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Can we get a new menu option under Find Called "Forms"  where all forms are housed including request for new rules, adoption angel request form, really any forms....  sometimes they are really hard to find!
asked in Policy and Style by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (417k points)
Very good idea!

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Good idea. Navigating the help pages is not particularly intuitive, so anything that makes it easier would be worth a try.
answered by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (552k points)
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Hi Laura,

Can you give me a list of the current forms we have? I thought the Adoption Angels was the only form we had. That would help me look at what we might do as far as making it a To-Do list item. Are you including Open Profile Requests and Unresponsive Profile Manager requests?

As far as new rules, we use G2G for that.

answered by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (359k points)

Some others to list:

Many Guest Members seem to spend time looking for a Volunteer form.  I don't know whether such a form actually exists (I think they may see a page that refers to it), or if they need to find Special:Following to fill out their list of followed tags.

Hi Abby,  Yes anything someone needs to search for and submit after filling out is a form no matter what it is called.  It is really hard to query and find some of them so if everything was in one place people have a fighting chance of finding what they need.  

Some things are entered into G2G but have to follow a format in a "form" so those should be included.  

I honestly do not know all of them.  I was looking for a form for:"making a system change"  and ended up looking at the "new rule" form and just posted it i G2G.  

I sometimes stumble over a form that I find looking for something else.

I am trying to bookmark them so I can find them again but it is not a comprehensive list.  

i will try to post a comprehensive list including what Ellen listed above before end of today Central Time.
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Abby here is list. Some of URLs take you to help pages and then you have to drill around a lot to find the actual form.  I was not always successful in finding the form...  This is what I came up with... there may be others...   I was looking for a "System Change Request Form and never did find it... someone said use the New Rule Request Form  found at:  please see this thread about confusing directions.  A link would be good to have for all instances.   description calls it a form to request to be added to the trusted list also called the take down request form Clicking this opens up a form for adding a pre-formatted source citation to the person's profile on the FamilySearch Tree. The first section of the form for adding a family member lets you connect an existing profile.  Use this form to remove yourself from Trusted List  Mediation Request Form can only be submitted by a Mentor or Leader after reviewing a Mentor Intervention Request.  WikiTree has some forms, most especially the one for To-Do Lists, that make it easy to create sub-lists from your Watchlist  Note that on November 17, 2013, we split the forms for Unresponsive Profile Manager requests and Open Profile Requests  replace Pennie-22 with your WikiID for birth family member seeking an adoptee

To send a message, look for the "[send private message]" link on a member's profile. This forms generates an e-mail to the recipient.

Go to the profile's Wiki-ID tab and clicking on open profile request.  Enter reason in the box to help the admins evaluate the request.  This is another instance where a link does not always seem to show up.  


Ellen’s list a few are redundant but she has some here I did not have..

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (417k points)
Thanks, Laura. This will help when we look at it to consider what our next move will be.

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