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I received a merge request for a person in my tree. (Atterberry-67 & Atteberry-46 However that person has ancestors and decendants in both trees.  I don't believe that if I merge just these two profiles the ancestors and decendents will get merged and possibly will leave orphaned ancestor profiles.

So I figure I need to merge the two trees. But how do I do this?  It seems to me that I should find the most recent common decendants and merge those then proceed backward in time merging all ancestors until there are no more common ancestors. Is this how you do this?  Any help appreciated.
asked in WikiTree Tech by Rick Williams G2G Crew (440 points)
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Hi Rick,

What is your question?

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If you find multiple duplicates when two family lines need merging, you should start with the oldest duplicate, not the youngest. If two duplicate profiles need to be merged and have parents that also need merging, you will be asked to merge the parents first. Doing it the opposite direction can lead to profiles being set adrift.
answered by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (400k points)
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Merges are essentially made between 2 individual profiles, not between tree branches. Each duplicate pair of individual profiles must be processed separately.

Before you approve (or reject) this merge, you should review this page:

Be sure to check the various links on the page for additional or more in-depth information about the merging and matching processes and procedures.

Also, remember that the correct Last Name At Birth must be determined first when the profiles have different LNAB spellings! You may decide to set the proposed merge to an unmerged match to allow for additional research time.

Finally, remember to collaborate with the other profile manager, if possible. In this case, the other manager doesn't seem to be active (last logged activity was on 18 Aug 2015). You may want to submit an Unresponsive Profile Manager form to deal with that.

I believe the preferred method is to find any duplicates for the direct ancestors before you process the merge in question. If the parents. grandparents, etc. have duplicates, those should be merged first; then work forward to the merge in question. This method will keep all related parties connected for succeeding merges.

Merges (the aforementioned succeeding merges) for duplicate spouses, children, and siblings can be completed later.

answered by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
I'm not clear on what to do with the children of the profiles being merged. When I merge the two profiles do both sets of children show up on the resulting profile? If not, how do I not 'lose' one person's children?
yes the other profiles that come along with highest Wiki-Id#number in the merge will be both intertwined into the tree intermingled as seperate profiles, thus the tree of life which is wikitree (:

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