Nov/Dec 2017 Connectors Challenge

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Hello Connectors!

Beginning with this Challenge, the Connectors WILL be using the Challenge Tracker. You can use an Answer or the Tracker for your connection, but not both for the same connection. So let's begin another month of connecting the unconnected across WikiTree. We'll get the project page updated soon with last month's tallies, but for now, it's time to start connecting!

Oct/Nov’s top connector was Heidi van Os de Man with 62 connections.

Thanks to all of you who participated the Oct/Nov Connectors Challenge. If you haven't checked out the Connectors Chat page, you should! There is a lot of chatter there about what everyone is working on.

Now on to the Connectors Challenge Rules:

  1. Pick any WikiTree profile which is not connected to the main tree. (In other words, that profile does not have a box at the bottom of the page, showing the degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon and Queen Elizabeth II.) You can look for unconnected profiles using the Unconnected People tool, the Unconnected Profiles category, the Unlinked_Profiles category, or you may run across an unconnected profile in the regular course of your research.
  2. Either add a new profile for a first degree relative (parent, spouse, sibling, or child) of the person on that profile as a link toward a connected profile, or else connect an existing profile on WikiTree to the profile you're working on.
  3. Add a source to the profiles involved in the connection showing the relationship between the two profiles. This could be a census record listing a family, a marriage record, a death record listing the spouse and/or parents, a birth record listing the parents, or any source which demonstrates that the two profiles should be connected to one another. Your source needs to be cited as closely to the style recommended on our Sources help page as possible to count towards your tally.
  4. If you are adding a new profile, add a second, independent source for that profile. (For example, if you add a spouse because of a marriage record, then look for a birth or death record for the spouse you're adding.) (Note: The reason for this rule isn't to discourage you from adding people. But as you have probably already learned, even official documents frequently misspell names, so adding an independent confirmation of the name helps to save other researchers time in trying to find records that don't exist, because the person's real name was not the same as showed up in the linking document.)
  5. Answer this post, creating a numbered list only if you aren’t using the Tracker, and including the two profiles and the kind of source you used to make the connection. (For example: "1. Smith-123 added as spouse of Jones-456, Anytown VR) You only need to reply once. As you make more connections, just edit your post to add your new connections. REMEMBER - The Challenge Tracker WILL be used.
  6. If you connect a profile which completes a connection trail either for an isolated profile or an unconnected tree, please add "Connected!" at the end of the line which made the connection. We count those connecteds towards your tally.
  7. The tally is of branches/unconnected profiles connected to the WikiTree tree, not sources or profiles added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better, and sometimes a connection will take a number of profiles to get added. Every one is different, and each one makes our tree better. So, in short, we'll count each "connected!" we see.
  8. If either or both profiles you connect did not have good sources before and were already on WikiTree, then you can also count those sources towards the Sourcerers Challenge.
  9. All participants who do not already have a Connectors Project badge, will get one. Winners each month-the person with the most connections made to the tree-will get the Connection Challenge Winner badge, and the Top Connector each month with get a spiffy template to wear on their profile page. Stats will be kept on the Connectors Challenge page, just like we do for the Sourcerers Challenge.  

See last month's challenge as an example. Ask questions in the comments section here. Thank you! 


WikiTree profile: Space:Connectors_Challenge

asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
edited by Bob Keniston

I'm In!

1) Got William Jencks [Jencks-63] in China List done done last night. 

& created his mother Caroline (Baldwin) Jencks

& created her father Daniel Baldwin [

& linked him to his existing father  Theophilus Baldwin III.

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I am in again for the 2017 Nov/Dec Connectors Challenge.

I am using this list here & not using the challenge tracker.
I added sources for all the connections below ...

2017 Nov 15 - Dec 14 connectors

I realized the challenge had finished yesterday so I had
to go back & update my list with my earlier connections ...

#1 linked connected husband Harris-993 to unconnected Wife-19 & adopted &
surname changed to Allen-29377 & initiated merge with connected Allen-1671
for global tree CONNECTED!

#2 linked connected Prewitt-88 to unconnected Pinernell-5 &  
initiated merge with connected Pinernell-1 for global tree CONNECTED!

#3 linked to connected husband & initiated a merge of unconnected
Chastain-1542 into Chastain-1500 for global tree CONNECTED!

#4 unconnectd married surname Milton-978 into connected maiden surname Clark-17048
& merged husbands Milton-809 into Milton-413 for global tree CONNECTED!

#5 linked to connected wife Milberry-5 & initiated merge for
unconnected Redfern-389 into connected Redfearn-33 for global tree CONNECTED!

#6 linked to connected mother Milberry-5 & initiated merge for unconnected
Martha Redfern-349 into connected Redfern-56 for global tree CONNECTED!

#7. linked to connected mother Milberry-5 & initiated merge for unconnected
Mary Redfern-141 into connected Redfearn-95 for global tree CONNECTED!


I made a really big connection that Ales told us about last month ...

commented Oct 28 by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot:
This is biggest unconnected group of people at the moment.
It has 3744 profiles, that can be connected at once.

#8 unconnected Meta
& created father Julius
& created daughter Hilda
& created husband Fred

This KRAEBLEN family was linked by marriage to 2 KING related women & I linked
them to the connected PRUITT family. For those who are interested in this part,
the family outline on the bottom of this page was helpful as all those KINGs
are blood related ...
... for global tree CONNECTED!

And 3744 profiles were added to the global wikitree !   
Yea, I know ... it still only counts as one connection for the challenge here :)

#9 unconnected Joseph'Etoile-2
& created father Anselme'Etoile-12
& created father Francois'Etoile-11   
& created wife Victoria
& created father Pierre
& linked to connected father Jean-Baptiste Bernard for global tree CONNECTED!

The above was another one of the large unconnected trees called Davini-2.
So 3,321 more profiles were added to the global wikitree ! Yea!

#10 unconnected Erwin
& created wife Florence
& linked to connected mother Sarah
for global tree CONNECTED!

The above was another one of the large unconnected trees called Piantino-86.
So 2,229 more profiles were added to the global wikitree ! Yea!

#11 unconnected Johann  
& added sources to him & his 2 wives  
& created son Karl
& created son Johann
& created son William
& created wife Lulu
& linked to connected father Lemuel  
for global tree CONNECTED!

The above was another one of the large unconnected trees called Rautmann-1 which had not changed since Jan 2017. And 1,125 more profiles were added to the global wikitree ! Yea!

#12 connected Stephen
& created son Lewis
& created son William
& created daughter Martha  
& linked to unconnected daughter Tressie
for global tree CONNECTED!

This was another one of the large unconnected branches called Bhatti-5
so another 936 profiles were connected to the global wikitree.

#13 unconnected Johann
& created son John
& created daughter Maud
& created daughter Elizabeth
& created husband William
& linked to unconnected parents William
& linked to connected parents Enoch
for global tree CONNECTED!

This was another one of the large unconnected branches called Bauer-2960
so another 1,106 profiles were connected to the global wikitree.

#14 connected Rebecca
& linked to unconnected son Samuel
for global tree CONNECTED!

This was another one of the large unconnected branches called Maraffio-1   
so another 958 profiles were connected to the global wikitree.

#15 connected Jefferson
& created daughter Adelia  
& created son Albert
& created son Albert
& created living child which was marked as private
& created living spouse which was marked as private
& created living mother which was marked as private
& created father Cayetano
& linked to unconnected parents
for global tree CONNECTED!

This was another one of the large unconnected branches called 1,059 Munguia-17
so another 869 profiles were connected to the global wikitree.

#16 unconnected Ezra
& created father Isaiah
& created father Joseph
& linked to father Joseph
& linked to connected father John
for global tree CONNECTED!

This was another one of the large unconnected branches called Blum-673
so another 869 profiles were connected to the global wikitree.

This is my final update for the Nov 15 to Dec 14 Connectors Challenge.
answered by G R G2G6 Mach 1 (13.4k points)
edited by G R
I have contacted Ales about the Connectors missing from the Tracker. Until it is corrected, use a numbered list in your answer.
Tracker is up.

Bob it looks like there is an error in this ...

QUOTE> Oct/Nov’s top connector was G. Redmond with 91 connections.

My connections in the 90s was in Long September.

In Oct-Nov I only made connections in the 60s, so if someone had more than that, then they would be the winner for last month.

I have been going over ALL my merges to ensure they went through & I am currently working on a big connection for Nov-Dec :)



You had 65 connections listed in your answer and 26 on the Tracker, hence 91, unless you double dipped your answer and the Tracker for some of your connections.
When the tracker first went up we were asked if we were going to use it for CONNECTORS & I said NO because sometimes you have to explain the numerous links or steps. You should only count my numbered list in these messages please. Sometimes I leave notes for Ales in database maintenance & status updates. Sorry for any confusion.
Roger that. I'll correct the winner. Thanks for all your good work. Connect On!
QUOTE BOB> You had 65 connections listed in your answer

QUOTE BOB> Oct/Nov’s top connector was Heidi van Os de Man with 62 connections.

Sorry Bob, one last thing ...

shouldn't t my 65 connections top the other 62 connections for Oct-Nov ???
My bad. You are right. Hadn't had my coffee when I wrote that. I'm declaring 2 winners - one on answered, one on the Tracker.This is the only time it will happen. And I'll make sure I have coffee before I comment about winners.
Hi G,

Many congratulations on that  mega connection. There were over 10,000 connections made yesterday, so you did over a third of them in one go. We should suggest a special wikitree badge for anyone who makes a connection of over 1,000 in one go. How about Super Connector.
Thanks ! Super Connector sounds good to me :))  Carol, can you please tell me how to see statistics like the 10000 added yesterday ?
I keep a daily spreadsheet of the numbers; I like to see the connected percentage figures slowly rise, as it gives me the inspiration to keep working on them. The figure on Friday morning was 12,264,857, and today's is 12,275,191 (I note down the number connected to Queen Elizabeth),  so the increase is 10,334.

I've also updated the Connectors Chat page with this connection, giving you the recognition that you so rightly deserve.

I liked this challenge & saw more such challenges on a connectors chat page that I found ... & I will try them out :)

But I couln't find where you wrote about my big connection. So could you please provide a link to where you wrote about it ? Thanks Carol :)

Here's the link to Connectors Chat, and here's the link to the Unconnected-by-Locations page.

I updated the main table on Connectors Chat, and the tables for Austria and Italy on the Locations page. There are plenty there to choose from if you feel like attempting another challenging connection.And if you succeed, then just update the end column with your name and date. The tables are maintained by Greg Slade, using information supplied by Aleš. 


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I'll be doing a few connections again this month, but need a bit of help using the tracker. Do you just click on the tracker for the last profile that you create in a chain, or should you register every profile that you create in order to make the connection. When I used the tracker last month, it said that several of my connections were not eligible but gave no explanation, so what makes something eligible?. I also need to know how you track a merge, as you don't actually have to edit anything sometimes.
answered by Carol Keeling G2G6 Mach 2 (25.7k points)
Use the Tracker only for the profile you're trying to connect, not on any intermediate profiles between the connected profile and the profile you're connecting.
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Happy to be here, Working on understanding all the steps. I'm in for  the Nov/Dec Connectors Challenge. 
Tracker in use for Sourcerers Challenge already, so looking forward to using it here. Right now starting with
 unconnected Bartlett 18cen

I must say, this is Mind Expanding, tracking all those connections mentally.
Thank you for the great Connectors Challenge Rules write-up, it does help. 

answered by Sherry Bartlett G2G6 Mach 1 (11.4k points)
edited by Sherry Bartlett
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I was looking for Haakon VII of Norway who becamse the first King of Norway on 18 November 1905 when I found Charles Haakon UNKNOWN (1872 - 1957) - unconnected.  I found it hard to believe that royalty was not connected, then I found Christian Frederik Carl Georg Valdemar Axel (Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg) of Norway (1872 - 1957), connected as I expected.  I just finished merge suggestions for this family group, so I added one of them for this challenge.

answered by Star Kline G2G6 Pilot (491k points)
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I am in again also.
answered by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (222k points)
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I didn't know if the tracker was actually working, so I didn't click that for the following family.  


1. Started with [[Auer-36|Charles Auer]] as part of a military project
Went to his father [[Auer-256|John Auer]] and mother [[Newbill-56|Mary R. Newbill Auer]]
- Went to Mary Newbill's Mother [[Newbill-1287|Sarah Newbill Haworth (Hayworth)]]
- Added [[Newbill-1287]]'s siblings Columbus, Perry, John, and Ruth
- Then to her parents [[Haworth-1289|George Haworth]] and [[Stump-1440|Mary Stump Haworth]]
- [[Haworth-1289|George Haworth]] is pending a possible merge with [[Haworth-753|George Haworth]].  I have reached out to [Haworth-753]] manager to discuss the differences between the two.  
- [[Haworth-753]] is connected to the global tree.

2. Added [[North-2196]] as spouse of [[Cary-1348]] - North is now connected.

3. Added [[Cary-1476]] as child of North-2196 and Cary-1348. Connected

4. Added [[Cary-1477]] as child of North and Cary Connected

5. Added [[Cary-1478]] as child of North and Cary Connected

6. Added [[Cary-1479]] as child of North and Cary Connected

7. Added [[Ramadale-3]] Connected

8. Added [[Emmitt-40]] Connected

9. Added [[Brett-979]] Connected

10. Added [[Poole-3903]] as child of Poole-153 Connected

11. Added Arden-219 as spouse of Poole-3903 Connected

12. Added Poole-3904 as child of Poole-3903/Arden-219 Connected

13. Added Feilding-58 as daughter of Feilding-15

14. Added Feilding-59 as daughter of Feilding-15 - Connected

15. Added Arden-220 - Connected

16. Added Arden-221 as father of Arden-220 - Connected

17. Added Corbet-751 as Daughter of Corbet-468 and Gratewood-2 and as wife of Arden-221 and Mother of Arden-220


All of these records were found using census records when available <post 1850> and LDS records pre 1850.
answered by Andretta Schellinger G2G1 (1.8k points)
edited by Andretta Schellinger
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I have a question. Sorry, new to connecting. If I connect the profile eventually to an existing profile. does this count as connected? Or do I need a kevin bacon thingy to turn up on their page?
answered by Kyla H G2G6 Mach 2 (20.8k points)
Hi Kyla, you need to connect the unconnected profile to another profile that is already connected, ie with the 'Kevin Bacon' thingy. Sometime there may be several profiles in between. As long as you are confident in the linkages, you can go ahead and document the connection as soon as it is completed. It takes a day or two for the connections to show up at the bottom of the profiles that were unconnected.
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I have a few connections to document, so I'm in again.

  1. Eby-292 (uc) merged into Eby-234 (clear duplicate) Connected!
  2. Tolchard-22 (uc). Added wife Phillipa Tremills-5 (marriage, baptism records), added son James Tolchard-37 (baptism, 1841 census, death) added wife Mary Ann Atkins-4237 (marriage, 1841 census, 1851 census), added son William Tolchard-38 (baptism, 1851 and 1881 censuses, marriage), added wife Mary Coombes-485 (marriage, 1881 census. Added to daughter Annie Tolchard-1. Connected!
answered by Gillian Thomas G2G6 Mach 6 (61.5k points)
edited by Gillian Thomas
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I am in please add me nov/dec :)
answered by Wendy Sullivan G2G6 Pilot (109k points)
+2 votes
I will endeavor to connect anyone from my lines that I can - I do have extensive material on the Stetsons, and am starting to work my own surname people since there doesn't seem to be a large number of Lambertons banging around WikiTree just yet.


Onward and upward
answered by Roy Lamberton G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)
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I am working on a former mayor of Toronto, I have added siblings, in-law, parents, and various others but still haven't made a connection.
answered by Janet Berkman G2G2 (2.5k points)


I've added a few profiles to the Balmer family who emigrated from England to Canada. Philip Balmer married Mary Elizabeth Barisdale in Ontario in 1882, and her parents were named as Robert and Margaret. I think Mary might be a sister of your Rebecca, but I can't find a record of her marriage to William Saunders, which should confirm this. Robert Barisdale died in 1871, (before the census was taken) and his wife Margaret is shown with their 5 daughters living in Toronto. I've found the marriage details for 4 of the daughters, but not your Rebecca. I really thought this was going to help you, and now it's come to a dead end. Can anyone else help here please?


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I'm in for this month - more connections than I thought:

  1. I connected Marcello Mastroianni. Just the one connection, but the path to make it is quite glamorous:

2. Got on the trusted list for Brigitte Bardot, connected her to husband Roger Vadim (see above) - Connected !

Manaud de Montesquiou and descendants: this may not count. This group used to be connected through the fictitious ancestry of Philibert Couillaud; now that's been fixed, the branch needed to be reconnected. From Manaud de Montesquiou to Marie de Montesquiou-Fezensac (his first connected descendant): added the 9 generations to bridge the gap. (all sourced) (REconnected !)

3. Gilles Hocquart; intendant of New France; (something good came out of reconnecting the Montesquious): From Jeanne Marie Hocquart (wife of Anne-Pierre de Montesquiou) to Jean Hyacinthe Hocquart (her father: Armorial d'Hozier, Gazette de France), to Jean Hyacinthe Hocquart (his father: death recorded by Chastellux; also his son's fichier Origine); to Gilles Hocquart (his son: baptism record and fichier Origine) - Connected !

4. Linked Jane Birkin to her husband composer John Barry - Connected !

answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
edited by Isabelle Rassinot
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I'm back! Made my first report connection of the month while importing data from my Gedcom.

  1. Connected  Samuel Benedict-875 to his connected parents Benjamin Benedict-771 and Mary Platt Benedict (birth and death records for Samuel). All were existing profiles. CONNECTED!  
answered by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (808k points)

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