Adding adopted people's biological and adopted parents.

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I know this has probably been talked about before, but I decided to make a new post to get it current attention. This is my delima. My step grandfather is adopted. I did not know this until recently. I had his adopted family that raised him from a very young boy as his parents. I then found out he was adopted and got his biological parents, as well as a few siblings. I know you can mark parents as biological, adopted, but you cant have both. I know it can be put in Biography, but wouldn't it be more wise to have the ability to add multiple parents. Both family lines are important. I not thinking, made profiles for his biological parents and now I have unconnected profiles because I can't connect him to both. This is also a issue with my brother. My stepmom'S first husband, his biological dad died when he was 3. My dad a few years ago adopted him. This one is a little easier because I have his biological father as her husband but I can't link both his biological dad and my dad as his fathers. Many other genealogy siteS have the ability to add multiple parents. Is this something we can look into doing? I know I can't be the only one to have ran across this problem. We can add multiple wives and children so why can't we do this with parent?
in The Tree House by Misty Musco G2G6 Mach 2 (25.9k points)
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Hear, hear, Misty!  I have the same problem and all I have done to solve it is ... nothing.  I developed my adopted dad's non-biological branch in my family tree, alongside all the "genetic" family members, and I don't want to saw off that branch. This isn't just a scientific problem, this is our hearts speaking out.

Now I am getting close to identifying one of my dad's genetic parents.  I still don't know how I will handle this when it happens. Here is the link to another page where the question was brought up:

This is my pitch to WikiTreers: Whatever we do the maneuver will require technical support, and the result will be awkward.  Beyond questions about honor code and what the tree is supposed to look like, there's an underlying philosophy to WikiTree that throws us adoptees into Limbo.  It's not y'alls fault.  We're here to establish proven human links, and what's better than DNA?  And look at how many adoptees are out there searching for their genetic roots. So, yeah, we're complicated. The fact is our adopted families have contributed so much -  socially. They're a part of us. For research purposes, and for personal reasons, we need them on a parallel branch, or a parallel tree. Attached somehow. Maybe that'll be feasible some day?

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But good idea on the possible extra parents. :)
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I was just sent the page where is says to choose who you want to add as parents preferably bilogical and list the other in biography. While this makes sense to keep it Genetic, it doesn't allow children to be connected to both family lines. When researching these individuals having them connected to both biological and adopted parents would make things easier. As one person in my group that I have been chatting with said, this would eliminate the problem of people going against the honor code and making 2 profiles, one for each family group. I wouldn't do that, but I guess the data doctors have run across that before. I do however now have unconnected profiles, because I removed the adopted parents and put the bilogical parents to keep it gentetic. It just makes more sense to be able to connect both biological and adopted.
by Misty Musco G2G6 Mach 2 (25.9k points)

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