What is FAG suggestion 588 trying to tell me

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For some reason today the links from the suggestion report to the explanations of errors/suggestions are not working.  

I need to know what 588 FindAGrave - Unconnected branches to global tree means.

asked in WikiTree Tech by Mary Jensen G2G6 Mach 7 (74.2k points)
I am a big fan of the suggestion report -- but this error seems ill advised. I don't know why there is a relationship between the global family tree and FAG. I can find my unconnected profiles by going to https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:Unconnected. The error report considers profiles unconnected if they go through private people --- this means I have quite a few errors of people that actually are connected and even if they weren't, I don't need a suggested that says they aren;t connected and I certainly don't need this notice based on FAG in the profile.

It is possible I misunderstand the error (and in that case, perhaps the error text could be clearer). There does not yet appear to be help on this error.
This error isn't even showing in the brand new report. So it must have just been added.
I believe it is new, along with 931 ProjectBox Without Project Account, 933 Project Account Without ProjectBox, 941 Netherlands Birth with Middle Name, 117 No middle name status with Middle name entered , (all of which I was expecting), and also 1012 Sysop - Mother link Protected, 1011 Sysop - Father link Protected. There may be more new ones, I just didn't see them on my report.
I got several of these "suggestions" too. and cannot find an explanation of the suggestion.   Don't we have enough suggestions to take care of without adding new ones?   I try to keep up with my own reports so would like to take care of them as soon as possible.

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This are test errors. They are in development and shouldn't be published. I will check what the problem is. It will take a few hours.

We have also a whole group of sysop errors, that are just for the Team.
answered by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (357k points)
selected by Emma MacBeath
Regarding the sysop errors, I hope the intention isn't to demand we open profiles that someone else thinks should be open or to dictate which privacy level can be used without directly contacting the profile manager first (excluding the suggestions report as that contact)!
Regarding the phrases "... and shouldn't be published." and "... that are just for the Team.": are there other error codes that are (meant to be) used in this manner (meaning hidden from general membership)?

I recall mentioning that possibility (specifically hiding the WikiData errors, which I believe were developed mainly for the Notables project) earlier in the error project's development. Just wondering if the errors project now has this capability!
That is sort of like owning a car and wanting to know what brand of spark plugs it uses. And then through a glitch you get the service manual instead of the owners manual. Or at least a couple pages of it.

Trust me, you don't want the whole service manual unless you have to do the repairs. LOL
Good morning. During the night computers did what they needed to do and now just published errors are visible.
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There's also

117 No middle name status with Middle name entered

The middle name is correct, the flag is accidental (but harmless - it doesn't do anything).

But it's a radio button not a checkbox.  My browser won't unset it, is there one that will?
answered by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (435k points)

If you have listed a middle name on a profile, then just select one of the other 2 radio button options: uncertain or certain.

I think you may be misled to believe that the no middle name radio button is unrelated to the other 2 choices because it appears on a different line!

Hah!  Thanks.  Never noticed there was Uncertain and Certain.  I don't have the urge to select either of those though.  Do they do anything?

If you select uncertain and enter a middle name or initial, "uncertain" will display on the private view, just as it does with the other data fields.

If you select uncertain or certain, but do not enter a middle name/initial, "middle name?" will display.

If you select certain and enter a middle name/initial, the name display will be clean.

If you select no middle name, but enter a name/initial, the name/initial will display - and you will get a suggestion to fix it!

At least, these were the results of my recent tests.

edit: forgot to mention that I am a certified mad scientist, so you can trust my results!!

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