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Could you please help locate Hollingsworth cousins. I am a Hollingsworth, but I am not finding any obvious DNA matches on Ancestry or here. I'm still new to this so I may be doing something wrong or not seeing what is right before my eyes. Thanks in advance!

My gedmatch is A710143


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Do you have the birth year, marriage year and or death year of your four grandparents? Same question for your great grandparents. What was the location for each event, birth, marriage, death? Location can include country, county and or city. If you want to find cousins, this could be a good way to start and it would be helpful to include the siblings of your ancestors. That could lead the way to finding the cousins that you seek.
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
I have all of their birth years. I have only located one Hollingsworth cousin period; however she is related to me on both my paternal grandmother and grandfather's side. Therefore I can not say our match is solely on the Hollingsworth side. My father's parents divorced when he was two(ish); however the page their marriage record should appear on is missing. I also find no record of divorce.

My father: Carroll Luther Hollingsworth - B: 2/2/1944 Hendersonville, NC (birth record shows as such and lists following parents) D: 12/16/2013

His mother: Georgia Hyder - B: 2/26/1928 Hendersonville, NC; D: April 20, 2009

His father: Carroll Henry Hollingsworth - B: March 22, 1919; D: May 30, 2003

Please note all births are in Hendersonville, NC
Please add the information you just provided about your father's parents to WikiTree. From his profile click on 'father?' and add a profile for your grandfather. Then add a profile for your grandmother. If you have information about any of their siblings, create profiles for them on WikiTree also. The more information you post about your family, the better chance one of your cousins might find you.
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I'm not sure I understand what you're saying the problem is. Your tree seems to be on Ancestry, and is pretty extensive. Your 1st match on GEDmatch that has a GED file has a Hamilton in their tree, as you do, so that seems like the side he's related to you on. The next one with a GED has a "Hiter" that is probably the same family as your "Hyder". Your Best GEDmatch result is a Cox, and you have a Cox in your tree.

Are you talking about only those cousins who actually have the surname "Hollingsworth"? By "locating" them, do you mean finding DNA matches, or simply flesh-and-blood people, regardless of whether or not they spat in a tube? Do you mean "first cousins", or are you including more distant ones? Only about 1/8 of a person's 1st cousins, on average, will carry your birth surname, and the fraction diminishes exponentially as you go to more distant ones. You might not have any of them who have taken tests. (Ironically, I don't have ANY - there's just my two brothers and a nephew - but you actually DO have a Stanley in your matches!)

Practically EVERY match on Ancestry, out to at least the 4th Cousin category is SOME sort of actual biological cousin of yours, but some take more work than others to figure out just HOW they're related.
by Frank Stanley G2G6 Mach 6 (67.9k points)
Indeed, I am looking for a flesh and blood Hollingsworth by surname. Reason being, I know very little about them as my father was alienated from his father. My father was also an only child. My grandfather had siblings, but I only connected with one of his sister's children and that was not a warm welcome. This was years ago and I have not reached out to any of them again. Surely, somewhere, there is a connection. It would be nice to confirm my father was indeed an actual Hollingsworth. He is deceased, so I can't take his DNA. I've checked several Hollingsworth gedmatches and have no similar DNA so I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.


How exactly can you see my first match is a Hamilton, of which I've heard I have them on my mother's side. I have reached out to all of my top matches for more info, but little to no feedback. I'm new at this, so not sure really what info I am looking at and surely don't understand it.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your help and guidance.


On the "Hamilton" issue, I just used the GEDmatch kit number you provided, with their One-to-Many DNA Comparison. It's not the 1st match, but rather (as I said) the first match WITH A GED file. That shows up as a blue "GED" link in the fourth column of the results. You click on that link, and the click on the "Pedigree" link at the top of the page, when that result comes up, and it shows the pedigree for that match. Your married name is on your GEDmatch results page, and there's a family tree on Ancestry with the family members you cited, which is named with both your married surname and your maiden surname, so that's apparently your pedigree (maybe it was done by a daughter?). Anyway, it showed a Hamilton. Not the exact same one as the guy with the GEDCOM file, but he doesn't go back very far - just to a great-grandmother named Hamilton. If he went back another generation or two you'd probably see a matching ancestor (unless you're related a different way, and the Hamilton is just a coincidence). If you told him about YOUR Hamilton, and about the match, it might actually help him go further back on that part of his tree.

But getting back to the Hollingsworths, you're looking for 1st cousins, and living ones at that, so that's a whole different "ball game". While millions of people have taken the DNA tests, that still only amounts to about 1% of the population, so the chance of a 1st cousin, or even one of their children, having done one is pretty small. I have 17 living cousins, and was surprised to see one of them finally pop up in my results in recent months. They have dozens of children - mostly adults - and none of them have popped up at all.

So to find out about them, just see what you can find out about those who are deceased on places like, and then use that info to find obituaries that will tell you who the living are, and where they lived at the time, and see where you can go from there. Expand your "net" to include the first cousins of the people you're interested in (whether they have the surname or not), because they might know how to contact the people you're looking for. Also contact active researchers that have these people on their trees, if any, because they might know a helpful thing or two also. Newspapers can be useful beyond just obituaries, if people are old enough. Ancestry has SOME that you can search, but there are other sites that are more comprehensive (like Another good source for the living is (his "Birthdays and Related Persons" option, in particular).

Just because one relative is unreceptive, it doesn't mean they all are, so don't let that one bad experience discourage you.

But to do a Hollingsworth DNA confirmation, keep in mind that you do not need somebody actually named Hollingsworth. You just need a Hollingsworth descendant, most of whom undoubtedly do not carry the surname. If you can find descendants of a couple of your Hollingsworth gt-gt grandparents' children that you match, you're set! You just have to do enough research to find out that that's what they are, if they don't have an extensive enough tree, themselves. Once you notice a DNA match that has one of your ancestors, then you can identify many of the others who are also related on that side of your family by using the "Shared Match" option on Ancestry.

Good luck!
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It seems that we are connected...please check GED match.

My Mother was Ethel Hollingsworth.
by Pamela Tressillian G2G1 (1.3k points)

Thanks for reaching out. What is your gedmatch id? It is private on your home page. Thanks! ~Sherry
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Sherry, my wife is a Hollingsworth and she and her brother have tested there DNA. I checked your GEDMatch against theirs and you don't match. However, they are direct descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. (b. 1632 in Ireland) and there is a huge website for Valentine's descendants ( of which there are many. I checked and didn't fine your Carroll Henry Hollingsworth in their database, but there are a half dozen other Hollingsworth's in their database with names that include Carroll...Something Carroll Hollingsworth and they seem to be from MD, NC, VA area. You might want to check that out.

by Douglas Ross G2G1 (1.6k points)

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