Hi South Africa !! New Style rules for Project Boxes and brand new Stickers. How exciting!!

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Hi SA Rooters

Since the beginning of the month the leader group was very busy discussing the implementation of the new rules and standards for Projects, Project boxes on Profiles and the new project sticker 

You all must have seen the G2G feeds and here are the final outcome!! 

You are all familiar with the project box and needs templates, so this is no big change. No need to worry about changes that need to be made in a hurry. We do not have to change everything in a day or two and Ales can provide us with a list that we can use to help us with these changes.  

I will explain the new policy step by step to give you all time to read and ask questions here in this feed.

Part one  

  1. Project Account  (added as co-manager)
  2.  + PPP (if needed)
  3. + Project Boxes (“Project Template” added)
  4.  + Applicable Categories

For our Project, all profiles from 1807 to 1817 are candidates for project management and/or PPP, because that’s the profiles that are mostly shared by almost everyone. Another reason of course is duplication of profiles still added or created daily as new South African members join WikiTree adding profiles without the knowledge of how we set up profiles the South African way (with the capitalized preposition or LNAB convention.)

The project is added as co manager and we prefer the current manager to stay to watch over a profile they know best. This will also ensure that the LNAB and parents cannot be changed by anyone else, besides the managers, and merges will go into the PPP profile which leaves the profile protected from well meaning new members changing LNAB to current form.

Also that all members will receive notification on changes, updates and comments made by others. A project “watchlist” to keep us all informed about changes on our shared ancestral profiles, and to help all to see if a family line changed due to mistakes made in the past.

One big family, under the custodianship of people who care.   

Have any questions let’s hear them  :-D 

For more information here are the help pages:



Next Post: Stickers and how to use them 

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Dankie Ronel☺
Baie Dankie Ronel !
This is excellent and inclusive of existing managers. Thank you.  Look forward to your ongoing posts.
Awesome Ronel
Great work! Looking forward to playing my small part in this great team. Cheers
Thanks Ronel

It is great to see from the outset that the Project and existing Managers are intended to both contribute and bring their own value  

Could you clarify is it only the LNAB that is protected? Does PPP then remove managers?

I personally care more to ensure that people can contact me directly for the profiles I manage, and that I have a maneagable watchlist on my direct profiles, and less that  once a profile is strongly sourced, that I am limited in changes - because if I do find something is wrong I REALLY believe it would be fine to have another person confirm and protect it so we do not get the common problem of it being changed back  

A second question if I may - YES we are one big Family - even you snd me are related  BUT I am reaching the point where I am considering a ONE NAME STUDY for one or more of my major family lines  

As we fill our trees this becomes more interesting  How would this co-exist? Can the profiles be in both? In the case of Serfontein- the name only formed in SA thus all the descendants will be able to trace back to SA roots  


Any thoughts or comments?
Hi Riaan

If the profile is PPP, it will protect not only the LNAB but also the  connection to the parents.

 Only inactive managers will be removed if there are more that 3, inclusive of the project, managers. This is just to comply with the rule in the WikiTree guidelines.  This is why we ask people to add there names and date of entry to contributions, should we ever have to decide upon this.

We would be so happy if profile manager do not perceive  that they have to back off once a profile is strongly sourced. You are the person with a personal interest in the profile. You know the family best. The project is only there to make sure things are done according to the rules and to help build the profile, to help if there are questions and to help with research   -  It is like leaving your child at daycare:-D  

As we all know Research is difficult, and contact with family is crucial, I myself has been help so many times by family that cannot provide primary sources, but are the backbone of information that lead to the sources.

A one name study is a wonderful idea. As this is not a profile per say,  there are no problem to add names and links to and trow. You can link any person by just adding his Url : I have never had the  time to investigate but you do get a template you can add to your profiles to indicate that there are a one name study for that profile.

Sorry I am just not qualified enough to help :-(
About the one Name study, I think they are working on it still, but it's possible these templates are going to be stickers, for younger profiles the sticker or template can be added, but it's now preferred to not have more then two templates on a profile, all other things can be stickers or just the category for it.

For the deeper more widely shared ancestors, we ask members to add just the category. These profiles sometimes could fall under multiple projects, sub projects, name or place studies, so to prevent a totally cluttered top of the Bio's the categories are fine, they are adding the profiles to all (sub)projects or name/place studies also eeh :)

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Baie dankie Ronel, jy is 'n SUPER STER!
by Susanna Hendrina Elisa de Bruyn G2G6 Mach 3 (35.8k points)
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Thanks, very helpful
by Pat Kelynack G2G6 Mach 4 (41.5k points)
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Profile stickers and their  Use

Profile Stickers are just a image posted in the Bios - just beneath the heading for Biography - to indicate your heritage. 

During the end of last year there was a G2G discussion on projects removing managers and adding them to the TL minimizing the control and interaction with other family members.  

An investigation into the working of projects and there operation was done and after some discussions the project operations were changed for the better of WikiTree member.

One of these decisions was that profiles that are regarded as younger profiles will not fall under projects management like in the past. [In SA Roots the cutoff date is 1906 as these are still duplicated frequently when new members join]  

All the profiles after 1906 are regarded as younger profiles.

These younger profiles no longer carry the SA Roots Project box nor have the project on the Trusted List nor as Manager. The SA Roots needs categories are however still allowed.

You must have noticed that I was working on all these the last 3 days, removing project boxes removing SA Roots as Managers  replacing project needs with category needs etc. and asking your help whenever I am not allowed to make the changes myself) 

Some received many messages, and I am so sorry but this has been outstanding since end of last year, and I would like to get it done by May. :-D 

The main objective is to have the profile managers take charge and care of these profiles themselves, source them, care for them and use them to help others to find their family, or others to find them and connect with their family.

More Information: The share to twitter and Facebook links also add extra benefits should you need to connect with family outside WikiTree and then off course cousin connect is marvelous.

With the project also as manager these connections often went astray as the family member would contact the SA Roots instead of the true managers, and although we posted it for the managers in the message box, it was not easy to connect with the sender. 

To use the SA Root project as help rather as main caretaker we use the needs categories:

 SA Roots categories which will place the need of any profile on a needs list that can be visited by anyone who feel compelled to help. Or you can visit the list yourself to see what still needs to be done to your own profiles.

Please note that the old needs system where we used {{-}} are replaced by [[-]] The first brackets added the project box automatically the last will add the category only. The keyword for these are the word category-.  


This needs categories are listed on the help page of the SA Roots project and can be visited by everyone interested. This can also be pasted in a word document on your own computer and copy and pasted whenever and wherever applicable.

This is entirely up to the profile managers to use or not to use, just as adding the sticker or removing it is

With the switch over we asked the bod to replace the project box with a sticker as to not disregard the fact that the profile manager wanted to be part of the project, (otherwise he or she would not have put the project box onto the profile in the first instance). The manager can now decide to keep the sticker or not, add needs categories or not.

Giving the manager the freedom to decide the involvement of the project on profiles he or she manages.

Communication on these profiles also should not be a problem as you will receive all the messages via you personal WikiTree feed once a week, or by visiting "My WikiTree" every day. 

Unfortunately with changes frustration are inevitable, but with lots of patience we will give the profile managers the freedom they have asked for and projects will fall more into the operational etiquette that the SA Roots project was intended for.


Please feel free to ask if anything is not clear.

Have fun and enjoy


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Adding here for those that have not asked yet but are also not clear as to what have to be done with the profiles after 1906 

"The younger profiles"

In the past we used needs requests that added the project box also

Example: Need birth

{{South African Roots|Needs=Birth Record}}
This is a project box with a needs instruction incorporated into it.
To add only the category we now use 
[[Category: South African Roots Project Needs Birth Record]]
This will keep the profiles instructions on the list but remove the project box. 
Many Thanks for your co-operation and those that are working hard to get the new rules implemented.  

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