Is it desirable for the New Netherland Settler Project to manage all of the applicable descendant profiles?

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I noticed in G2G today that only profiles managed by a project should have a project template on them, and it got me to wondering if managing all of the descendant profiles was something the project wanted to do.
asked in Policy and Style by James Applegate G2G6 Mach 5 (53k points)
recategorized by Jillaine Smith
The project profile is already a manager -- but not necessarily the only manager -- on the vast majority of those profiles.

Please remember that listing a project profile as manager does not mean that a Project Leader will assume all responsibility for researching and editing of the profile. It does mean that the project leadership will be notified of all trusted list requests, merge requests, etc., and that the profile will not be orphaned.

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Depends on the scope of the project. Does the project include descendants? For how many generations?

If there’s no need for project protection, the new clarified guidelines indicate project templates be replaced with profile stickers.
answered by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (641k points)
The way I understood it was that if a profile didn't need 'project management' it should use a sticker. A project can manage a profile that isn't PPP, or protected.

The New Netherland Settlers project does include descendants born prior to 1776.

The project does not have stickers just yet as the project is still being reviewed. Also robot went haywire and that is being taken care of first.
There is a ready made sticker ( see ), but does the project prefer to manage the profile?
That is useful. Official project stickers will be coming soon.

Yes, the project does prefer to manage the descendant profiles; to name a few reasons, the sheer amount of living descendants leads to duplication, the lines are easily confused due to naming patterns and traditions, documentation through 1800 can be tough to find (not to mention the flood of bad family genealogies), and because New Netherland was a somewhat endogamous population, DNA still shows up in descendants, which makes getting it right especially important to those looking for connections.
Thank you Carrie. You answered my question. I'll continue to add the project as manager and project template when possible.
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When I asked a similar question back in August, I thought the answer I got was to only add the project as a manager if the profile required PPP. But maybe I misunderstood. So now I'm confused.

Sounds like:
1. Yes, add the project as manager to all descendant (pre-1776) profiles?
2. Keep adding the template until stickers arrive, OR stop adding templates?

I'm sorry but I haven't been using Google groups so maybe I'm not in the loop. And G2G is an ongoing frustration for me, I can never find what I'm looking for.
answered by Darcie Light G2G6 Mach 1 (19.1k points)
I am assuming that we will find out what use the project sticker will have when it becomes available. The project must have some purpose in mind, or why bother with a sticker, but I have no clue to what use it will have.
The only thing that really changed in Wikitree is that the use of a project template now requires a project profile to be one of the profile managers, whether the profile will have PPP or not. It's been discussed in g2g but I don't think there was a formal announcement? We're able to tell from reports if the project profile is missing, so no worries!

The stickers will be announced when they're ready to go.
Darcie I can relate!  I read through so much G2G yet I find new info every time I look too - and I guess you have to read all the comments and answers because things do change and decisions are made - so just keep on, that is what I do - gets easier all the time too

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