Why is it claimed that John Woody III was the son of John Woody II when there is nothing to support this?

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I'm very confused by the John Woody II and John Woody III connection.  Prior to widespread DNA analysis, I was always suspicious as to how this link was made, but accepted it as a generally plausible idea in lieu of any documentation.  My understanding of the facts are that there is no record of John Woody III's presence or birth in Massachusetts.  Furthermore, thanks to the Woody Family Project where they are mapping the Y-DNA of male descendants of the various Woody patriarchs, it is very clear that male descendants of the John Woody III line are in the "I" Haplogroup whereas all of the Woody men descended from all other Woody patriarchs are in the "R" Haplogroup.  Clearly this shows that the John Woody III of history is not the son/grandson of John Woody I and II.

I welcome any input and discussion regarding this and hope to clear up something that has many people befuddled.
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John Woody III does exist. John Woody II does exist. There is no information connecting them or disputing the connection (except lack of evidence).  So I am first cleaning up the Woody ii and his ancestors profiles. Some of the confusions lies in links provided there.  Then I will move on to Woody III onward. I have a pretty complete well sourced record for that. Than I think there should be a large warning at the top of the II and III profiles that there is nothing to prove their connection, and they are  either connected or not connected  because of A. b. C.  I think this is one of those things that cannot be resolved definitively- or at least that is what I think at the moment. That too might change.


BTW I am descended from John Woody III by way of Robert and his daughter Elizabeth.
Perhaps this will help.  I do not know who authored this, but I am posting it here as it may contain more clues:

"A few notes on what I learned about John Woody who married Mary Lindley.

His birth date of 1715 was an estimate made by an early researcher based on how old he would have been when he got married. There is no documentation of his age or his birth.

Property documents in North Carolina and Maryland were signed with a mark indicating that John could not read or write.

The will witnessed by John Woody in PA had a very well trained writing hand and thus not the same John Woody. John Woody was never seen by anyone other than the other will witness and I have concluded it was possibly and invention of the other witness to satisfy legal requirements.

I had a Boston Genealogical Researcher go through the records.  He observed that: 1. There is no John Woody mentioned in any Boston area records between 1697 and 1739 (The year that John married Mary Lindley). 2 The last two records of a John Woody in the Boston area prior to that period were death records. John Woody (Often called John I) son of Isaac and Dorcas Woody whose will was written 4 Feb 1690/91 and probated starting 22 May 1695 and John Woody son of John Woody died 17 Apr 1697. 3. There is no mention of a son John (Often referred to as John II) in John Woody's probate starting 22 May 1695. 4. All family members designated to act as officials in John I's probate process declined to do so. 5. John I was literate.  

The researcher has concluded that 1. John II died before the probate starting 22 May 1695 as no one was appointed  to look after him or his interests and 2. John I had nothing but debts when he died.

Regarding the John Woody son of John who died in 1697, he has not researched it specifically so the researcher could only speculate.

I did not request that further research as there is no John Woody mentioned in Boston area records after the death in 1697.  Therefore the hypothesis that the John Woody who married to Mary Lindley in Maryland in 1738 was from the Boston area is not supported by  documentation and thus his connection to the family of Richard Woody of Boston is not documented.  The research does establish that it is very unlikely that the John Woody who married Mary Lindley  is the Great Grandson of Isaac Woody and Dorcas Woody via their son John. In other words, the John I, John II, John III theory is highly unlikely'

More generally, I have concluded that the connection to Boston Woody's can neither be proved or disproved. Given the lack of documentation I have decided that I do not know the birth date or parentage of John Woody who married Mary Lindley and will no longer carry the Boston Woody's in my family tree.  

If anyone wishes to contact the researcher to request further research, let me know and I will give you the contact number.

I hope this is more clarifying than confusing."
If your ancestor is John Woody III, is it safe to say that John Woody II is not a biological relative based on DNA evidence? It's impossible for JW3 to be in the I group if his father was a R, something clearly demonstrated and well documented by the DNA.

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I think the simple answer is that people jump to unwarranted conclusions a lot, but it's probably worth also considering that there could be a non-paternity somewhere too. Just looking it over briefly, I think this probably is a false conflation of two different people though.
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All you have to do is look at the mess in John Woody IV and realize that the people - at least some of them - are out of their league. John Woody II is my 9th great grandfather, so I will look into this further. He died prior to the birth of John Woody III by my records.  John is a common name and there could be a John III, son of another John Woody II.
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If it can be demonstrated that John Woody II died prior to the birth of John Woody III, what steps could be taken to correct the entries for the aforementioned men so as to bring clarity?
I'm rounding up citations for his death date. Nothing I have found so far contradicts the death date I have. Once that is clear - just disconnect the kids from him and his wife.

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