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I have a problem finding my GEDMATCH NUMBER. The site informs me that it is different from the KIT ID. Does anyone know were to find it? This is a question relating to the GEDMATCH web page.

1414) ERROR: Unable to find GEDCOM 269993. Check to make sure you correctly typed the GEDCOM number.
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This is how to recover your Gedmatch kit number.
Enter your email address in the email field.
Look for the Forgot your password or wish to change your password? and  Click HERE
 This process will take you through how to recover your kit number and then you can write it down somewhere.


I have the same problem. It shows me my kit number,  but says I don’t have a kit.
My problem too.
Having the same issue!
Gedmatch recently closed their original site.  All kits have been migrated to the Genesis site.  Log into the Genesis site It lists the following numbers for you:

User Profile Number (I think this is the new version of your ID)

Any kits you have uploaded along with a new number for any converted kits to the Genesis site.

WikiTree has not set up the ability to add a Genesis number yet (unless it happened recently and I missed it...  )  

I would keep an eye on this thread that talks about it

Adding example: here is my Genesis Kit Number matches (shows nothing available in GEDmatch). 3,000 matches.

So, there is no way to provide DNA results using Genesis Kit Number, correct? GEDMatch id is no longer operable.

Just Checking,


All of the kits that were in GedMatch have been migrated to Genesis and they are there for results.  If you mean by results seeing your matches that all works.  

However, to the best of my knowledge WT has not yet changed the programming on the DNA registration page here on WT to work with the new Genesis version.  No idea why or why not.  

But I am able to run all kinds of reports and even triangulation out of the free Genesis side of GedMatch.
Download your Raw DNA again and start over

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Have you uploaded one of your DNA tests to GEDmatch yet ? If you haven't, here is the website:

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I believe all GEDMATCH kit numbers have a letter at the front as part of the naming convention. Mine starts with A because I uploaded my Ancestry DNA test. FamilyTreeDNA is presumably F and so on. I hope that helps you find your kit number!
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GEDmatch changed F to T for Family Finder tests from Family Tree DNA.  Also the number following the letter are no longer the Family Tree DNA kit number.
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I think this may be a duplicate of

As Lynda noted in that question, the GEDCOM (a family tree in the text-based GEDCOM standard) uploaded to your GEDmatch account has no bearing here on WikiTree. Information about the GEDmatch GEDCOM can be found here:

Worth noting is that you provide a name for the GEDCOM uploaded to GEDmatch. That name is user-assigned (some descriptive title of the family tree) and is not the same as your GEDmatch DNA "kit number." If the error message is at GEDmatch, I'd hazard to say this is the likely culprit. The six digits shown are probably part of a kit number, not a name assigned to a GEDCOM file. WikiTree uses only the kit numbers.

Not including Genesis, which has a separate numbering scheme, GEDmatch kit numbers start with one letter, followed by six digits:

  • 23andMe kit numbers start with M
  • AncestryDNA kit numbers start with A
  • Family Tree DNA kit numbers start with T
  • MyHeritageDNA kit numbers start with H
  • WeGene kit numbers start with W

Genesis kit numbers start with two letters, followed by seven digits.

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Just to complete the table, as Peter said above, the older Family Finder ID numbers began with F, and you can still run into some of them.  I thought they were supposed to be converted, but you can still find them.

  • Older Family Tree DNA kit numbers start with F
The 2 letters that begin Genesis kit ID's appear to be random.
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Use the user look-up feature on gedmatch - put in your e-mail address and it will supply your kit #
by Beryl Meehan G2G6 Mach 2 (24.8k points)

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