Looking for ancestors of William (Willie) E. Hunt, born July 1875. He died in Halesburg, Alabama in August 1964.

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He was married to Sarah Alice Faulk and had four children; Adora, Mary E., John Henry, and Robbie Lucille.  His mother was listed in a census as Camiller (Milley) Starling, born Jackson.  I know that she was married to Daniel Hunt, however, on Williams Hunt Death Certificate, his father is listed as Allen Hunt.  If any one know anything about him please let me know.  I had worked 7 years on this and can find no information.
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She's confusing, isn't she?  I found her in the 1870 and 1880 census records for Henry County, Alabama.  In 1870 she's living in Georgia with Mary Ann Starling b. 1856 in Alabama,  John H Starling b. 1857 in Alabama, Franky C Starling (female) b. 1861 in Alabama, Dora Hunt b. 1861 in Alabama, and Lewis Warren Hunt b. 1868 in Alabama.

I also found a marriage record for Milly Jackson and Henry Starling dated 1855, that's on Family Search.


In 1880 she's in Henry County, Alabama and states she's divorced.  Living with her are: Henry Hunt age 23 (this is probably John Henry Starling from the last census), Frankie Hunt (this is Franky C...I wonder what her real name is? ) age 18, Adora Hunt age 16, Louis Hunt (Lewis Warren, probably) age 12, and William Hunt, age 5.   

You probably already know that Camilla's father is Daniel Jackson.  Perhaps that's the cause of the confusion?

I also found this charming story in a public tree, of which there are many with Camilla Jackson and her children, but none listing the name of the Hunt childrens' father:

Chapter 4  "The Bend of the Abbie" by Linnie J. Stokes published about 1976 by the Henry County Historical Society, abbeville, Alabama
William Madison Jackson, born 1812, married a Starling.
He and his wife had two children, Camilla, born in 1833,
and Robert Edward*, born in 1835.
Camilla, or Millie as she was called, married James Henry
Starling in 1854. Millie and James Henry had three children, a son, James Henry, Jr., born in 1855, and two daughters,
Dora. born in 1858. and Frankie, born in 1860.**

Millie's husband enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861, a
few months later was killed in battle, and buried at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A few months later, Millie married Robert Cureton, a Confederate soldier home on furlough. He, too, was soon slain in battle.

After the Civil War ended, Millie married a William Hunt.
Two sons were born of this union, William, Jr., and Lewis. But
again Millie became a widow as Mr. Hunt soon died.

And here enters the story of Mr. Alfred Starling.
He too, had been thrice wed.
Alfred's son, Robert Starling, related this story to me.
Robert says that his mother had been dead for only a few
weeks but he and his brothers had worked up a healthy dislike of cooking and keeping house. They consulted their father about getting someone to help with these odious chores and suggested to him that he seek a helpmate.
Mr. Alfred informed his sons that if he needed their advice, he
would ask for it, and in the meantime to mind their own business.
Mr. Alfred hitched Old Bill, the mule, to the buggy and was on
his way to "look around."
Millie lived nearby in a little log house that had a chimney
made of sticks and mud. As Mr. Alfred approached the house,
Millie was in her little kitchen cooking supper She opened the
wooden shutter, looked out and spoke to her neighbor.
Alfred was obviously a man of few words and stated his business immediately by saying, "Millie, I'm looking for someone to turn my Hoe Cakes***. How about you?"
To which she replied, "I've turned enough Hoe Cakes so the
answer is no."
Alfred told Old Bill to go along, but Millie reconsidered in a
hurry, ran out the door and called Alfred. He stopped Old Bill. She walked up beside the buggy and asked Alfred if he were serious.
He replied, "Yes, Millie, I really am looking for a wife.”
She answered, "Just wait a moment. You've come to the right
They were married and lived happily for many years.
Camilla (Millie) Jackson must have been a beautiful lady as it
seems husbands were always available. Also, she must have been a Christian lady. Her church membership was at Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church. (Mount Zion is believed to be one of the first established churches in Henry County.) As the years passed, other churches organized, and her descendants are listed on many church rolls.

taken from http://boards.ancestry.netscape.com/thread.aspx?o=10&m=


I found Dora Hunt Faulk's death record online, it lists her father as "Louis Hunt", which is the name of one of her Hunt siblings.

I think if I had more time I could find out more, but this may be enough to get you started back in the right direction.  I have to stop looking at this computer screen and tend to my house now or I'll be divorced again!
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Thank you so much, Denise, for your prompt reply.  Most of the info I have, but, some of it is new and I really appreciate your taking the time to send it.  I know it says that William Hunt was Papa's( William Hunt) father but, again I can find no record of Millie's marriage to a Crueton or a William Hunt.  I do have Marriages in Henry County for her and Henry Starling, Daniel Hunt, and Alfred Starling.  That's why I thought maybe Daniel was his father.  But then on his death certificate it states his father as Allen hunt, so that where I am getting confused.  Thanks again for your help.    Susan

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