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My Great-grandfather, Jacob Baur [[Baur-224]] served at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Gibbon, MN from 1889-1893

The following are relevant items I could pick out from the German and would appreciate knowing the surrounding information. The picture captions would also be great.

1) Page 97: Pastor J Baur

2) Other family names I picked out.

2.1) Harms

2.2) Rodewald

3) Other relevant information I know about this church.

3.1) Lydia Baur:born 1890

3.2) Alfred Baur:born 1893

3.3) Christian Buerkle: relative and charter member

3.4) John Bentz: relative and charter member

3.5) Daughter congregation of St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Moltke Township, MN

I apologize for the rotated pictures. Clicking on the image will take you to an on-line image in the proper orientation.

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Just can't get a horizontal view and website only gives one step magnification which makes reading sideways really hard. If you can  get a proper horizontal representation I could give it a try.
Thanks for your kind offer of help. Please see my revised post. The links will take you to the pictures' wiki pages where they properly display. Thanks!

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Short History of the Evangelical-Lutheran Immanuel Parish in Gibbon, Minn.

The Immanuel parish in Gibbon, Minnesota, was founded in 1885 by the pastor J. Frey from Moltke Township, Sibley Co., Minnesota. The first assembly and the first church services took place at the English school house. The following men were present at the setup: A. Papke, H. Stockmann, Fritz Burdorf, C. Bahr, C. Dießner, W. Müffelmann, W. Vorwerk, J. Nikolei, F. Zülke, C. Brummund, G. Lehmann, August Lehmann. From these the following men were elected as first officers: A. Papke and H. Stockmann, churchwardens; F. Burdorf and C. Bahr, trustees; C. Dießner, secretary.
In the same year the parish joined the Minnesota synod. In January of the following year, 1886, it was decided to build a church and for this purpose 8 acres of land were purchased at the city limits during this year and a church 28x50 was erected. Despite the fact that the parish was hindered in its growth by the presence of the large Swedish settlement South of Gibbon it had grown enough that by the year 1889 one could think about the appointment of it's own pastor. Therefore, the parish built during this year a rectory and called on pastor J. Baur of Sanborn, Minnesota, who accepted the call and served the parish until 1894. In that year he felt the need to move to another area and, therefore, the post became vacant. During this vacancy the women's association was founded which has now for 15 years served the parish well, especially in keeping the church well and tastfully appointed. In the year 1895 the parish called on pastor J. Naumann of Wolsey, South Dakota. The neighboring parish of Fairfax, Minnesota had also called on him, so that pastor J. Naumann now served both parishes. Later he also founded the parish in Winthrop Minnesota. Both branches, however, had grown enough that by the year 1900 they called their own pastors. During pastor Naumann's tenure the parish built a school, 24x30. In 1904 the parish built an addition to the rectory. However, even before it was completed the pastor felt it necessary to follow a call to Wood Lake, Minnesota. The parish succeded in getting another pastor in short time. It called on pastor Hy. Böttcher from Springfield, Minnesota, who soon after took office. Since the parish had over the years grown to the point of considering hiring a teacher it decided in 1905 to offer the position to the teacher candidate F. Grimm. He accepted and has until now led the school of 50 children. In the spring of 1909 the parish built him a home. Since the church cannot contain the number of believers very well any more one has already obtained a plan for a large addition. However, the execution of this plan has been postponed for a later time. The parish has now 72 voting members. All together 102 families belong to the church. Voting members are the following men: H. Bade, C. Block, G. Briese, J. Briese, H. Briese, H. Bruns, S. Brost, F. Burdorf, W. Bandow, F. Bandow, W. Hoppenstedt, F. Hoppenstedt, J. Huhnerberg, F. Jäckel, W. Jäckel, F. Kramer, H. Kramer, A. Lehmann, F. Lenz, W. Leske, F. Lubitz, A. Müller, sr., A. Müller, jr., J. Müller, W. Niebuhr, J. Niebuhr, W. Ohland, W. Pundt, W. Rebtmann, C. Schauer, W. Schempf, J. Schempf, H. Stockmann, C. Walter, H. Schröder, C. Stuber, S. Walter, Eb. Stolp, H. Sommer, L. Penk, Hy, Stiehm, C. Pagel, A. Friedrich, W. Müffelmann, R. Michaelis, F. Harms, J. Truwe, P. Vorwerk, Hy. Rodewaldt, Otto Radweg, R. Carstens, B. Leske, L. Bahr, H. Sprengeler, O. fritz, R. Block, A. Schlember, J. Hußfeld, P. miller, R. Pleß, Otto Pleß, J. Boock. Of these are officers: churchwarden, Fritz Burdorf, H. Bruns, G. Briese; school principal, H. Bruns, F. Harms, A. Müller; trustees, W. Ohland, W. Bandow, J. Boock; cashier, A. Müller, sr., and F. Bandow; secretary, F. Burdorf.
During the existence of the parish there were 433 baptisms, 239 confirmations, 65 marriages and 113 burials. So the Lord was with his church at this place, so that it can celebrate in this year it's silver jubilee, as the synod celebrates it's golden.
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