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If you are researching the Revolutionary War from a North Carolina perspective, I highly recommend the CD NC Patriots 1775-1783: Their Own Words which is a 3-volume set.  Almost 3,000 pages, it lists over 20,000 soldiers by name and provides accounts of battles participated in by NC units.  A description is available at  I am currently using it for some in-depth research one particular unit and update to an ancestor.

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You might also like the online database version of this book.  I am using it for finding the units of North Carolina Revolutionary War veterans and correlating pensions and the officers in the database.

If you know an officer that the veteran served under from the pension application, you can figure out the unit.
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I reviewed this.  It is a good resource.  In my case, it was not helpful.  I am trying to do detailed documentation on Kingsbury's Artillery Unit which was an NC based independent unit in the Continental Army.  Their website says they were at Valley Forge but the closest I can get them through a reliable document is  payroll voucher showing one member at York, 61 miles away.  Any suggestions.  Ellen, I hope you too are seeing this.

I just created a category for Kingsbury's Artillery Unit while working on some Barnes profiles..

Category: NC Artillery 1st Company, North Carolina Line, American Revolution  

Make sure to tag your profiles that were in this unit with the unit category, so that they can come together again in Wikitree..


Thank you.  I have identified all 44 members of the unit. I will add my 4th great grandfather to the category.  I am now preparing an article on the unit for our website.  The unit played an important role in the War and there are several genealogies floating around about members.  I am uncertain how many members are on Wikitree.
I have tried to put all the North Carolina Revolutionary War Veterans that I find with the {{1776|category=North Carolina, American Revolution}}.  This puts them in the [[Category:North Carolina, American Revolution]], so that may a good place to start to find the members of this unit.   You can also do a google search using the following: North Carolina Revolutionary artillery kingsbury

This limits the google results to wikitree.

There was also a second NC Artillery Unit, I believe.


The "North Carolina" Revolutionary soldiers profiels and unit categories are in much better shape in Wikitree than most other states.
Thank you.  You need to advertise this.  I did a Google search using
"" AND "[[ Category:North Carolina, American Revolution]]" and it gave me your complete listing alpha order.  I already had a list of the 44 members of the unit.  Soon I will go in and apply the new category you created to each patriot.
I am not well versed in this but maybe what I have will help.

My 4 G Grandfather Reuben Newman Sr Newman-5793 was a member of the 6th North Carolina Line of the Continental Army.

The best resource I have found is the Pension Applications at

This seems to be most reliable because it's under oath and gives details of their service.

Also, I don't remember where I read it, but you will find this "stirring"

Provisions for each regiment at Valley Forge was the responsibility of the individual states. It's recorded that General Washington commented, "The North Carolina Regiment was the worst provisioned troops at Valley Forge, yet had one of the lowest desertion rates."

Bad enough to be in those horrible conditions but to be on the sh(or)t end of the stick to boot.

Thank you Grandfather!

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