Joane Reynolds Parents?

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This is a tough question so you have been warned! LOL

I am trying to find Joane Reynolds's parents. Here is what I do know;

Lady Joane Reynolds b. 1577 England - d. 1620 VA

Joane married;

Lord Ralfe Gibson b. 1574 England - d. 1621 VA

FYI, I have the DESCENDANTS and all of that is good!

Some records show Thomas Reynolds b 1550 England as her father. Which seems to be correct as far as the timeline goes. But the mother is a mystery. Here is why;

Jane Powell married Thomas Reynolds 5 Nov 1593. I have seen the record for this and it does appear this is correct. But how can JANE POWELL be the mother of Joane Reynolds born 1577 when Thomas and Jane don't marry until 1593!

It appears that Thomas must have married JANE POWELL late in life and was married to someone else prior her, who would also be the mother of Joane Reynolds and the other siblings. 

So who really was Lady Joane Reynolds's mother?

Thanks for any leads on the mother!

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You got me interested I have a Hannah Gibson in my family tree and can find nothing about her direct line at all!!XD haha. So I'm gonna start doing some research on this.Thank you(:
It can be for many reasons such as adopting a cousin. could also be she got married to someone earlier and Powell was that mans sur-name and is not her maiden name and the daughter kept it..

Hi Troy,

It is really hard to know what is going on here. But the Gibson line seems correct to me on the family tree. So that is all good. 

I also feel that Joane Reynolds is correct but her dad and mother are still questionable. 

Maybe DNA will eventually get this figured out. 

I do know my dad's haplogroup R-L21 and he is a Reynolds. But this lineage to the Gibson's isn't part of our primary lineage. Although, it could tie in but I have hit the proverbial brick wall on my 4th GGF on the Reynolds line.

If you get the Gibson's line on Hannah figured out, let me know if she ties into Ralfe Gibson. 

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Hi Shelley

I think it's a bit more difficult because there aren't any sources on those profiles to confirm that they emigrated to Virginia (or sources for anything  else like the years they were born and died).

If they were members of the gentry, then it's possible they moved from manor to manor, but at the moment, Joane is born in Wiltshire, her husband in Northamptonshire and their son in Yorkshire and that seems to ring a few alarm bells.  Also the only source is about the Reynolds family from Essex.

Perhaps you already have sources, but if not I would be going back and confirming all those details first and then maybe that will give you extra clues about Joane's parents?

Also I doubt they would have had any rights to be titled Lord and Lady?
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (429k points)

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply. The paper trail is missing on these people that is the problem. I have nothing to confirm any of this. I did see where Thomas Reynolds married in 1593 but I question to who that really was. This was on ancestry and I have found they are not that reliable. Also, marrying in 1593 was really late in his life. 

At this point, I don't think Jane Powell could be the mother of Joane Reynolds. If Thomas married her in 1593 that is way too late for her to be Joane's mom. Also, there is a few references that Jane might have died in 1571. Or maybe that was his first wife who died in 1571 after Ann Reynolds was born, Joane's older sister. I am just speculating here. 

Either way, Jane doesn't appear to be the mother of Joane Reynolds b. 1577. Jane would have either passed away in 1571 or she was wife #2 and married Thomas late in life.

Also, I agree the titles were there but no proof! This drives me bananas. I put it in there because that is how I found them. 

FYI, This Thomas Reynolds isn't the son of Christopher Reynolds. I have researched this a lot. This Thomas was born in 1550 and the son of Christopher Reynolds, his Thomas was born 1564. So this seems like another dead end. Where is DNA when you need it!


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