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The French Roots project is now official and ready to co-ordinate the efforts of Wikitree-ers who want to help improve the profiles of French people.

Want to be part of the project?

1. Be informed : start by reading the Project Page and follow the french_roots tag.

2. Contribute: there are lots of ways you can get involved (check the Project Page): correct errors, find sources (France has lots of great records available), categorize, improve profiles for French notables... Or participate in one of the sub-projects (Catherine de Baillon, French Notables, Presidents of France or the new Departments project).

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French Roots Project

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (406k points)
closed by Isabelle Martin
Would like to join. I am researching Alsace-Lorraine ancestors in my family and my wife's family.
To Thomas Warger. Which one of your ancestors was from Alsace-Lorraine ?
Hello WikiTree G2G
As far as I know, none of my ancestors was from Alsace-Lorraine.
My mother¹s family are descended from Decuirs and Barbins.
The first Decuir to arrive in the New World was Albert Decuir who was
baptized on February 5, 1673 in Macon, Provence Hainaut, Diocese of
Cambrai in
Belgium. One of HIS ancestors was Paul de Cuire who was possibly born
about 1480 in Macon, Diocese of Chambray Hainaut in
Belgium. He was the earliest person on record to carry the name of
Another of my ancestors, was Louis Barbin de Bellevue (born 1698 in Paris,
France; died 1759).  He was
commissioned by Louis XIV, King of France to take charge of the government
store at La Balize,
just south of New Orleans.
One of His ancestors was Louis Antoine Barbin (born October 6, 1656-died
February 8, 1707) (born in Montereau-Fault-Yonne, France; died also in that
city), and his wife was Marguerite De Chambault.  They were married June
12, 1682 in Fontainebleau,
Ile-de-France, France.
Another ancestor was Jean Baptiste Rabalais I, who was born about 1666 in
the city of Rochefourant, Province of Poitou, France.
On the my father, Edgar Guillory¹s side, one of my ancestors was Simon
Guillory who was christened on February 16, 1646 at the church of St.
Sauveur in
Blois, department of Loir et Cher, France.  He was the first Guillory to
reach the New World (1664).
One of HIS ancestors was François Guillere de Corrobert who married
Elizabeth Thomas about 1597 in Château de Blois, France.
One of my Father's ancestors was actually English. John Whitmore was born
in  in Bristol,
Sommerset, England about 1589. John Whitmore arrived in this country in
He resided in Connecticut and in Cambridge, Middlesex County,
One of his ancestors was Robert Whitmore who was born about 1451 in
Nottinghamshire, England and died in 1540, also
in England.  
So nobody from Alsace-Lorraine.
Keith Guillory, Guillory-632

HI all, please use the ANSWER button to reply to this thread so that each answer may be addressed separately. 

David's comment was intended for Thomas Warger. Thomas, could you please answer to the main post in this thread (and not comment here) so that David may continue the discussion with you? Thank you.

Please do not reply to this comment. Thanks for understanding.

The Alsace-Lorraine ancestors are actually in my wife's lineage. If you start with my son, Warger-10, my wife's tree merges with mine, of course.

See: Kimpflin-2 (François Joseph Kimpflln (1822-) and Kimpflin-3 (Jeanne Albertine Kimplfin).

My information about them (beyond word-of-mouth in my wife's family) comes from an email from a person in France who viewed church records in Merxheim, took notes, and sent the information to one of my wife's cousins.

I have at least 100 more names in their ancestry, going back another 5 generations, but only "Family Trees" sources for them. For that reason, I've not put them in the Wikitree.

Some of those names: Kimpflin, Kauffmann, Bouillon, Heisser, Wild, Steiner, Dosch, Fleck, Klein, Steinbach, Schutz, Windstein, Lentz, Hertzog, Eich, Zabern, Dischinger, Gertenhauer, Fontaine, Mahieu.

Places: Merxheim, Raedersheim, Lambach, Volmunster, Griesbach, Zinswiller, Lorentzen, Domfessel, Lutzelstein, Volksberg, Minsinger, Dehlingen.

My interest in the French Roots Project is to find better information about these ancestors.
Hi! I'd like to join. I have a living great-uncle named René and live in St. Lawrence County New York one of the most French counties in the United States. I've traced my French heritage back to the 1700 hundreds in Normandy and Fontainebleau so far.
I also have Norman heritage and am particularly interested in that region.
Oui, s'il vous plait! :)

Hi Colleen,

Could you please make this an Answer by clicking the answer link on the question above? We really need this to be able to track what we're doing. Thanks!

Isabelle, you sent to wrong email address....

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My 10th g-g-father was born in Caen, Normandy, France. Jean Vassall-4 was a Huguenot. I would very much like to join the project. I would work errors and find sources.
by Gerald Jones G2G2 (2.4k points)
Hi Gerald, Would you like to contact the Huguenot Migration project? They are covering Jean Vassall's profile, French Roots does not have the resources right now to research his ancestors. We would be happy to enlist your help if you're still interested however.
Yes I would.
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I am interested in my French heritage. My biological family, Villenave, was from Bordeaux, France. They came to the U.S. in the 1950's. My great grandfather is Pierre Henri Villenave born 13 Jul 1889 in
Bordeaux, Gironde, France and as far as I know didn't come to the U.S. Not sure where to start or dig deeper.
by Craig Goligowski G2G Crew (350 points)

I added a dozen of your great-grandmother's ancestors yesterday and a few more today. Her roots are all in Ariège so far. Your great-grandfather was born in 1888 and not in 1889. His family doesn't seem to be from Bordeaux. In which record did you find the family name VAUCLAIRE for Marie GLIZE ?

I found something but I am not sure it's the right couple because the given name of the groom is different.  A Jean VILLENAVE, fisherman, 22 years old, married a Marie GLIZE, 18 years old, in 1886 in Soustons (Landes). 04/MAR/1886. Both of them are natives of Soustons. He was born on March 20th 1863 to Dominique VILLENAVE and Jeanne DASSé. She was born on Marth 25th 1867 to Raymond GLIZE (+1876) and Catherine DOUAN. Raymond GLIZE was a carpenter. In 1886, his widow is a cook in Berson (Gironde). Marie GLIZE is a domestic.

The father of Pierre Henri VILLENAVE is named Auguste VILLENAVE in his birth record in 1888. He is 25 years old and a fisherman = born circa 1867 and his wife, Marie GLIZE, is 21 years old = born circa 1867. She is a day worker.

The father is away and the declaration is made by a midwife (often a source of errors).

I think you should order a copy of Pierre Henri VILLENAVE's marriage record in 1924 to check the full names of his parents.

Jean VILLENAVE had a twin brother Pierre VILLENAVE. Their parents got married on October 2d 1863 in Soustons..
In 1914, his parents are listed as the late Auguste VILLENAVE and the late Marie GLIZE.
My starting info comes from my still living great-aunt Claudine (Villenauve) Bakker. I have added scans of documents she has to her entry. Villenave-5
Thank you but I can't see them because they are protected. Only the thumbnail is open. Does your great-aunt live in France ?
She says she was born Dec 08 1934 in Bordeaux and arrived in the US Nov 18 1954. She lives in Las Vegas.

I asked the municipal civil registration office of Portets if they could send a full copy of Pierre Henri VILLENAVE's marriage record in 1924. I guess there is no chance that your great aunt remembers the birthplaces of her paternal grandparents (dead at least 10 years before her birth). May be she remembers visiting paternal distant relatives in her youth before living to America with her mother.


I have linked those documents Claudine (Villenave) Bakker gave me to Pierre Henri VILLENAVE. I will contact her for more possible information.
I received the marriage record. Parents  Auguste VILLENAVE and  Marie GLIZE both deceased. The father of Anna JEANNOU is dead. She doesn't know where her mother lives.
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My first ancestor to Quebec was Nicholas Marsolet who came with Champlain to found Quebec in 1608, according to historian N.E. Dionne. Marsolet was Canada’s first native language interpreter with the Montagnais and Algonquin natives.  He lived with the Montagnais Indians in the fur trade for 25 years.  When Champlain died, Marsolet returned to France, married Marie Barbier and returned to Quebec as one of its 18 founding families.
by Cheryl Johns G2G1 (1.8k points)
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I would like to join. My 2 times great grand parents are both from France immigrating to the USA. Also have some French ancestors that went to Canada. Will add French profiles that I find as I'm searching for my family. Old French records are a challenge for me as I do not read French. This is a relative new area for me.
by Lynne Sims G2G5 (5.6k points)
Thanks, Lynne. I will be in touch.
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I have a number of ancestors who come from France.  I am willing to assist where needed.

Rick San Soucie
by Rick San Soucie G2G6 Mach 2 (27.1k points)
Thanks, Rick. I will be in touch.
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I would like to join the French Roots project.  My paternal grandfather emigrated from SW France about 1900, married a woman in Quebec, and about 1917 emigrated to Florida, USA.  I only found out who my birth father was in the last year, and that I have French ancestry so I'm still working on the tree.  My relatives are also working on our French tree.  A long-time francophile, I'm still adjusting to knowing that I am over 50% French!  Merci!
by Susan Wemett G2G1 (2.0k points)
Thanks, Susan!
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I would like to help with the French roots project because I just found out that I have french through Blanche of Artois my 26th great grandmother and her mother is my 27th great grandmother. I would be interested in helping with Northeast region of France such as Champagne, France, because Blanche of Artois is from that area. Thanks! My husband to be also has French roots through in his family.
by Jennifer Brayton G2G3 (3.2k points)
Perfect, Jennifer! thank you for volunteering.
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Hi Isabelle, I began asking myself what the purpose of a project is, and if I am right for the project.  I'm "new at being French."  I just found out last year when I had a DNA match with a half-brother.  Prior to that I've been a Francophile but had been told my father was Dutch, so this is very new to me.  My father deceased, my half-siblings don't have much information on the family either so I've been working on the family tree, father's father from SW France (Reignac & Mirambeau, emigrated c.1900) and father's mother's line from Quebec.  I also have French on my maternal side.  I've been learning a lot as I go along but I certainly can use help.  I'm happy to help the project in any way I can.
by Susan Wemett G2G1 (2.0k points)
Thanks Susan. I'll contact you privately.
+2 votes
I'd love to join this project. My Raymond family is from France.
by Elizabeth W G2G6 Mach 1 (16.8k points)
Thanks Elizabeth - I'm sorry for the late reply, this came just when we were all busy with the Source-a-Thon! I'll be in touch.
+2 votes
I would love to join and help any way that I'm able.

My French ancestors trace from SE Texas <- SW Louisiana (St. Martin) <- Martinique (Ste-Pierre) <- Loire valley (Tours/Nitray)
by Christopher Dawson G2G1 (1.4k points)
Hi Christopher, we'd love to see you joining our group! I will contact you right away.
+1 vote
Dear Isabelle,

I want to learn more.  The rumors in Canada is both sides if my fathers family lead to France. Lowry and deGraaf possibly de Bourbon (3 brick walls to be torn down) mostly I want to help anywhere I am needed.  I am excited to learn how to run a better project (Lowry name Project)...oh and improve my French in a Parisian manor would be nice too.   It would be great to support and be supported.  P.s.  there are some interesting folks in this project!  Amazing! Pps.  I love reading history on the "royals" too if that helps anyone and I am in Canada.
by Tanya Lowry G2G6 Mach 1 (12.7k points)
edited by Tanya Lowry
+1 vote
Please add me to the French Roots Project!  My French ancestors include a Huguenot who came to the Americas to trap and hunt...
by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
Thanks David, I'll send you a message.
+2 votes
I am new and have already probably made a lot of mistakes but I am willing to help any way I can. Tell me what you need. I will work on it lol.
by Phyllis Sorrentino G2G Rookie (260 points)
Thanks Phyllis. I've sent you a message.
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HI, I am researching my various French Huguenot ancestors and would like to eventually develop a project for those expelled from France, tracing where they went and what they did.
by Susan O'Carroll G2G2 (2.9k points)
Great idea for a project, Susan! Just sent you a message.
+2 votes
I would love to be involved in the French Roots project. French Genealogy is my passion. My great-grandparents are from Vieux Bourg, Calvados France, and Dampicourt, province of Luxembourg, Belgium. Their names are Jules Alexandre Nicolle and Justine Françoise Morenier. I have done extensive research into all their lines going back to the early 1600s. I can extract the vital information from old French records, do specific lookups in the Archives Departementals, and am willing to do whatever I can to help.
by Laura Hootman G2G Rookie (260 points)
edited by Laura Hootman
Thanks Laura - just sent you a message.
+2 votes
I do not have any close ancestry in France, but I am keen to improve my knowledge and experience with French genealogy and also to improve my French reading comprehension. I'd love to join the project! I'd particularly like to work on profiles in Paris and also Mauritius and Réunion Island; my girlfriend was born in Mauritius and has lived in Réunion for many years, and although I'm not going to jump on to her genealogy, I'm interested in working in that region.
by Amelia Utting G2G6 Pilot (181k points)
edited by Amelia Utting
Great Amy, I'm really looking forward to working with you on the project! I just sent you a message.
+1 vote
Already part of the Quebecois project and the filles du roi project. Would love to help in whatever way I can in this one!
by Anonymous Grand'Maison G2G6 Mach 1 (18.5k points)
Thanks for helping "Mystery" (I noticed the images added to the Hugo family!). Just sent you a message.
0 votes

I'm new here so forgive me if I drop my question in the wrong place.

I'm doing research on Gérard du Buc who was born in Rouen, France, in 1620s or 1630s. He moved in 1667 to Geertruidenberg, the Netherlands. He became a highly esteemed citizen and many records have survived.

He married a Dutch woman: Catharina Crillaerts on 10 May 1671. He died in 1708. The coat of arms is green/red with a fleur de lis and a moon crescent on its back .

I'm grateful for any help to find the exact birthdate of him and the name of his parents. Indeed, all other information on his early years in France are welcome.

Best regards,

Piet de Jonge
by Piet de Jonge G2G Rookie (200 points)
Hi Piet,

This is a great question and I think should have its own topic - can you manage this? This way, it would attract more viewers than here and there would be a better chance of being seen that someone likely to know the answer. It is quite difficult to find good sources for 1500s events.
+1 vote

I would like to join this project because I have a lot of pride in my French roots, I enjoy researching, I enjoy helping others. I would like to make certain that every french ancestor has that sticker, their names are spelled correctly, and everything about them is as right as it can be. We need to keep it right. it's all we have left of them.
by Melissa Greenwood G2G4 (4.4k points)
Hi Melissa,

Thank you! We would love to have you on board. I just sent you a PM.
+1 vote
Hello Isabelle. I am a recent member, but this is my main area of interest. I have done extensive searches in the on-line French departmental archives for my ancestors and hope to contribute to their profiles. I am also very interested in Catherine de Baillon's ancestry.

Roger LeBlanc
by Roger LeBlanc G2G3 (3.5k points)
Hi Roger,

This sounds great! I just sent you a PM.

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