My brick wall is my paternal gr gr grandfather, William Rainey Hughey, Sr.

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William was born in 1831 SC and died 1907 Kansas. Does anyone know who his parents were? Do you know how I can find out who his siblings were? Could his middle name be his mother's maiden name?I have found that in 1850, William was in Illinois and got married there then moved to Kansas with his wife and daughter and son. The son was my gr grandfather. His wife died, then he married her cousin and they had 3 more children. For 35 years I have tried to find out anything about his childhood. Was it in South Carolina or Illinois or somewhere else? What drew him to go to Illinois, work for himself or his father? I am so curious. One day I hope to go to the courthouse in Spartanburg, South Carolina to see if I can find any records. What records can be found besides Census records?

Also, according to naming traditions back in that time, he may have been named after his mother's father (maybe a William Rainey?) This is a possibility. I have found some DNA cousin matches and their Hughey ancestors' birthday information seems to fit being siblings of Williams. I have made some Wikitree lines for them (much to their dismay) but hoping the lines will get connected at some point. I want to continue making more Hughey family tree lines from more DNA cousins' trees. Oh yeah, one more thing, my first cousin Ken Hughey's Y-DNA goes back to Ireland/Scotland. I would love to find the ancestors (may be Huey) who came from there to America. William's parent's were born in South Carolina also, according to Census records. One DNA cousin match has a Narcissa Caroline Hughey born 1827 SC as a possible sister to him and another DNA cousin match has a Joseph Hughey born 1813 as a possible brother. Neither DNA match will allow me to connect our lines until there is PROOF in writing. This bums me out, but ok for now.

Any help or advice anyone out there has I am so anxious to hear! Thanks so much!
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The "cousins" you refer to,  me being one,  are dismayed when the only source for the additions being made are Find a Grave, which is not a proven source, and the people are added without consulting us to see if we want them to be added or if we plan to do it ourselves,  knowing all the while that we have also been working on our ancestors for many years trying to connect the dots.  To add people to any public tree that you don't know how they are related to you but put false statements like they are siblings of your ancestors, in my opinion is wrong. And, I don't appreciate the insinuation that we are not trying to find out who our ancestors are. DNA with out the ground work, documentation and sources proves nothing! And then you wonder why people get upset!!
Peggy, I never mentioned any names...on purpose! You are rarely on here. How did you find this thread? Were you told? Why would say that? This isn't the first time this has happened to me. Putting concerns out there with no names attached is what I was taught. Also, Find a Grave IS a good source according to Wikitree. Ancestry profiles include the sources. Ppl just have to click on them. Otherwise, my 4,000 plus profiles would be put in a corrections place of some sort. Please don't put me in a box. I read lots of profiles and follow the Wikitreers who have lots of badges and accolades on here. I always do that in every genealogy site I use. I am not just doing my own thing. Your rule is different. It was told to me by a researcher that our ancestors are most likely siblings. Maybe yours is a cousin. I disagree with that part. I didn't make it up that they could be siblings. I was happily surprised. I have been studying DNA like crazy. Our DNA cM's aren't "nothing" and suggests we have the same MRCA at being 2nd cousins once or twice removed. I have asked advice from DNA experts. I would think that would excite you, but I only get anger after you were so nice initially. I would love cooperation and teamwork instead of being put in a labeled corner. I am only doing exactly on here what 1000's of other Wikitreers are doing also and getting thanked. Your rules are harsh and your tone is scary. I have help from many, but not from the ones I hope would help. Please help me figure this out instead of berating me. I have only ever tried to be nice. BTW, this is deja vue. I am used to being hated on for many years by powers in my town who follow my every word online only to tell ppl to hate on me. I put This out there to test the waters since I figured I wasn't getting help.This is no different from many other times I mention no names on questios. Deja vue. I like you and want to learn from you...but I hope you familiarize yourself with the rules and realize I am only doing my best and not trying to do something bad or horrible on here...I'll listen to the positive leaders thanking me on here and keep doing what I am doing.
You honestly have no idea how often I am on here, or anywhere for that matter, or how much genuine research I do. I am not looking for accolades from others about what I have done here or anywhere else for that matter.    I have studied the rules,  and try to insure that the information I enter is factual and documented through paper trails. That's all I am asking.  Source profiles according to the Wikitree recommendations. Do the background work on people you add to be sure it is accurate.

As for sourcing,  see this article. Find a Grave is a good starting point,  but should not be used as the only source for information because it is only as good research wise as the person entering the information on the memorial. Wikitree also says that images from any other website should not be used because they are not your images,  although people do it regularly.  Headstones and memorials are not always accurate. I have people in my family that have incorrect information on their findagrave memorials that others have done.

I get a daily Wikifeed email on surnames that I follow which I review for anything interesting to me and new information that may help in finding ancestors.  Your "question" was at the top of the feed.

Add far as being nice initially, I still am, and was excited about possible links until I discovered that research was not being properly done and information was being put out publicly that was not confirmed with solid sourcing.  

Should you wish to continue this conversation,  we may do so by messaging privately. I will not feed more into your "conspiracy theory" fantasy.
"G2G Rookie" was my first clue. I hate confrontation. "No" to privately bashing me. Public is bad enough.

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I can only offer straws, and they may be straws you have already discarded in your 35 years of searching -- especially if you have been creating unconnected profiles in the hope of finding anything.

Have you seen these families living next door to one another on the 1880  US census in Georgia? The first family of Hueys are probably the parents of Lemuel Hughey, next door. (I say this because I found Lemuel on Findagrave, and he's linked to John and Nancy -- spelled Hughey at Findagrave).  They were born in South Carolina, or I wouldn't mention them.

"United States Census, 1880," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 24 December 2015), Georgia > Gordon > Seventh > ED 113 > image 15 of 20; citing NARA microfilm publication T9 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).

John Huey Male 62 Married White Farmer Self 1818 South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States C 170 0 1

Nancy Huey Female 53 Married White Keeping House Wife 1827 South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States C 170 1 1

Sarah A Huey Female 30 Single White Works In House Daughter 1850 South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States C 170 2 1

Margret E Huey Female 26 Single White Works In House Daughter 1854 South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States C 170 3 1

William R Huey Male 24 Single White Works On Farm Son 1856 South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States C 170 4 1

Susan M Huey Female 16 Single White Works In House Daughter 1864 South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States C 170 5 1

Lemuel D Hughey Male 20 Married White Farmer Self 1860 South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States DONE C 170 0

Mary Hughey Female 30 Married White Keeping House Wife 1850 Georgia, United States South Carolina, United States South Carolina, United States C 170 1 1

William Hughey Male 0 Single White Son 1880 Georgia, United States South Carolina, United States Georgia, United States C 170 2 1

Here's the Findagrave link for Lemuel D(illard) Hughey, above:  


(I realize these aren't helping you other than giving you more names of Hugheys born in South Carolina. I just hope you aren't sick of looking at random possible connections.)

There is a 50 year old William Rainey on the 1850 census in York County, South Carolina. He doesn't seem to have a wife and family, though. There were several other Raineys in York County on the same census.

Here's a Daniel Hughey, born September 1801, and died September 22, 1868. Buried in the Lyles/Hughey graveyard in Newberry County, South Carolina  (There's a photo of Daniel there)

Okay. I'll stop there.  Just wish I could help you break down that wall!

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Hey Reba,

Thanks for you work! I don't mind learning about another Hughey family in Spartanburg, SC at all! They are probably connected to my Hughey's. My William in 1880 was in Kansas with his 2nd wife and children. I do know there is another William R. Huey in SC. at that time.

The William Rainey is definitely of interest to me. He could be William's maternal grandfather. Hmmm. Lots to look at for sure.

I sure wish I could break it down too! It was my goal for 2017 with all my DNA testing of Hughey relatives, but it doesn't look like it will happen this year.

Thanks! If you come up with any more ideas, PLEASE let me know on here! Thanks again!


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