Question of the Week: Have you found a Mayflower passenger or Puritan ancestor in your lineage?

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The roots of the Thanksgiving tradition in the US are often attributed to the Pilgrims who arrived in the Plymouth Colony aboard the Mayflower. You can use the Relationship Finder Quick Links to see if you may be related to one of the original passengers.

Maybe you've found that one of your lines descends from the larger group of Puritans who arrived in New England a little later. The Puritan Great Migration Project is working to identify and document these families.

Share the stories you've discovered, and be sure to check out the projects. There is some great work happening!

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The Mayflower project profile for Prust showed up on a GEDcompare rematch. There is another profile for Degory Priest which includes speculative information on him.  Maybe this is typical of duplicate profiles which are guarded zealously.
I took the liberty of inserting a spousal link in my line to Thomas Rogers and a parental link in the line to Degory PRUST.  These were outside the Mayflower protected time frame and so far no complaints.

I searched several times with GEDcompare for any DENISON profiles in their HOWLAND line.  I guess my mistake was in not starting with Mercy GORHAM and working forward in time.  I submitted proposed merges to fix my new duplicates and most were approved immediately.
I tried the list of Mayflower passengers on relationship finder.  The most outrageous positive is the one about descent from Brewster through the Lees of Virginia. I was surprised to be told my ggm from Maine is a Francis Cooke descendant. It came up also with a Constance Hopkins.  For sure there are connections not according to silver book.
I had a couple a few years ago; cannot locate them now.
My Husbands side goes back to Valentine Rowell, Hampton, Shaw, Colson,Joanne Pinder,Milner, Currier, Osgood, Ipswich , Essex MASS, Amebury MASS and Mancetter Warwickshire, England.
Hi, I just checked and the relationship finder says I may be the 10th great granddaughter of John Billington. Way Cool. I know I am a direct descendant of Edward Bumpas who arrived just after the Mayflower on The Fortune. I am going to do some work to see if I can go from Thomas Bowen back regarding the confidence of the lineage.

Eleine Bishop Gordon
Edward(Bumpas-7) is my 7th ggf.  His greatgrandson Jackson-21057 is a Mayflower Bradford descendant (the only Mayflower line on my paternal side).
I am directly descended from many Mayflower passengers...2 lines from Francis Cooke, 3 lines from Richard Warren, Francis Eaton/Christian Penn, Peter Browne, Frances Billington/Christian Penn, Samuel Eaton/Martha Billington, Samuel Fuller (brother of Edward), John Howland/Elizabeth Tilley, James/Mrs. Chilton, Stephen Hopkins/Elizabeth Fisher/Damaris Hopkins, and Edward Doty. No one in my (living) family knew about this until I stumbled upon it this past winter. Also, clearly genealogy was not really important to anyone in my family as none of these lines have been proven past the 6th or 7th generation. I am working on my GSMD application...fairly certain most of these are legit (they mostly go through 1 or 2 people), so just need to gather a few more birth/death certificates for the app.
Hi my name is Frances Billington (maiden name) I live in Australia and have always wondered if there is a link to the Mayflower in our family from before they left England.
Many of the Mayflower Families have associations which keep information on the family. They often have results of DNA tests.  You would need a male relative to take the dna test.  Then you would get a compare with the Mayflower branch of the family.

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I have a few Puritan ancestors.


[[Ward-112|William Ward]],
[[Abbe-11|John Abbe]],
[[Cole-661|James Cole]],
[[Tower-13|John Tower]],
[[Whipple-84|John Whipple]]
[[Ibrook-2|Richard Ibrook]]
[[Clark-1463|Margaret Clarke]]
[[Macomber-41|William Macomber]]
[[Blake-198|William Blake]]
[[Guild-8|John Guild]]
[[Fisher-421|Anthony Fisher]]
[[Tilton-18|William Tilton]]
[[Morreal-1|Susannah Morreal]]
[[Littlefield-17|Edmund Littlefield]]
[[Austin-955|Annis Austin]]
[[Hartshorn-4|Thomas Hartshorn]]
[[Buck-22|Susanna Buck]]
[[Lunt-12|Henry Lunt]]
[[Carrington-554|Ann Carrington]]
[[Hibbard-313|Robert Hibbard]]
[[Unknown-381934|Joan Hibbard]]
[[Bosworth-10|Jonathon Bosworth]]
[[Unknown-347656|Elizabeth Bosworth]]
[[Howland-21|John Howland, Mayflower passenger]]
[[Tilley-73|Elizabeth Tilley, Mayflower passenger]]
[[Watson-36|George Watson]]
[[Hicks-26|Pheobe Hicks]]
[[Hicks-27|Robert Hicks, Fortune passenger]]
[[Unknown-202363|Margaret Hicks, Anne passenger]]
[[Pratt-63|Joshua Pratt]]
[[Dunham-151|John Dunham]]
[[Baillou-1|Abigail Baillou]]
[[Briggs-440|John Briggs]],
[[Hicks-231|Thomas Hicks]],
[[Bowen-480|Richard Bowen]],
[[Finney-136|John Finney]],
[[Bliss-5|Thomas Bliss]],
[[Puffer-61|George Puffer]],
[[Wood-114|John Wood]],
[[Brooks-178|Henry Brooks]],
[[Rayment-27|John Rayment]],
[[Woodbury-148|John Woodbury]],
[[Dodge-191|Richard Dodge]],
[[Meacham-11|Jerimiah Meacham]],
[[Southwick-49|Lawrence Southwick]],
[[Williams-4853|John Williams]],
[[Davis-1090|Thomas Davis]],
[[Merrill-83|Nathaniel Merrill]],
[[Brown-4735|Thomas Brown]],
[[Bailey-228|John Bailey]],
[[Emery-20|John Emery]],
[[Haseltine-104|John Haseltine]],
[[Plummer-240|Francis Plummer]],
[[Bent-12|John Bent]],
[[Bourne-248|John Bourne]],
[[Besbeech-3|Thomas Besbeech]],
[[Fuller-682|Robert Fuller]],
[[Chase-113|William Chase]],
[[Sherman-1884|Phillip Sherman]],
[[Tripp-7|John Tripp]],
[[Paine-244|Anthony Paine]],
[[Boyce-140|Joseph Boyce]],
[[Spencer-165|Gerard Spencer]],
[[Hungerford-43|Thomas Hungerford]],
[[Greene-950|John Greene]],
[[Woodworth-137|Walter Woodworth]],
[[Damon-9|John Damon]],
[[Howland-76|Arthur Howland]],
[[Basse-112|Samuel Basse]],
[[Pidge-4|Thomas Pidge]],
[[Pray-7|Quinton Pray]],
[[Ayer-35|John Ayer]],
[[Williams-4853|John Williams]],
[[Henchman-15|Edmond Henchman]]
[[Clarke-2801|William Clarke]]
[[Strong-58|John Strong]]
[[Ford-41|Thomas Ford]]
[[Norton-24|Nicholas Norton]]
[[Russell-177|John Russell]]
[[Underhill-12|John Underhill]]
[[Feake-4|Robert Feake]]
[[Fones-9|Elizabeth Fones]]
[[Ferris-11|Jeffrey Ferris]]
[[Newell-118|Abraham Newell]]
[[Purdy-31|Francis Purdy]]
[[Brundage-21|Mary Brundage]]
[[Brundish-5|John Brundish]]
answered by Stuart Ward G2G6 Mach 1 (18.9k points)
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My late Great Grandmother passed down a handwritten family tree which shows we are related to 13 passengers. She also had a Mayflower certificate.

Now I’m finding out that some of these ancestors had numerous wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc which makes some of my “passengers” not related by blood.

Back to square one and feeling frustrated!

Alden, Alden, Bartlett, Brewster, Warren, White are some of the names on my grandmother’s tree.
answered by Carol Kelly G2G Crew (730 points)
Edward  and Mrs  Fuller via Ring and  McIntyre
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My Great Grandmother Winifred Woodin was the first Family Historian. She was born on January 9th 1881, and I guess because she was a school teacher, she would keep diaries, and journals with stories handed down generation to generation.  One of her stories was about her Mayflower ancestor John Howland who fell off of the Mayflower, and just happened to grab a rope hanging off of the side of the ship, or he would have probably drowned.  I being the youngest Grandchild on both sides of the family didn't get to know my Greats, because they passed while I was young. That being said I took her lead, and took off with the info, and after many generations I found John Howland. Wrong John Howland, so I kept going until I came to Arthur Howland Jr, and then Arthur Howland Sr.

What do you mean Arthur is John Howland's brother!  Yes it was true, John Howland was my Great Grand uncle. At the same time, I was led to my Richmond line, and on to my Rogers line, and this is where I found Our Mayflower ancestor, who just happened to be Thomas Rogers.
answered by Keith Mann Spencer G2G6 (6.6k points)
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Yes, my own descendants and I are descended directly from William and Susanna White through their older son Resolved.
answered by
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Yes, when I was researching to prove my revolutionary war patriot I found a line with Constance Hopkins and her father  Stephen Hopkins.  It now looks like I also have Elizabeth Tilley and of course her husband John Howland.
answered by Susan MacEwen G2G Rookie (290 points)
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William White Family, Winslow Family and Bradford Family.  My line is William White. The reason my family went to the Netherlands is their religious differences with the crown.. Resolved and family as well as Peregrine and family were Puritans. I found lots of info on this fact.  

answered by Barbara Jones G2G1 (1.8k points)
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No but I wish because they worked really hard and they tried too give people new lives, beyond the ancient lives from the stone age.
answered by Troy Smith G2G6 Mach 5 (52.7k points)
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A few on both my parents’ sides, and a few more on my husband’s! My sons and I are getting a real kick out of it! I still have a lot of people to add...

From my iPhone
answered by Wendy Haylor G2G1 (1.7k points)
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For my wife: John and Priscilla Alden. None on my side. Came a little later and further south.
answered by Pip Sheppard G2G6 Pilot (824k points)
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Elder William Brewster through my mother and Isaac Allerton, Francis Cooke and Richard Warren through my father.  Rev. Peter Bulkeley (Concord, Massachusetts) through my mother.  A bit off-subject, but many Quakers who came with William Penn on the Welcome and other ships.  Those lines come through my father.
answered by Charles Wharton G2G Rookie (260 points)
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I just saw this thought ya'll might be interested in it.

Genealogies of Mayflower passengers helps find descendants


answered by Lynette Jester G2G6 Mach 4 (40.1k points)
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Yes I've found 5. 3 were on my Mother's side and 2 on my Dad's...!
answered by E J Gooden G2G6 (8.7k points)
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Catherine (White) Carved....5 cousin 12x

Richard More 5th cousin 12x removed

Henry Samson 5 cousin 11x removed

Agnes (Cooper) Tilley 4cousin 12x removed

Joan(Hurst) Tilley 4th cousin 13x removed

Seems they are very, very distant...!!
answered by E J Gooden G2G6 (8.7k points)
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George Soule, John Alden.

So many pgms I have a small fleet on my page.

All on my father's side. His genealogy is in the library.

My mother on the other  hand...
answered by Sue Hall G2G6 Mach 8 (84.1k points)
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On the Mayflower, I have John Alden, and William Brewster.  I  haven't finished the way back lines, but I know I have George Partridge, Zachary Bicknell, John Stockbridge, John Cary, John Whitmarsh.  My latest find was George Emery.  I think I'll find more as I go farther back.
answered by Peggy Moss G2G6 (8.2k points)
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We have two connections to the Mayflower – Richard Warren and our Uncle William Brewster.

Richard Warren 1, PILGRIM (1579 - 1628)
11th great-grandfather

Mary Anna Warren (1610 - 1683)
Daughter of Richard Warren 1, PILGRIM

Elizabeth Bartlett (1636 - 1713)
Daughter of Mary Anna Warren

Jeremiah Sprague (1682 - 1759)
Son of Elizabeth Bartlett

Susanna Sprague (1716 - 1790)
Daughter of Jeremiah Sprague

Ephraim Marsh (1737 - 1796)
Son of Susanna Sprague

Jane Marsh (1774 - 1868)
Daughter of Ephraim Marsh 

  • William Brewster III (1535 - 1608)
    12th great-grandfather

Millicent Brewster (1552 - 1614)
Daughter of William Brewster III

Captain Anthony Eames * (1595 - 1686)
Son of Millicent Brewster

Elizabeth Eames (1624 - 1692)
Daughter of Captain Anthony Eames *

Isaac Wilder (1656 - 1690)
Son of Elizabeth Eames

Thomas Wilder (1689 - 1740)
Son of Isaac Wilder

Thomas Wilder (1726 - 1784)
Son of Thomas Wilder



answered by Frederick Miller G2G Rookie (260 points)
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Richard Warren and the Billingtons
answered by Kate Warren G2G1 (1.6k points)
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William Bradford-24 is my ninth great grandfather through his grand-daughter Alice.
answered by Henry Chadwick G2G6 Mach 4 (44.6k points)
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I wanted so badly to find a connection to a Mayflower passenger. It just wasn't to be though.  I guess I could always fake a connection. LOL
answered by James Stratman G2G6 Mach 6 (60.1k points)
edited by James Stratman
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According to the wikitree relationship finder, Isaac Allerton Sr. and Mary (Norris) Allerton are my 10th great grandparrents. Mary (Allerton) Cushman is my 9th great grandmother.

answered by Brian Lahlum G2G Crew (330 points)

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