GEDCompare seems to work, I've compared everything, there is no ADD button.

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I compared everything for one nuclear family Matched all the Matches, rejected all the non-matches. I still don't see an add button.
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At the top of your gedcompare report you will see two numbers showing the number of individuals you have handled and the total number in the gedcom. Are those two numbers matching?

I was looking for the ADD button on the compare pop up. I thought checking all the matches family group by family group would be more accurate.

Following the instructions here:

  • Add: Click this button to create a profile for the person on WikiTree.
    • Add buttons don't appear on the main table until all suggested matches in your GEDCOM have been confirmed or rejected. This could be a pain in the butt if there are a lot of bad suggestions but we believe it's important for preventing the creation of duplicate profiles that would later need to be merged.
    • Add buttons don't appear on comparison pop-ups until all suggested matches for all of the starting person's nuclear family members have been confirmed or rejected.
I uploaded a smaller file, just 6 generations. 275 records to check.

I checked them all.

I'm at 275/275 and I still can't add anything.

I feel like I wasted hours/
Don*t give up. Next question is whether you hit the completed button on individual matches. That one is a little confusing. It is only intended to be used if you are not planning to add a person. If you have been using that on the folks you want to process further then you need to switch it off. Then the ADD button should appear.
I figured that out and went back and unchecked it. Still no luck.

Does it work better in different browsers?

I still only see COMPARE, MATCH, REJECT, and EDIT as options. I don't see anything called ADD.

This is the current stats:

Compare: There are 0 suggested matches to consider. Rejected matches: 313. Confirmed matches: 193.

But I don't have an Add button.

You will not see ADD on any lines until you have handled all lines. Up at the top left you will see the number you have worked on and the total number in the file. Two numbers that look like 999/999. Are these two numbers equal for you?
I must not understand something.

I had rejected, matched and completed everyone. No add button.

Some said you have leave completed unchecked. So I had everyone matched and rejected. No add options.

Now I’m getting the Add button. Don’t know why.
Completed is only for those that you do not want to do anything further with.  So if you want to ignore them completely hit completed. The Add button will appear on all of those that are not completed, but where the match has been accepted or rejected.
How do I get the example 999/999 then. The only way I see the left side of that go up is clicking complete.

Is there a time frame you have wait after doing the match/reject before the add button shows up
You should be seeing ADD buttons on the nonmatched profiles in your CEH gedcom. If they don't show up for you, try closing the Gedcompare and reopening it. Or open the COMPARE screen for someone who has a match; their nonmatched family members should have ADD buttons on that screen.
I found you must click the add button on just the right spot also. If you click on it to the left edge, I got no response. You have to click on the word "add" it seems the ICON is larger than the spot that recognizes the click.
That issue possibly could be browser-dependent.

What browser and operating system are you using? (Maybe the information could help the tech team improve the imterface.)

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It appears that you uploaded a gedcom, processed a couple of profiles from it, then uploaded another gedcom with the same file name. That second upload may have deleted your original gedcom. You uploaded two gedcoms earlier today; you may have to wait a little while for the gedcompare reports to be ready.
answered by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (913k points)

I've asked a new question about this...

I've deleted and started over with new files that don't have nearly so many people in them.

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