French Roots project now official and accepting volunteers

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The French Roots project is now official and ready to co-ordinate the efforts of Wikitree-ers with French ancestors (those who are not already covered by the existing Huguenot, Quebecois and Acadian projects), or who want to help improve the profiles of French people.

Want to be part of the project?

1. Be informed : start by reading the Project Page and follow the french_roots tag.

2. Contribute: there are lots of ways you can get involved (check the Project Page): correct errors, find sources (France has lots of great records available), categorize, improve profiles for French notables... Or participate in one of the sub-projects (Catherine de Baillon, French Notables, Presidents of France or the new Departments project).

If you are ready to help, please post an answer to this question to tell us what you'd like to do, and you'll receive one of our shiny new badges.

French Roots Project

(EDT: made this the new official join thread)

asked Nov 19, 2017 in Requests for Project Volunteers by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (140,680 points)
retagged Jan 7 by Isabelle Rassinot
Yay for us ;)
Hey! Want a badge?
Double yay for us :-)
Thank you .. Great work ..
Ooh, yes please.
I would love a badge.
Congratulations, Isabelle, on getting the project live! I look forward to seeing the great work of you and your project members.
congratulations... although I do not have ancestors that are French, I applaud your accomplishment at getting this project up and running.
I would like to join a group and help specifically with anything having to do with the Alsace Lorraine area of France. That said I will help leadership with anything else that needs to be done. I am a rookie at this but willing to learn.

My great grandfather came from Alsace Lorraine to the USA in 1871. I have his name and self report birth day but nothing else about his family. his name was Michael Gerber.
I would like to join the group. I would love to help with one of the sub-projects or anywhere that I'm needed! I've just recently discovered a long line of ancestors from France so I hope theres something in there that I can provide or I love searching for records!
I would love to join the French Project, I'm already a member of the Huguenot project. My husband is descended from at least 2 families, Michaux & LeGrand. Going even further back William the Conqueror is both his 32nd & 34th great grandfather. So I have a lot of information to share.
Hi Betty,

If you have well sourced data for a couple of Huguenot ancestors, this would be extremely helpful. In most cases it' only possible to find their ancestors up to about 1550-1600, perhaps not even that depending on how well the records survived.  Pre-1500 profiles almost always fall in Euro Aristo territory.

French Roots doesn't work on William the Conqueror and contemporaries, this is Euro Aristo territory and we don't have members with real expertise in this era.

We would be happy to welcome you if you are still interested in spite of these limitations to our scope :-)
I would love to join the French Roots project. My 2x great-grandparents were from France. I have some experience with Bretagne and Paris and would love to help out where I can. I wouldn’t call myself bilingual by any stretch but my French is okay enough to understand the basics.


I would be excited to join this French Roots Project!  I just found out last week after years of searching that my maternal grandparents are originally from France.  I can't wait to learn more!
Thanks, James - could you please make an answer to the thread (helps us make sure we overlook no one) - click on the "answer" link at the bottom of the top post on this page. It would be helpful if you can give an idea of which area of France you're interested in. Thank you!

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Boujour Isabelle , Je n'ai pas beaucoup de temp a donner a un projet en particulier mais mes efforts en ce moment sont diriger ver les corrections dans mon arbre ... plusieur branche sont  en France et je suis a retracer et corriger toute les preuves possibles pour chaque profil dans mon arbre . J'ai fais l'erreur d'ajouter in gedcom a mon arbre... immense tache de recherché et rearrangement de profils . Si cela suffit alors compte moi dans le groupe .
answered Dec 8, 2017 by Rene Lariviere G2G1 (1,340 points)
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I'd like to help.  I think to start I'd like to work on correcting errors.
answered Jan 16 by Jeanette Rogers G2G1 (1,470 points)

Thank you.  I see that you've already found our discussion group, great!  Please note that the French Roots project deals with French ancestors, but  not those already covered by the Quebecois and Acadians projects. You might want to check those as well.

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Please add me to the French Project. I am working on profiles for Alsace, especially Muttersholtz and Baldenheim in the Canton of Markholshiem, Department of Bas-Rhin. I have many ancestors there before 1834 and have found some back as early as 1580. Names include: SCHIRCK; GISSELBRECHT; SIGWALT; WALTHERS; KELLERMANN; HANHARDT; SIEDLER; SITTLER; MEYER; MEY; BURKHARDT; REINHARDT; ARNOLD; ENGEL; ENGELENDER; HIRN; SCHMUTZ; URBAN, D'URBAN; and related families.
answered Jan 29 by Sharon Centanne G2G6 Pilot (131,030 points)
Hi Sharon, welcome!

Yes I think I've already seen some of your profiles while looking for Alsatian profiles. An area with an interesting tumultuous history.
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Yeah, I want a badge,

It was fun working with you  and I am learning to add my ancestors the correct way.
answered Jan 29 by Rose Edwards G2G6 Mach 1 (11,290 points)
Thank you, Rose. Your questions have already made the project progress!
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Thank you, I would very much like to.join. my mom's ancestry is completely French. Her maiden name is Péloquin and her mother's maiden name is Rousseau. Thank you!
answered Feb 4 by Jacqueline Burch G2G1 (1,590 points)

Thank you for volunteering. Please have a look a our project page, to see our guidelines and goals and where you might help.

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Strong French roots here. Would like the Badge please.

Thank you in advance.
answered Feb 4 by T Lacey G2G6 Mach 2 (24,810 points)

Hi T, thank you. I am catching up now :-)

Please have a look a our project page, to see our guidelines and goals and where you might help.

+2 votes


I would like to join the group ; can you add me and provide me the badge ?


answered Feb 21 by David Szerman G2G1 (1,140 points)
Hi David,

Thanks for volunteering. I'm awarding you a badge. Please have a look at our Project page to see our guidelines, projects, and other info.

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