Could the wonderful people from the Hebrew/Dutch/German Roots help with Sourcing this Family please.

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Hi all, I found a Family while working on Unsourced profiles who have Jewish, Dutch & German Roots/Links. Aaron Jacobs Polak & Hendrina Nathans & son Joseph Aarons. I did manage to find a number of Aaron(Aron Polak)'s children on death records in WieWasWie but they don't have Wiki profiles yet. I can't find Joseph's birth. He & his wife died in Australia. Aaron/Aron: possibly born Israel; Hendrina: possibly b. Netherlands; Joseph: possibly b. Netherlands, his wife Rachael b. Germany, and children born Germany, England & Australia. Joseph & Rachael moved to England. A very pregnant Rachael (mother of 3 children) stole a roll of cloth while in the company of her husband, was caught, & both ended up being transported to Australia as Convicts, fortunately with their children. The 4th child born in prison. A sad story. There was no compassion in the 17/1800's. I would appreciate if they could get the TLC they deserve. Hopefully Dutch, Jewish & German Roots can help. I am assuming there are Jewish & German Roots teams. Thanks so much. Eileen (Hathaway-1809).
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This is what I found:  PDF RTF 

 ‎Aaron Jacobs Polak‏‎ #1918‎
Geboren ‎± 1739‎, bron: Alle Drenten Overlijden, overleden ‎13 jan 1814 (21 Tevet 5574) Smilde, Drente, Nederland‎, ongeveer 75 jaar, bron: Alle Drenten Overlijden

Huwelijk/ Relatie met:

 ‎ Hendrina Nathans‏‎ #1919‎
Geboren ‎10 aug 1742 (10 Av 5502) Valkenburg, Zuid-Holland, Nederland‎, bron: Alle Drenten Overlijden, overleden ‎11 mrt 1827 (12 Adar II 5587) Smilde, Drente, Nederland‎, 84 jaar, bron: Alle Drenten Overlijden

 ‎ Jacob Aron Jacobs Polak‏‎ #3063‎ relatie met ‎Roosje Noachs ten Brink‎
Geboren ‎27 sep 1774 (22 Tishrei 5535) Smilde, Drente, Nederland‎, bron: Genlias Overlijden/Deaths, overleden ‎26 sep 1849 (10 Tishrei 5610) Veenhuizen, Drenthe, Nederland‎, 74 jaar, bron: Genlias Overlijden/Deaths
 ‎ Zoetje Arons Polak‏‎ #994‎ 1e relatie met ‎Nathan Simons Magnus‎, 2e huwelijk met ‎Hartog Levij Herschel‎
Geboren ‎1779 Smilde, Drente, Nederland‎, bron: Genlias Overlijden/Deaths, overleden  ‎25 jun 1835 (28 Sivan 5595) Smilde, Drente, Nederland‎, 55 of 56 jaar, bron: Genlias Overlijden/Deaths. Beroep: koopvrouw, bron: Huwelijksakte
 ‎ Sara Aarons Polak‏‎ #3064‎ gehuwd met ‎Levie Jacob Leezer‎
Geboren ‎3 mrt 1788 (24 Adar 5548) Smilde, Drente, Nederland‎, bron: Alle Drenten Overlijden, overleden ‎10 apr 1875 (5 Nisan 5635) Rolde, Drenthe, Nederland‎, 87 jaar, bron: Alle Drenten Overlijden
by Herman Overmars G2G6 Mach 3 (33.5k points)
selected by Niek Boevé
 Aaron Jacob Polak‏‎
Geboren ‎± 1743, overleden ‎13 jan 1814 Smilde‎, ongeveer 71 jaar

Huwelijk/ Relatie met:

 ‎ Henderina Nathans‏‎
Geboren ‎10 aug 1742 Valkenburg, ZH, overleden  ‎11 mrt 1827 Smilde‎, 84 jaar

 ‎ Jacob Arons Polak‏‎ relatie met ‎Rosien Noachs ten Brink‎
Geboren ‎27 sep 1774 Smilde, overleden ‎27 sep 1849 Norg‎, 75 jaar, doodsoorzaak: verdronken
 ‎ Soetje Aärons Polak‏‎ 1e relatie met ‎Nathan Sijmons Magnus‎, 2e huwelijk met ‎Hartog Levij Herschel‎
Geboren ‎± 1779 Smilde, overleden ‎25 jun 1835 Smilde‎, ongeveer 56 jaar
 ‎ Izak Arons Polak‏‎ relatie met ‎Roosje Levij‎
Geboren ‎04 jan 1780 Smilde, overleden ‎20 sep 1869 Smilde‎, 89 jaar
 ‎ Heiman Aron Smilde‏‎ relatie met ‎Beeltje Hartog Hes‎
Geboren ‎± 1785 Smilde, overleden ‎19 jan 1847 Groningen‎, ongeveer 62 jaar
 ‎ Sara Aärons Polak‏‎ gehuwd met ‎Levy Jacobs Leezer‎
Geboren ‎03 mrt 1788 Smilde, overleden ‎10 apr 1875 Rolde‎, 87 jaar
Thanks Herman. The same children I found, Jan found & now you. So who was Joseph Arons/Aarons? Strange. He was married in Germany, so I wonder if he was born in Germany. Just because there's no record of birth doesn't mean much as there aren't any for his siblings either. We have a record of them because of their marriages and/or deaths which cite age or birth date. Joseph married and died outside the Netherlands. I need to find other kinds of records like Census etc.
I don't think Joseph's surname is Polak, but Just Aärons( ben Aaron), maybe you can try, if there is an circumsision Record.
Thanks Herman. I hadn't thought of that. No success but who knows when a bit of new information will open a door to the answers.
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Could not find any data on Joseph (yet). In trees on the web he is not mentioned as son of Aaron and Hendrina.

Pre-1811 primary sources for Jewish people in the Netherlands are very hard to find (no church records).

by Jan Terink G2G6 Pilot (257k points)

Thanks Jan, Those children on trees on the web are the same five I managed to find today with Death Sources (& Sara's Marriage). Joseph's death certificate has his parents as Aaron and Hannah, but in Australia its not unusual for names to be Anglicized, so I thought he may have known his mum to be Hannah not Hendrina. Henny=Hanna(h). He had a daughter born in Aus. named Hannah. My dad in law Oege was called Hugo.

Eileen's "Trees on the web" (see above, and the name "Sjoa Drentha") is a mighty, large site for Jewish and Hebrew compendia and missing information. I haven't completely explored it, but have written asking the owners' permission to do so. The site is free charge; it is possibly a very valuable source for its "75,000" people listed. For any person the specific place of death for the many who were killed in the camps; it lists by family trees as well. You should have a printout of names/dates/places you're researching at your side. Thanks for uncovering it for many of us.
Thanks Roberta, but it was actually Jan Terink who provided the link to Trees on the web

He was able to find the family but not the person on that site. I'm having trouble trying to find my way around it. :)
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Hi Eileen,

I just found this, I don't know if you've already seen it, but do have a look.

Hope it helps

M Samuels Blundell  (samuels-515)
by Mary Blundell G2G6 (6.8k points)
Great story.
IT is, but still no leads, to any Ancestors.
Thank you. Very interesting, and much of the information I have managed to glean already for the times from their arrest, transportation and arrival in Australia, but I need sources for births/circumcisions, some proof of parentage, marriage cert. for Joseph & Rachael, & births of children, so I will keep hunting. Once they arrive in Aus. it is much easier to follow their journey but before the arrest is somewhat of a mystery. Sorry I haven't replied earlier. It's been a busy week. :)
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Digitaal Duplicaat: Microfiches Doop-, Trouw- en Begraafboeken (DTB) van Suriname (Birth, Marriage and Death records Suriname, a lot is really bad and almost impossible to read, but some are transcribed) 

From  Surinaams Aantekeningregister van huwelijken tussen Joden gesloten, ten overstaan van raden van politie. 1735-1742 1 deel 

are these marriages: 

 Marriage Namen: Levy Hartogh & Rachel Davids, weduwe van Aron Jacobs Polak Datum: 21 juli 1739 (?)] Suriname

 Emanuel Maghielse & Marianna Arons Polak, weduwe van Joost Hamelburg Datum: onbekend, maar 1739 of later gebaseerd op scan 17

Namen: Moses Aron Polak & Sara Levie Datum: 22 september 1740

For leads this might help, although here also nothing about Aaron Jacobs Polak his parents (only his fathers first name, which of course is known because of the Patronymic Jacobs) Dutch Jewry

And this one is a Genealogy for Jewish families in Assen (Drenthe) 

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (281k points)
edited by Bea Wijma
Thank you Bea, I wonder if these, Rachel Davids (widow of) and Aron Jacobs Polak, may be the parents of Aron Jacobs Polak who was born around 1739 [ BS Overlijden met Aaron Polak]. Although the father not being named Jacob is an issue, but if he was born after the father died, mother may have named him the same????!

The repeated names are fun eeh :P soo confusing, because if they all named their children after the ancestors, one would guess they are related somehow..

I don't think he was a son of a man named A(a)ron though, in the actual record he is only mentioned as Aaron Jacobs (merchant), the men who reported his death were bookkeeper Jozef Levij (age 34) and Benjamin Philippus Frank (age 24) merchant  they don't seem to be related because they are mentioned as neighbours (naburen)

I think maybe we can find more in Groningen, there they have a whole lot of circumcision records, so if we are lucky, they all went there..

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