy! - I was the First person to do a Y-DNA in this Biggs family that I know of. - I DARED others constantly! - No takers! - I PUSHED DNA each day and every step of my JOURNEY,,, to No Avail!

It took -3- plus years for it to SINK-IN, and One finally chose to 'Question my statements'! * I'M GLAD HE DID!  I had been WAITING patiently for someone to step forward! - WE put our heads together to figure On Paper as to HOW we were related. Our Great-grandfathers were Brothers! - He decided to 'go far it'! - He WANTED to KNOW the truth.

Yet, I had to ask him to 'With-hold' HIS CONNECTION to the family. {I had already given FTDNA HIS Family Heritage information! {NOT knowing he would be one to do DNA!} - WHY? - "Let FamilyTreeDNA EARN THEIR MONEY." - DO NOT Give them a short-cut by letting them see OUR Paper Trail and not doing their job. * MAKE THEM Prove it OUT! - They DID. {Was this tricky on my part? * NO! - Smart as I see it. THINK like a Detective! Prove it. - I DID.} * 2013 WE MATCHED!

However,,,, there is One slight draw-back,,, We matched at: 65 out of 67 Y-DNA Markers,,, FTDNA told us we were Perfect Matches. {To some degree this is correct; but, 65 out of 67 is NOT PERFECT.} * I told you, I like to VIEW the Numbers.

Then, 2014 that 3rd Y-DNA came through! - My Report showed, THREE of US as Perfect. We all matched at: 65 out of 67-YDNA Markers. * WE all Three STOOD at the Top of the MANNING DNA PROJECT! - We were the STRONGEST Manning/Biggs to be tested! {As to Tied/or closest.}

* I managed to get another Copy from one of them. IT REVEALED the KINK in the armor! - YES, there are TWO of three that ARE PERFECT! Two men are: 67 out of 67-YDNA as PERFECT MATCHES! {THIS IS PERFECT to me.} - I'm the 'outsider' of these -3- matches. YES, I still match at 65 our of 67-YDNA to BOTH Men, One, another Biggs like me; One is the Manning.

This is a Complicated TREE!  * I started UNRAVELING it in 2005 to Learn the Truth. - Amazing what a little researcher, determination, mind fortitude can do,,, When One READS their Numbers.

Y-DNA from:  FamilyTreeDNA labs Confirm the following.

In November 2005, a 'Biggs Family Skeleton' was revealed to a 6th Generation descendant of one: David Biggs born 1777 to 1780 in North Carolina. This David Biggs moved his family to Tenn., KY, then into Laclede Co., MO. by mid 1840's and settled there and surrounding Counties. * Numbers tripped 'family historians' up for over Two Centuries! - In 2005, one 'family historian' RESIGNED and became a 'Family Researcher' because of those NUMBERS. Those Numbers REVEALED a different path! It was proven out by those Numbers and in 2007, a Birth Certificate was purchased that No ONE Bothered to obtain backed the paper-work up of 2005! * THIS One Correction lead to Numerous Distortions of the WHOLE Family Tree Lineage! It also lead to the Distortion of FACTS for men named: 'Hardy Biggs' - HOW? * There ARE Seven men named: 'Hardy' Biggs in this family! - Information was 'twisted' to fit the 'family historians perception' of WHICH 'Hardy' Biggs was WHO!

* Re-documented since 2005 and CORRECTED to Correct the Trail of Distortion that has been passed forward for over -2- Centuries!

DNA in 2010 - Proved: 'David Biggs was INDEED BORN as: "David Manning" but, can NOT be Documented as: David Manning per documentation of His past. - This Biggs line is in Name Only. The BLOOD this Biggs line pass is: "MANNING". * ARE THERE OTHERS? - Possible!

DNA in October 2013 - A Biggs male of the same lineal line upped the Markers just to see if there would be a difference. The DNA from 2010 up-graded to SEE if it would hold True. * IT DID! - Two Biggs from this David Biggs lineal line from 'Hardy' Biggs born 1814/15 of Tenn. were PROVEN to be: "MANNING" Lineal BLOOD.

DNA in May 2014 - TIED Biggs & MANNING Trees together! * This person Matched Perfect to the David Biggs lineal 'Manning line'! * Just did NOT Provide the True BRANCH to cross into the 'Manning Tree',,, BUT, did TIE this BIGGS and MANNING TREES TOGETHER!

This David Biggs, 1777 or 1780 North Carolina had been RAISED by a STEPFATHER. * No One passed that information forward. JUST GUESSES. - I HAVE NOT SEEN the Documentation yet. - Ralph Biggs
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