931 ProjectBox Without Project Account

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This message is in my suggestion report, but there is no explanation.
WikiTree profile: David Gill
asked in The Tree House by Jo Gill G2G6 Mach 6 (66.2k points)

Several test errors were apparently published prematurely.

See https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/512772/what-is-fag-suggestion-588-trying-to-tell-me for more information.

...or is that 'test suggestions'?

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Hi, Jo and all ..

I just wanted to pop in and make sure everybody knows these are not new rules. There has been some misunderstanding of the guidelines for using Project Accounts, Project Boxes and Project Protection for some time, and there's now an effort underway to correct the misuse of these project features.

Chris wrote up a great help page that clarifies everything and links back to the original help pages for all of these parts. Hopefully, this will help ...


Thanks for taking the time to ask for clarification!!
answered by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (266k points)
selected by Greg Lavoie
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I think this may be an attempt to enforce new standards...  profiles with project boxes are supposed to have the project account as the PM...  if it is just that the profile fits the criteria of the project, the "normal" thing to do is use a sticker, not a project box template....
answered by Keith McDonald G2G6 Mach 8 (88.1k points)
I don't mean to be dense, but I don't understand what this means. There is no clear example anywhere of what the difference is between the two and when you need to use them. Yes, I read the help notes, but it's still not clear. See: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Metz-965 for an example.
confusing to all, mainly because each project was doing things their own way, and now there are mandated standards and expectation is all projects will update/correct to use the new ways before they do anything else

basically, a project box is assigned to a profile that has the project account (which is a default profile account that is tied to the project for management abilities, this way the same profile will always be there, and not have to update it on all the profiles as the project leaders change) as the PM, i.e. no one else is taking care of it, created by someone to make it, but they do not want to take care of it...  also, if a profile is PPP, it is supposed to have project box and project account assigned to it.

a sticker is a shortcut routine to add text/image/category to a profile in a standard way.  a sticker does not have to be used to do anything, each can be done manually

if a profile falls within what a project covers, there is no need to "add it to the project", i.e. assign a project box, if all you want to do is put it in the category or have it display an image.

I, and probably others, have talked with the Military and War project leaders and adding clarifying instructions for our projects/templates/categories, and it looks like we are waiting for things to settle down a bit so we can get the new ways of doing things without having to change it over and over as the overall rules get fine tuned.
Thank you, Keith.
Perhaps there need to be two lists of project boxes - those that come under the new rules, and those that don't, yet, but will do later, when Leaders have had time to decide which profiles they want to take under management.
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I wish this error hadn't gone live yet.

I think we are going to change all LDS pioneer templates to stickers, so just ignore the error for now.
answered by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (194k points)
What's a LDS pioneer template?
The project box that was on the profile when this question was asked. It has since been removed.
I can make the error go away by deleting the LDS tag.  But I don't have anything to replace it with.  So all of my Mormon family gets no recognition.
If we change it to a sticker then the error will go away on all profiles with the template. I believe this error was published prematurely so ignore it for now.
So stickers are in the pipeline?
Yes, I have multiple stickers planned.
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I was wondering what that was. I clicked "ignore forever" for these as the profiles clearly had project boxes. Not sure what they meant so I ignore 'em.
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
if they need the project box, the "fix" for this error is to add the appropriate project profile account as the PM...

problem is, being new, enforced requirements, the project in question might not have created a project profile account yet....

if they do not need the project box, remove it and use an appropriate sticker, if it exists, or make sure that any categories are assigned manually, and naturally, the bio will support these entries with documentation....
I see.

I have a ton of profiles with project boxes.

Immigrants, PGM members, people who participated in the Revolutionary War and someone who took part in the Civil War.

Was just curious if I have to change those. Because I have a TON of people with the boxes to look after.
i would say hold off on making changes until the various projects sort out how they will move forward...

in the past, in many cases, what was a project box was morphed into a recognition box, now called stickers...

those project boxes sometime allowed elements to add to category, display text and/or image.  when new standards applied, project boxes only allow/process certain things, but the old elements are still present on the template in the profile itself.  

under new rules, the project may decide that it wants the template to be a sticker and not a project box, so if the re-code the template to be a sticker, if they do it in such a way that the old project box elements are used the same way, profiles using that template will be "fixed" automatically.

if the project wants both a project box and a template, ales might be able to have editbot rename the template from a project box name to a template name based on what elements are present, which again means people to not have to update all the profiles directly.  for instance, we have project {{US Civil War}} and sticker {{US C W}}, the project template is only supposed to be passed |side=USA or CSA, the sticker accepts enlisted, mustered, side, regiment flag (image), regiment name, unit, rank.  what we did after the project box rule change was examine the project box elements, and if anything other that |side= is present, we added the profile to [[Category: US Civil War Project Needs Template Update]]... reviewing profiles in that category and manually changing the template from {{US Civil War}} to {{US C W}} or removing the extra elements from the call.

of course, new standards and all, {{US C W}} is not an acceptable name with initials...  current thinking is to remove confusion going forward, we might end up renaming both templates to {{US Civil War Project}} for the project box, and {{US Civil War}} for the sticker, this would mean all of the current profiles using the "old" project box with sticker elements will be correct, editbot can rename all {{US C W}} to {{US Civil War}}, then we review all profiles in {{US Civil War}} and if they fit the new requirements, change just those few to {{US Civil War Project}}

3 card monte, follow the pea, everyone confused yet?
I got you. Thanks for clearing it up. I technically have "stickers" on those profiles on my main tree on Ancestry. A pic of a galleon for people in the PGM for example used as a profile pic.

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