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This is really annoying me now. Week after week WikiTree keeps sending me emails purporting to contain Family News that contain nothing of the sort. How do I unsubscribe from them -  they're not listed in the unsubscribe options ?
in WikiTree Help by John Bavister G2G Crew (440 points)
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Open the "My WikiTree" tab and select Settings. Top of that page  are three email options you can un-check boxes for the ones you don't want to receive.

There is no option for "WikiTree Family News".

I want to be contacted when stuff happens to my family/tags so all three are ticked. There is no activity on my family yet I am receiving these irrelevant emails.


Receive an e-mail when someone posts a comment on a profile you manage.

Receive a weekly Family Activity Feed update.

Receive a daily Wiki Genealogist Feed update.

The one your looking for is Family Activity Feed.

Hi. The Wikitree Family News that comes on Wednesdays has three sections.

1) A "new this week section" which is Wikitree news and has nothing to do with family.

2) Additions and Changes. This is the important part to me. It contains all the activity that happens to profiles on your watchlist (unless you make the change). If you have nothing in this section, then nobody is making edits to the profiles on your watchlist, but you want to know that, when they do. You have a small watchlist at this point, but as you expand you will have more and may get some activity.

3) Section 3 is a list of Birthdays for people on your watchlist. Some people use this to make updates to profiles once a year.

The daily Wiki Genealogist Feed is the one that lets you know about activity with you tags.
Thanks Anne, so I want the Family Activity Feed only when there is family activity. No activity, no email. Is that possible ?
Unfortunately, if you leave it ticked you're going to get the email, because it also has sections 1 and 3. If you untick it (opt out) you might miss that change that someone makes to someone on your watchlist.

You could opt out, but then check your Family Activity Feed regularly. Your activity feed is on your Nav Home page. It can also be accessed from the drop down menus. Under My Wikitree, fifth item down.
Thanks for interpreting my question Anne, it is the New This Week section which is triggering the emails, when there has been no activity on my family. So I'll have to decide whether to mark them as junk or unsubscribe.
I wouldn't mark them as junk, because your spam filter might misinterpret and mark other Wikitree mail as junk. Unsubscribing sounds like the better option. Then you can always get them back later.
I unsubscribed from as much email from WikiTree as I can and I've never regretted it.  I don't check any of my email most weeks anyway!  The family activity feed is a much more useful tool for seeing what's happening in some of the profiles I'm interested in.

If only we could join trusted lists for profiles and spaces we're interested in without having to get "approved" by inactive managers.  Then the Family Activity feed would be a perfect one-click check-in.  Or the weekly email blasts for people who like email, it would be good for them too.  But that's a separate issue.

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I've been on Wikitree for 2+ years and I've never received an email I didn't subscribe to.
by Bart Triesch G2G6 Pilot (230k points)
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It's up to you to choose the information you will receive in your email.

You have the settings on the top right menu under "My Wikitree"
by Guy Constantineau G2G6 Pilot (339k points)
I have. I'm being sent information that I didn't request.
What information do you receive ?
Details are in my discussion with Anne, above.

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