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And another question I have regarding exporting a GEDCOM - and Photos saved on WikiTree.

Exporting the information of a profile, also exports a link to the photo on their profile (eg.

Some genealogy programs then ask you if you want to download the attached data automatically. But: The photo itself isn't stored under this link on Wikitree, it just redirects to: So not the photo is downloaded, but only the html source code of this page (I think).

As the photo itself is stored under in original size, and in thumbnail-sizes, like , , , I guess?

Is this wanted this way? Would it mean quite some load for the servers, if its possible to easily automatically grab and download the photos (in origrinal size or thumbnail size)?
in WikiTree Tech by Norbert Gitzl G2G6 Mach 2 (23.1k points)

After working on this problem i managed to solve it. 

So basically, there are 2 problems:

1. We dont know path to real image files;

2. Wikitree and Myheritage expect different Gedcom tags with images.

Hopefully in future developers will resolve issue - on both on myheritage and wikitree. Right now here is good workaround:

1. For each Wikitree individual - simply edit Photo Title: to be "Some Existing title FILE path_to_real_image_taht_works_in_incognito_window". For living people this could be link to thumbnail on wikitree or link to geni thumbnail (which is larger). Thats all for profiles with images to be done. 

2. Then when exporting gedcom we will see dollowing tags:


2 FORM Image


2 TITL Nice Title FILE

Plese note, link can be inside or outside of wikitree, doesnt matter. 
3. Then we need manually to convert this "incompatible tags format" to expected by MyHeritage:
2 FORM jpg

To do this automatically i wrote following vbs script:

txtfile = "OurFamilyTree_fromWikitree.ged"

newfile = "OurFamilyTree_fromWikitree_imagefix.ged"

Dim objStream, strData

Set objStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")

objStream.CharSet = "utf-8"



strData = objStream.ReadText()


dim arrText

arrText = Split(strData, vbLf)

For i = 0 To UBound(arrText) - 1

    strLine = arrText(i)

    If InStr(strLine," FILE http") > 2 Then

        strline = "2" & mid(strline,InStr(strLine," FILE http"))

strline = "2 FORM Image" & vbLf & strline

strline = strline & vbLf & "2 FORM jpg" 

strline = strline & vbLf & "2 _PRIM Y" 

    End If

strNewText = strNewText & strLine & vbLf


Dim objStreamWrite

Set objStreamWrite = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")

objStreamWrite.CharSet = "utf-8"


objStreamWrite.WriteText strNewText

objStreamWrite.SaveToFile newfile, 2


msgbox "Completed"

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I am also wondering  - how is possible to get direct access to at least review of the image?
by Fedir Indutnyi G2G1 (1.3k points)

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