Profile with patronym+last name as LNAB do not show up on search using the proper LN.

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If the system can't find them, there will be duplicates unless someone stumbles upon them.

I have found a few of them connecting to my ancestors, adopted them and changed to proper LNAB, wich I also will do with the profile mentioned here when enough people have seen it.

I would like to see the search find names that are part of double or triple last names.
WikiTree profile: Unknown Falk
in WikiTree Tech by Juha Soini G2G6 Pilot (101k points)
retagged by Abby Glann
When a person is born with both a patronym and a family surname, don't we normally treat the patronym as part of the given ("first") name?
Usually, yes. I put the patronym in the middle name field, but the erronous ones I have found are gedcom imports, left as they were and orphaned.
Oh, so the LNABs on these profiles need to be changed. :-)  That leads to the question of what the LNAB should be (patronymic name or family surname?). Maria Nilsdotter Falk is supposed to have been born in 1610. Were family surnames (such as Falk) in use in Finland at that early date, or is the "Falk" possibly a modern addition to her name?

FYI: I've not dealt with Finnish names, but other projects I'm more familiar with (such as projects for Netherlands and Sweden) advise people to put the patronymic name in the "first name" field and mark the person with "no middle name."
This is a daughter of a reverend. People higher up on the social ladder had surenames very early.

The actual question was how to find these profiles. I do not want to make a duplicate just because I can't find the original profile.
I have found in many instances I don't find the pre-existing until just after I make one. Then I have to merge them. :(
Like Juha, I put the patronymic in these cases in the middle name field.

I just view the middle name field as a name field placed in the middle - and it's nice to be able to use it for something, now and then. As far as I understand it doesn't ruin searches to have it there, either.

Of course I have noticed the aversion against the middle name field in some quarters, where it is viewed as carrying a very specific legal or semantic meaning.
Thanks for that clarification on the middle name, Eva.

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You are right.
She is not found by searching for either "Maria" "Nilsdotter" or "Maria" "Falk"
She CAN be found by searching for "Maria" "Nilsdotter Falk".

Of course it would be much better if she could be found by searching for "Maria" "Falk".
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (432k points)
I found the same thing.

I did find her with a Google search for Maria Falk, restricted to Wikitree. That kind of search can be run externally or from the Wikitree search page. It's not a solution for people who aren't tuned in to the problem, but if you suspect a person might exist with an inappropriate surname like this, it's feasible to find them that way.

When a former member is found to be associated with names like these, a stroll through their contributions history likely would find more.
Two good ideas in one comment.

Particularly the second one. I should do that more often.

In this instance, that second idea doesn't work as well as I hoped it would. The contributions history for the person who created the profile is full of dead end entries that look like "21:40: imported the data for from Karin-Blood.ged [Thank for this]" And most of the links that appear when I hover my mouse over the "imported the data" links and skim have valid LNABs (patronyms or family names) -- and very few of the links of any sort redirect to a valid profile (e.g., is a dead link).

Ah, that's a snag.

If orphaned = easy to go in and correct LNAB
if orphaned = not easy to find other profiles by same creator with same problem
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Thanks, Juha. We're hoping to work on some search improvements. I'll add your observations to our notes.
by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (468k points)

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