Challenge of the week: Improve orphaned profiles

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Hi WikiTreers,

Will you join our "Data Doctors" Challenge of the week?

Once again, Aleš has come up with something to help us work together on a category of profiles that need our help. This time it's "orphans," i.e. profiles without Profile Managers.

Here is the list of orphaned profiles that could use some TLC.

Will you join us?

Every time you record a status update it will earn you a point. The member with the most points at 11:59pm EDT on Sunday night will get the Winner badge this week and the bragging rights. But we'll all benefit from a neater, cleaner shared tree.

If you're participating, please post here to let us know. It's nice to cheer each other on. Or post if you have any questions about how to participate.

Thanks for helping!

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asked in The Tree House by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Eowyn Langholf
Challenge is opened.

Sheet updated. Challenge of the week is under "Week Challenge" tab located at the bottom.  spreadsheet  instructions

Thanks Steven :-)
I've just come across another exception for Aleš; error 608 is picking up Zetland as an error for Zeeland.  Zetland is the old name for Shetland, although in fairness these profiles don't include the country.  I'm marking it as a false error and am adding the country for now.

Adding country is correct approach and it also fixes the error. For 608 suggestion ent of the string is checked.

Also I don't know where Zetland is, so country will help.

Zetland is a suburb of Sydney, Australia. This probably isn't what is meant.

Zetland is also the archaic spelling for shetland as in Shetland Islands which are part of Scotland. This is probably the one meant.

Zeeland is a western province in the Netherlands.

Sorry, Aleš.  As Steven said, Zetland is the old spelling for Shetland - the islands to the north of Scotland.  The profiles are sourced so I know it's the Scottish islands they're referring to.

Not that I was asking, I just gave an example of why country should be used in location fields.
Thank you Ales for mentioning Location data!!!!

I add to WikiTree mostly through gedcom files transfers.  So I see a lot of various Profiles, probably more than most folks.  I can't believe the amount of Profiles that have an exact birth date or date of death and no location at all.  Not even country. I think the system should not permit you to continue if you add a date and not a location.  Or put up a Red Warning when you go to save the data about how a location is essential to WIkiTree to help stop duplicates and for searching in general.  I do think many do not have any info as the person adding does not have an exact location.  The Red Box warning could explain that even a state, province, etc. or just country is better than nothing.

And yes, I know I am the bane of "REAL" WikiTree genealogists and going to WikiTree hell for adding by use of gedcom uploads. But I would say my uploaded Profiles are better than most Profiles I come across.  The new GedcomPare is a boon to helping there. Do I make mistakes, yep.  Only human.  But I do fix em when I find em.

And while I have your attention.  Not sure if Magnus passed on to you I owe you a beer or three for the Category Display Structure function you created.  I love it.  So if you're ever in the Pittsburgh, PA area....   LJ
There are also many partial Addresses for Zetland in Redcar North Yorkshire UK  -  i.e. Park, Road etc. Also pub Marquis of Zetland not unknown in Northern England

26 Answers

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If you would like to help get more attention for these orphans--please add the {{unsourced}} template above the ==Biography== heading to any without sources or only a tree as a source. This will bring the sourcerers to the profile.

If you want to go an extra step, you can add the state for the USA or the country like this {{unsourced|Georgia}} or {{unsourced|England}} with a separator line.  This will assure the profile will be sourced by someone who works especially in those areas.

answered by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (515k points)
Ooh.. I can do that!! I'll see what I can do to help on this one :)
+9 votes
I'll try to do some of the English ones this week.
answered by Joan Whitaker G2G6 Mach 4 (46.8k points)
+8 votes
I want to help the orphans! Working on 721 in 1800-1899
answered by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (515k points)
Thank you for your spreadsheet patronage. :D
I like to, ahem, mark my territory ;-)
+8 votes
I'll be working on the orphans as well on all kinds of different errors
answered by Stephanie Stults G2G6 Mach 3 (31k points)
Thanks Stephanie. Go Roses :-)
+8 votes
I'm in. Working on open profile requests.
answered by Deb Durham G2G6 Pilot (484k points)
ooh, that's a fun one!  Go Roses :-)

(P.S.  Did you delete your SAT bib image?  It is no longer working on the SAT team page) I will take a look.
It had disappeared, Emma, but I had never deleted it. I've uploaded it again.
+8 votes
I'll start with 511s, 1800's -Virginia using Emma's nifty suggestion.
answered by Elizabeth Coltrane G2G6 Mach 1 (11.8k points)
+7 votes
I will dip into some over the weekend
answered by Esmé van der Westhuizen G2G6 Mach 7 (75.8k points)
+5 votes
Louisiana orphans!
answered by Stephanie Ward G2G6 Mach 3 (30.5k points)
+5 votes
Will start on Australia - 511 Unique names 1800 - 1900 - Open
answered by Roger Davey G2G6 Mach 1 (13.3k points)
edited by Roger Davey
+4 votes
Will try to get a few done since I'm holed up with a cold and can't go outside and enjoy this cold weather.
answered by Kim Williams G2G6 (9.4k points)
Colds suck.  I hope WikiTree is the cure!  Get better soon:-)
+3 votes
I will work on these
answered by Joe Patterson G2G6 (8.9k points)
+3 votes
Seem to be on a cemeteries Kick at the moment so will start on error 573 and then probably 571/572 after that.
answered by Darren Kellett G2G6 Mach 6 (69.7k points)
+4 votes
I'm working on the French ones. Very very slow progress as I can't help trying to source them, also found several World War I KIA and had to create cemetery categories, etc. Interesting, though.
answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (193k points)
How do you find the French only ones from those that are orphaned?  I can work on the French 721s first (if there are any)
I'm doing it the other way around - using the France suggestion list and finding orphans in it. I did the same for merges last week - except I had only one suggestion to work, so it was easier - and that still got scored.
That's what I just did. The French orphans with 721s are completed :-)
When you have problems with List approach, you can also use search with not too big number of errors.

You can use this and click find suggestion
Nice.  Thank you Aleš :-)
Yes, very helpful, thank you !
+3 votes
I'll attack the Scottish orphans!
answered by Sheena Tait G2G6 Mach 3 (31.8k points)
No, no, we are trying to save them not attack them, LOL ;-)
+2 votes
I'll work on this!
answered by Joyce Rivette G2G6 Mach 2 (21.2k points)
+2 votes
I'll do a few.  Won't have internet access toward the end of the week, but maybe I can get a couple done before that.
answered by Cindi Clark G2G6 Mach 1 (18.2k points)
+3 votes

Potential Adopt-a-thon!!!

More and more people are using the spreadsheet and starting to talk in the chat feature. You just have to remember to go to the week challenge tab at the bottom. spreadsheet instructions

Further, this is an awesome time to find relatives to adopt and manage. Plus, if you adopt them you don't have to worry about the PM getting upset with you. :D

All of your help is definitely appreciated and helps keep Wikitree a vibrant and growing community. Keep up the good work.

answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (149k points)
+3 votes
I finally figured out what step I was missing after I made a change—wrong status button. That's why I keep trying; eventually I figure out something new.

Now, on to orphan files.
answered by Victoria English G2G6 Mach 1 (18.9k points)
Well done, Victoria :-)
+2 votes
My favorite category!  I love to give some attention to abandoned profiles.  I probably won't have time to do a lot this week, but I'll try to do a bit.
answered by Karen Harbert G2G6 Mach 2 (26.1k points)
One of my favorites too :-)  Go Roses!
+2 votes
I'll help as much as I can
answered by Pat Kelynack G2G6 Mach 3 (39.5k points)

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